Marvel Steadman was born in Oregon, Ohio on December 26, 1920. Everyone knew her as Sally. Her ministry began on October 30, 1992 when Jesus and Blessed Mother appeared to her with a special request – a mission to save their “Little Lambs” from abortion. After founding Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine, apparitions continued until her death on January 12, 2009. Jesus and Blessed Mother appeared to Sally with live messages to hundreds of people from May 30, 1998 until October 2, 2004. Pilgrims from all over the United States and Canada have visited Our Lady of Toledo Shrine to hear the messages of Jesus and Mary.

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Toledo Shrine is a unique sanctuary dedicated to healing, peaceful prayer, and reconciliation for the emotionally, physically, or spiritually distressed. We advocate for the unification of all people in global prayer to protect the inherent human rights of the unborn. Also, we seek to restore the sensitivity and sweetness of life from conception until natural death.

At the request of Jesus and Mary, Sally purchased twenty-acres of land in Oregon, Ohio to establish Our Lady of Toledo Shrine. Since then, many volunteers have given money, talents, and time to accomplish the mission of Jesus and Mary. This mission is inclusive of all people working together to end abortion. After many trials, Sally was asked to purchase two homes for unwed mothers and children and initiate plans to build a Women and Children’s Care Center on the property.