Christopher Roper – President
Jim Pirolli – Vice President
Thomas LeStrange – Treasurer
Nancy Pirolli – Secretary
Alex Bohland – Trustee
Chuck McColl – Trustee
Dave Laube – Trustee
Dorothy Leonhardt – Trustee
Larry Schroeder – Trustee
Rick Hicks – Trustee
Sandra Hendricks – Trustee

It is difficult to understate the impact of pregnancy. It brings countless emotional, financial, and physical challenges to life. But most importantly, pregnancy brings another precious human being into existence. The primary mission of Our Lady of Toledo Shrine’s Board of Trustees is to protect and save the unborn. Furthermore, we respect the dignity and sacredness of human life from conception until natural death.

The Blessed Mother has shared with our foundress, Sally, her desire to not only offer healing to those seeking reconciliation from abortion, but to provide a non-judgmental support system for parents involved with an unplanned pregnancy. Our campus contains two multi-purpose homes for unwed mothers seeking assistance. Our future goal is to open a Women and Children’s Care Center.