Blessed Mother: The day will come when my Son will be there. My Son – the Eucharist. Prepare your hearts – prepare the chapel for my Son.

The foundation of Our Lady of Toledo Shrine is the chapel. Here, prayers are said daily for the protection of human life – from conception until natural death. Our chapel contains a beautiful altar, plethora of religious statues, and tabernacle. As requested by Blessed Mother, we continue to pray that the Eucharist – the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ – will one day return to the Chapel. All are welcome to visit the chapel throughout the week. Chapel hours and prayer times are listed below.

Gift Shop

Located inside the chapel house is our gift shop. The gift shop is open to all during chapel hours and contains a wide variety of religious gifts. We sell religious artwork, books, holy cards, medals, statues and many other religious goods. If you are looking for a particular item that we do not have, please let us know and we can place an order for you. Also, if you are unable to visit our gift shop and are interested in purchasing “And Mary Says,” an account of the messages and visions received by Sally Steadman, or the Our Lady of Toledo medal, please contact our office and we can make arrangements to ship orders.

Healing Well

May 30, 1998 — Blessed Mother and Jesus’ Words to the People

Blessed Mother: I’ve stopped here because I have a mission. My mission is to attend to my Little Lambs, to the sinners, and to the large family of my Son. I have stopped here to receive my children. Tell my people, I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Use the water in the Well! It will be healing and refreshing to many. All who leave the Garden will leave refreshed in soul and body. A place of reconciliation. Like the Well of Jacob, many sins will be made known to my Son. Like the Garden of Gethsemane, much sorrow and pain will be brought to Him. To attend to my Little Lambs is MY mission.

Jesus: Do as she says My child — do as she says. Like My Father sent Me, I send My Mother. I have given all. I have given every drop of Blood for you and for some it’s not enough. They continue to slaughter My Lambs.

Many miracles have taken place as a result of the healing water from the Well

Memorial Garden

Located in the back of Our Lady of Toledo Shrine’s Garden of the Lambs is a memorial garden dedicated to the unborn. Many mothers have come to the memorial garden to pray to their aborted children and ask for forgiveness from them. Here, they bond with their babies and give them a name. Then, each name is painted on a small white cross. Often, mothers will return to the Shrine and talk with their little one while meditating on the grounds. Leading up to the memorial garden is a large white stone. Behind the stone is located several rows of little white crosses with the names of many babies. In the memorial garden is a plaque which reads, “IN REMEMBRANCE OF OUR DEAR ABORTED CHILDREN.” The large wooden cross which stands adjacent to the small white crosses was given by a donor.

Rosary Walk & Stations of the Cross

Located in the Garden of the Lambs is a rosary walk and Stations of the Cross, which are especially beautiful in the spring and summer months. At the center of the walking path is a replica sculpture of Michelangelo’s Pietà. This captivating statue was cast from the original in Rome. Also, located at the front of the property are the Ten Commandments along with a statue of St. Michael the Archangel.


Our pavilion offers a large space for special events. Our Lady of Toledo Shrine utilizes this space for movie nights and various social gatherings. This space can be rented for special occasions and is perfect for birthdays, graduations, receptions, or reunions. If you are interested in renting our pavilion, please contact the office for details and pricing.