(Our Lady appeared to Sally approximately at 1:00 p.m. and said she would be walking among the people in the Shrine House and in the Garden of the Lambs)

SALLY: Our Lady is here. I must tell you where she is standing. She is standing at the very top of the 3rd step. She blocks the roses. I can’t see them. So she is not transparent. I can’t see through her. She is just as real as you and I. It’s quite cold Blessed Mother. Is your temperature always the same or is it 98.6?

OUR LADY: I’m not cold child. I have the warmth of my Son. I am so pleased with the way you recite the Rosary here. Full of love and fervor. Today my children, I have come to speak to you about a subject that very few of you know. This is a subject on the signs that I bring down to earth when I come. The signs that I bring with my apparitions all over the world ­ to Asia ­ Africa ­ America ­ Oceania.

SALLY: Where’s that?

OUR LADY: Oceania and the little town of Oregon, Ohio. I come with my signs. I am very disappointed, my child, about my Churches. They take my signs ­ my images and put them in a vestibule or in a corridor where my children cannot pay me homage or honor. I like it here what you do at the Shrine. You pay me homage and you look at my images, my signs. My child, in these images my eyes come to life and I shed tears ­ real tears ­ and sometimes in some parts of the world I shed tears of blood. These are the signs, my child that I want to speak about. The sign from my Immaculate Heart, my perfume is a sign. My little children, I want you to use signs for me. I want you to use the Lily ­ for purity, use the Rose as your perfume ­ and use the Cyclamen as your littleness. Stay small my little children, and for the times that you do not smell my perfume it is not because I cannot love you or because you are wicked. My children, these are the signs that I bring with me. I love all of you ­ and even the atheist. I am with the worst sinners and I am with the boys on the battlefield and many of them will smell my perfume and they will know I am near them and I am with them. But you must look for my signs. You must pay me homage to my images. Yes child, I do speak to you through my images. I plan your days for you. I walk beside you. I keep you on the right road ­ and all I ask of you is to love me more ­ and to adore my Son. As long as you need me ­ as long as you want me ­ and as long as you call me, I will be with you. I will make it short today, child. I see how you shiver and how cold you are. If you’re too cold, finish the Rosary inside, child.

SALLY: Blessed Mother, I have someone here that I would like you to pray for. Pray to your Son as we pray to you. Through Mary to Jesus ­ through Jesus to Father God. You’re a step closer, Blessed Mother. You bring us a step closer. I have a woman here. She’s very ill. We cry out to you, Oh Mother of God, our Mother! You can help us! There are things that a mother can’t do. There are things that an earthly mother cannot help and only sits by ­ and watches ­ and prays. But you, the Mother of God, you can do anything. He gives you all the strength you need and all graces from you to us. I want you to go to your Son for Ann Marie. I also have another person here who is very active here at the Shrine. First of all, we thank her ­ but I leave most of the thanks to you, Blessed Mother, because you know her needs. You know what she needs. You are her mother. I ask you take care of her needs. Her name is Barbara. She lost her son – and at this special apparition today of your signs, I ask you to bless her and to bless these Rosaries that she has brought. This is a special favor, Blessed Mother. I don’t usually ask because you told me to use our parish priests, so I don’t ask very often and when I do, it’s somebody that is special. I also have 50 Rosaries here. This person is going to have you bless these Rosaries and then she is going to distribute them to the sick. What a beautiful idea! What a beautiful idea – thinking of others! I ask you to bless these! (Our Lady blessed the Rosaries.) Thank you, Blessed Mother. Those were beautiful words. Thank you!

OUR LADY: Pray the Rosary, Child! Pray the Rosary! Peace will only come into the world when there have been enough Rosaries prayed.

SALLY: How many, Blessed Mother?

OUR LADY: You will know child, when the end of abortion comes, peace will follow – when the world will be conquered from my adversary, the devil – through the power of the Rosary. How many child? Enough! How many is enough? You will know, child, when peace comes and the end of abortion. All I can tell you ­ pray ­ pray ­ pray. Remember what I told you at Fatima! Pray!

SALLY: Where is the Sacred Heart?

OUR LADY: He will be here child. I brought the message today, but my Son will be here present. He will come. Continue to honor my images! Believe me child, my eyes come to life. I see you ­ I watch over you and I plan your life. Continue to honor me through my images!

SALLY: Nobody could ever buy perfume that way, but that scent is beautiful. If you could buy it, I’d have it. I love it! It’s beautiful!

OUR LADY: It is to tell you of my presence, child, to let you know when I am with you.

SALLY: Oh, Sacred Heart, You came! Did you know what she talked about today?

SACRED HEART: Sacred Heart requested the “Ave Maria” for His Mother.
(Sally prayed “Hail Holy Queen” and the people sang the “Ave Maria” for Our Lady.)

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother, I forgot – all those petitions that are at your side ­ each one of them. There is so much pain and sorrow in that basket. I ask you to take this ­ take it unto your Son. Hear the plea of your people today as we ask for each one of those petitions to be answered by your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. All the names here on these bricks that we are standing on. All those donors who have contributed to your honor of your image that we have before us, Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. It is through their help that we are here to be able to pay you homage and each one of those names on the trees and Stations of the Cross and on the Rosary Beads. We ask you to bless each one. All those who have contributed to your honor and your Son, especially do we pray for Father Pat who has done what we prayed for and that you directed him to do. We ask you to bless this good man and keep him holy. We pray for our families and our friends and all of those who are waiting to be released by your Son in Purgatory ­ our living and deceased members of our family. We ask you to hasten the time when the end of abortion will be no more. It will be a thing of the past, like slavery in history books and we will hear the little children ask, Did it really happen, mother? Did they kill their babies? Or is it only a story? Yes, my child, it really happened. Tiny babies were slaughtered. It will never happen again! We’ll never allow it to happen again! We’ll never allow it! In 1973, we were contributing to this – just where we’re at today, we contributed to it by sitting back and doing nothing. If we would have put an end to it then, we wouldn’t be having abortion today. Until we unite and do what we’re doing to Saddam to put an end to killing human life ­ babies. We’re going to have to do it, people, with the help of the Angels and the Saints. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in this battle against the malice and snares of the devil. We humbly pray. Oh Prince of the Heavenly Host by the Divine Power of Almighty God put an end to this evil. The hundred years is almost up. He has a short time until your Triumph comes, Oh Blessed Mother, and you step on his head with your heel. Yes, we already see your Triumph coming. We see it! We see your Triumph coming and we wait for the day when it is the end of legal murder and we will do whatever we need to do to protect these little children from being murdered. Innocent of any crime ­ like our Lord and our Savior was murdered on that Cross. Are we going to stand up or are we going to sit back? For 3,000 people that were killed on 9/11, we went to war. Sixty eight million babies have been killed and what have we done? She’s not asking us to go to war! She’s asking us to use the armor that she has given us, the power of this Rosary will do it. Well, why aren’t we doing it? Why aren’t we uniting in prayer and Rosary and with her help and the help of the Angels and Saints ­ St. Michael the Archangel, we cry out to you – unite with us! You are the warrior of Heaven. You won the battle with Lucifer and you threw him into Hell. Go to Hell again you devil. Go to Hell! Tell him! Let’s tell him all together today! Go to Hell! That’s where you came from. You came from the bowels of Hell. Go to Hell! That’s where you came from. Put and end to him, Blessed Mother! Your Triumph is coming, we can see it ­ we feel it. With your signs, you’re telling us. She’s smiling ­ she’s smiling! Smile, Blessed Mother! Smile, it so becomes you!

OUR LADY: Thank you, child. You tell it like it is. Thank you, child!

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you. Thank you that we do have a country that we can still speak out. A free country and that’s what we fight for. We want freedom for everybody. Not just for some ­ not just for a mother – we want freedom for that baby so that baby can live ­ be born and grow in this free country. That’s what we are fighting for ­ what’s right for everybody ­ not just some. Let’s fight for the freedom of that baby and we may have to. How cruel! Oh, Saddam is cruel. He is a cruel man. So are those doctors in that murder room where they destroy life ­ human beings. I am an American too, that baby says. I am an American! Why aren’t you fighting for me? Oh, some of you might have thought I cooled down a little bit. I never cool down, I just spread it a little farther and that’s what you have to do. You have to learn we’re not going to stand for this. Everybody needs a push once in awhile. I do too. She gives it to me! We love you Blessed Mother. We love you. Oh, how we love you! But you have to lead us. We’re little children. We have to be taught! And you too, Michael! We need you! We need you to lead us! Don’t let us down, Michael! We need your help. It’s not going to be easy. Smile, Blessed Mother! It so becomes you. You are so beautiful! (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.)

No! I could stay out here all day. I’m not cold. Just looking at you ­ you’re beautiful! You have your Heart exposed ­ The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Is that where the perfume is coming from ­ from your Heart? (Our Lady talked privately again to Sally.)

OUR LADY: But I’m holding all these people out here?

SALLY: Oh, don’t worry about it. We don’t mind. Goodbye, Blessed Mother! Goodbye, Sacred Heart! I can hear the Angels singing. It’s so beautiful! I don’t know what they are singing. They’re gone.

(The Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and prayers for our soldiers fighting in war, our troops leaving for war, courage for soldiers in time of battle, for families waiting for the safe return home of their loved ones, the innocent victims of war and for our government leaders to make right and moral decisions.)