In past years we annually burned the petitions during a prayer service. During the week before the apparition, Our Lady had given a message:

“The petitions must be buried here on holy ground. By the time they have disintegrated, those that have died already will be with my Son.”

So on April 6th we said the following prayer as we buried the petitions from the basket, in front of the Pieta. 
Most Gracious Mother of Mercy, you are our light in uncertainty, our comfort in sorrow, our consolation in trial, our refuge from every danger and temptation. After your Divine Son, you are our sure hope of salvation. We beg of you, listen graciously to our prayers. Give us true sorrow for our sins and obtain God’s forgiveness for us through your prayers. Mary, Mother of Grace and Mother of Mercy, protect us from our enemies and receive us at the hour of our death. Mother of God and Mother of Mercy, pray for us and for all who have died in the past year.

APRIL 6, 2002

(The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady appeared to Sally while she was in the hospital with the following taped message for the people at the 2:00 p.m. Rosary.)

SALLY: I was wishing you would come so we could get the tape back to them.

OUR LADY: My child, I do not have a message for you as I explained to you this morning, child. But my Son has a message to bring to my children and you must spread this message.

SACRED HEART: My bride is hurting. My bride is sad, but I have made her strong and she will survive. My bride is not soiled, but the people have soiled her. But like children who get soiled during play ­run them through the laundry and they will come out white as snow. Hang them on a line to dry and they will smell fresh. This is My bride ­ the Church. She is being soiled. Spread this message, child! I have made her strong. She will survive. She went through the mire many times. She will survive ­ My bride ­ the Church.

OUR LADY: I see your suffering ­ I heard you call. I was right beside you, child. You must have faith like all my other children who do not see me. You must have faith. I am beside you. Pray, pray that my chosen sons will not fall beneath the evil one ­ pray, pray. His message is short child, but it is very important that you understand the weakness of my chosen sons.

SACRED HEART: I am the bridegroom ­ My Church is the bride.

OUR LADY: Say the Apostles Creed to please Father God. (The Apostles Creed was prayed as requested.)

SALLY: You are so small, Blessed Mother! You are just a little bit above that thermostat. You are so little! I didn’t realize you were so little when you are up in the sky.

SACRED HEART: Now take this to My children. Take this message. Tell them to have no fear. My bride is strong and she will survive all the scandal and all the embarrassment. She has been down that path many times and she comes out stronger.

SALLY: Yes, Sacred Heart I understand. Oh, I’m supposed to ask you something, Blessed Mother. This just came up today and whatever it is you tell me. You know the Shrine Maternity Center ­ it’s in the shape of a horseshoe.

OUR LADY: No! It’s in the shape of a heel, child. With my heel, I will crush his head.

SALLY: Did you tell Bob that or how did he think about it?

OUR LADY: He placed the seed and it grew.

SALLY: In other words we don’t refer to it as a horseshoe. We refer to it as the heel of Mary who will crush the head of the red dragon – abortion. We’ll tell everybody, Blessed Mother. She is dressed in white and blue today. She has gold all around her mantle way to her feet and she is not touching the floor. It’s gorgeous. She has a pure white dress with a gold belt. Oh, when you do that, Blessed Mother, I know who you are! You’re Our Lady of Grace because we have your statue. We have your statue at the Shrine – Our Lady of Grace. You come under many titles and we love them all. At the Shrine we honor all your titles, but we’re a little bit partial to Our Lady of Toledo.

(Sacred Heart, Our Lady and Sally talked privately)

I will! I promise! Yes, I’ll get the message back. I will! Thank you, Sacred Heart. Thank you. Thank you for letting her come. I love you, I praise you, I worship you, I adore you, my Lord and my God. They are gone!