The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Toledo appeared during the 5th decade of the Rosary

SALLY SPOKE: She’s here! She is standing on our side of the Pieta. Welcome Blessed Mother!

BLESSED MOTHER SPOKE: My children, I come to you today with a special gift of my love. My love in exchange for my heart for yours and through this love you will be a part of my Triumph. I have given you the power of prayer so great that is beyond recognition and through this prayer you will have a special relationship with my Son. I also come to you today to invite you during the coming week to walk with me in the drops of blood that my Son shed. He shed these drops of blood for our Holy Church and for the good of humanity and I too offer my heart for all those who are in the agony of dying, for all the persecuted, for those who are ill – gravely ill with terminal disease. I shed my tears for my little ones who have been stripped of the warmth of their mother’s womb. For all those who have been sacrificed to evil and for those who have suffered through injustice, cruelty and violence. I promise to give my Grace to all these. My beloved children, I am the Mediatrix of all Grace. I am the way to the Sacred Heart, through Jesus and through Jesus to Father God. Father God gives only one gift to all of you and it’s the gift of love and through this gift of love you receive everything else that you need. My dearest children, the gift and the power of prayer is beyond your recognition. I ask you to come walk with me the way of the Cross of my Son and your Crosses will seem lighter. Look at the Pieta! Have any of you had pain like this? This is my Son – my beloved Son – my precious One. My Son, do you have a message for my children?

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Oh yes, Mother! I too make a promise that all those who go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and receive Me in the Eucharist on Mercy Sunday and 
recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy I will take away all their temporal punishment and if I should call you during this time, you will come direct to Heaven to Me. There will be NO Purgatory for you. The cleansing for your Sins will be past. Do I ask too much of you My people – eternity with Me in Heaven? You do not know of My Mercy. I see how weak each one of you are – I created you – I know you – I call you by name. I knew you before you were – I know you.

OUR LADY SPOKE: Thank you, Son. These are mine.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Oh but mother, don’t forget, they first were mine. I created them and I love them. Oh how you please Father God when you honor My mother. You please the Father – you please Me and you please the Spirit too. The Spirit will be allowed My people to move within you and through you and through this I will place you in a special service in a special way. Now I ask you My people to enjoy the Feast of Easter and the Resurrection.

SALLY SPOKE: Oh my Jesus, by your Cross and Resurrection you redeemed the World.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: The Ave Maria for a woman like My mother.

SALLY SPOKE: They are both smiling!

(The Ave Maria was sung to Blessed Mother)

SALLY SPOKE: They are leaving! Thank you for coming, Blessed Mother! Thank you Sacred Heart for bringing her! Thank you for letting her come. Father God, we know all good things come from you and we thank you, we praise you, we bless you and we adore you, my Lord and my God. Wash away all our Sins with your most precious blood.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Ask My people pray two Our Fathers, two Hail Marys and two Glory Bes for the drops of blood I shed on the way to Calvary. Meditate upon my sacred wounds during Holy Week: My head, My hands, My feet and My side.

SALLY SPOKE: I will if you want me to! Let us pray two Our Fathers two Hail Marys and two Glory Bes for the drops of blood that He will shed – that He has shed for us. Oh my Jesus, for your death and suffering You have redeemed the World.

(2 Our Fathers, 2 Hail Marys and 2 Glory Bes were prayed by the people as requested)

Like they are going to a point. Like a V they go backwards both together until they get to a point where I cannot see them any more. You know, this is always sad for me because I know I have to wait until tomorrow to see them again. Make the time go fast, Blessed Mother! Make the time go fast! But most of all make the time go fast until I don’t have to wait until tomorrow. All tomorrows will be today and I’ll be with you forever. They are gone.

(The Rosary was completed and the people prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet)