SALLY: She’s here! You sure are dressed up tonight! Wow! I never saw you like that!

OUR LADY: Child, this is my glorified body. My child, my little children, I ask you to keep your eyes on the Paradise that my Son has prepared for you. If you keep your eyes on the Paradise, you will live in joy and in peace. As never before has this world that you live in been such a dry desert and produced such poisonous rotten fruit. Never before, my little children, has my adversary tried to stop the work that I do here. Never before has he shown his power like he shows today. Never before has he tried to destroy and to destroy and stop even my Directors, who I have chosen here. Never before has his power been so great. But remember, my little children, that I am here for you and I will cover you with my mantle! Yes, my little children, you have obstacles and you have work here with me. Like my Son needed His apostles to complete His work on earth, I need you my little children. I need you like my Son needed His apostles. You are my apostles of these later days! I come to you in this glorified body so I can bring you a sign that you will know I am with you and that you too will have a glorified body! Welcome to my celebration, my little children! All the cohort of my angels are with me!

SALLY: I can see them Blessed Mother! They are like stars around you. They are dancing!

BLESSED MOTHER: And so are your loved ones! So are your loved ones, my children! They are here too with you! They are here! Your loved ones! Remember, like an electric bulb needs light, needs power, if it does not have electricity, there will be no light. My Son, my Son is the light of the world. I am the plug and He is the power! Follow the ways that I have traced out for you! Stay on the right road. Practice the Commandment-Love one another. Love one another as He loves you! My little children, and you are little children, I see how you need me! I see how you need nourishment like my Son. I nourished Him and I will nourish you-each one of you! Never before have I brought blessings like I am bringing to you in such an extraordinary way. Very few have seen what I show you-my glorified body. My cohort of angels.

SALLY: For how long?

OUR LADY: There will be rough times ahead, my little children. The terrible times of the Purification. These terrible times are coming. You must be prepared and you have nothing to fear. Take my hand! I will walk with you! Take my hand, I will fly with you! I walk here in this Garden with my Son. This is my place! It was given to me by my Son and I let you use this so I can complete my mission. So I can take care of my little ones. Blessed is the moment! Blessed is the time that I stopped here in this Garden to take care of my little ones and to the large family of my Son! Remember, the water in the Well will be healing and refreshing to many; but like the Well of Jacob, many sins will be made known to my Son at the Well. This is a place of reconciliation! A place of forgiveness! If you ask, He will forgive! Remember, there is no sin so small that it does not hurt His Sacred Heart; but there is no sin so large that He will not forgive, if you ask. My Son is gentle, but sin is not love and the only way to my Son is through me. Like I brought Him to Bethlehem I will bring Him back to you again-through me to Jesus-through Jesus to Father God. Rejoice! Rejoice on this day! Oh, how the Angels sang when they saw me coming! Oh, how the Angels celebrated as my Son placed the Crown upon my head. Oh, how the Angels sang! They sang the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. Come celebrate with me my little ones. I am the light! The light that you see tonight is the light that unites the world of heaven with the one here on earth. My Son made all this happen-my Son-Father God. I was created in a special way. I was created especially for His Son. He would not put His Son in a contaminated womb. I was created special without a stain of sin for the Son of Father God. But never forget my little children, each one of you was created with a plan. You were created with a plan and when you destroy my little ones, the plan is never completed and they cry in vengeance for what you do to them. You destroy their life – their plans – the plan of God! Each one that is destroyed is the plan that will never exist. They cry in vengeance and because they have vengeance on their soul, they cannot enter Heaven. You must ask forgiveness, because when you ask forgiveness my Son forgives and when He forgives, the little ones forgive and they enter heaven. Ask forgiveness! Remember, you are all responsible for each other. These are your little brothers and sisters and you are responsible for them! You are responsible for each other! Go forward my children, go forward with the plans! Save my little ones! They are crying out to you! You are all responsible even though you have never had an abortion. You are responsible for each other!

SALLY: You haven’t said very much, Sacred Heart! Are you going to say something? 
SACRED HEART: She has done very well! Thank you, mother!

OUR LADY: Thank you, Son! Thank you, Son, for giving them to me! They’re mine! You gave them to me at the Cross! They are mine!

SACRED HEART: But, mother, I created them and I love them too! The Ave Maria for a woman like My mother! (The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady as requested by Sacred Heart.)

SALLY: I see faces. I see nothing but faces. I see nothing but faces-no bodies-just faces. Blessed Mother, don’t leave! I have something to ask of you! I have some medals here, they’re beautiful medals! Would you place a special blessing on these for me? If you just look at them, you could do it! You can ask your Son and He can do anything. You know! He’s that way! If you ask Him, He won’t refuse you. He won’t refuse you anything! He’s your Spouse. I ask you to place a blessing on Jerry Herr’s medals. He has them for his family! He has them for his nieces! I’m asking you, Blessed Mother! I’m really serious about this stuff! You know! I ask you to place your blessing on all who are here tonight. Yes, Blessed Mother, you’re right! They are! They are your special sons. Right! There’s Father Paul. You know him quite well. There is Archbishop Martin dePorres.(The Orthodox Church of Canada, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Mission Archeparchy and The Standing Episcopal Conference of Othodox Bishops.) I don’t know him very well, but I’m sure I will. You know the one you sent me. The one I lean on, Father Pat. You call him Patrick. I’m not for sure if I like that! I have to get use to it! Blessed Mother, I ask you to bless each one of us here tonight. Give them a special blessing! Bless all those who have health problems, all the people who are on the Rosary Walk and the Bricks, in the Basket that you have in front of you. There is a lot of suffering, Blessed Mother, in that Basket! There are a lot of people who are asking. You know, coming from you, it means so much more! I tell Him I love Him. Oh, He knows I love Him. He knows me better than I know myself; but coming from you, it will mean more. So will you ask Him? Ask Him to give me strength so I can do what you’re asking of me. I ask you to bless all of our volunteers here who are dedicated to this place and I don’t care what happens behind the scenes, I know each one them love you and they adore your Son and I know they would do anything for the both of you. John -Oh, he’s one of those 7-days-a-week guys. We don’t have too many of them. There’s Don, there’s Jerry and there’s Paul. You know I’m not as alert as I use to be, so I forget some of these names; there is Sandy and Pat and Sister Connie, and Brother Bob. All these people are so dedicated to your Son. I never ask very much for myself. You know me, I can get along! Just get me some desert and a little food, but I ask for these other people! I ask for all the girls who are here that are pregnant, but frightened, Blessed Mother! They are frightened and they need your help! They need a mother! They need a mother and I’m not leaving you off the hook, St. Joseph! You made a good father! You made a very good father to Jesus, so I ask you to take over these young girls so they can take care of their babies and take responsibility; and all pregnant women take responsibility for motherhood. There are so many to pray for-so many! So many! I ask you to bless each one that came here; each donor who put ten cents in that basket. Bless each and every one! Hold them in your arms, Blessed Mother, like you held your Son, Jesus, when He learned to walk and He stumbled and skinned His little knees. You picked Him up and you kissed His hurts away; so I’m asking the same thing, to do this to your children here tonight. Hold them in your arms!

OUR LADY: Child, I do!

SALLY: You do?

OUR LADY: I see each one of you like you are the only one in front of me. I see each one of you!

SALLY: I see faces of hundreds and hundreds of people around you, but no bodies? Your cohort of Angels! Is that what you call them? You never go anyplace without them? Even though I don’t see them, you have them with you all the time? Does that bother you? That would kind of disturb me to have all those people around me! No? No?

OUR LADY: Can I ask you?

SALLY: Yes! Yes! Yes! I was going to ask you. Do that, will you please? Help us! We can’t do this alone. There is no way can we ever do this alone! We need your help! I’ve never gone through anything like this. I don’t even know how to handle anything like this! How in the world can I get an Order of Nuns started! I can’t even get my own self started in the morning! No, I need your help, Blessed Mother! I need your help! You will! When? I know, I heard it! I listened! I listened to it, Blessed Mother! Do you think I forgot? I listened to that message! 
Well, I hear them singing! It’s beautiful! Oh, they’re singing: On this day O beautiful mother, on this day we give you our love. You’re special! You’re so special! You know what I feel like doing? If I could do what I feel like doing right now, I would just run up there and try to grab you and hug you, but you’re pretty high up. You are so beautiful! I never saw you like that. Are those diamonds you have on? Oh, it’s beautiful! Is that Crown heavy on your head? It looks like it is real heavy. I see that pearl! I see that pearl, Blessed Mother! It doesn’t look right. That pearl just does not look right with the diamonds, rubies and sapphires! Oh, but the pearl doesn’t look right! It’s so small!

OUR LADY: It’s you, my child. This pearl is you and you will grow. You will grow in holiness and some day you will fill this whole space.

SALLY: Wow! I don’t have many years left! How am I going to grow that fast? That’s a small pearl!

OUR LADY: It’s you, my child. You have grown! You have grown in holiness and you will still grow and the place where that pearl is will be filled and you will look as beautiful as the diamonds, and as the rubies.

SALLY: Wow! That should get me going! Thank you, Blessed Mother!
Thank you for everything. I love you, I love you, I love you! You do have to go? I wish you could stay a little while longer! Just a little while longer?

OUR LADY: Finish the Rosary, child! I will stay until the end of the Rosary!

SALLY: Right now she’s wearing what looks like sparkles all over her. She has her heart exposed. I can see her heart! It’s not bleeding! No! It’s liquid gold! It’s liquid gold dripping from her heart. She has a Crown upon her head and she is all in gold. She sparkles! She has rings on her finger! What are those rings for, Blessed Mother? Oh, really! I didn’t know they had a ring in those days! I didn’t know they wore rings. It looks beautiful and I can even see her fingernails. Your hands are so beautiful, they are very small, but very long. Your fingers are very pointed and very long. She has black hair. She’s barefoot!

SALLY: Kill him!

OUR LADY: My feet are the most fragile part of my body, child, but it is with my heel that I will crush his head!

SALLY: The Sacred Heart has shoes on. He has sandals! Why don’t you have sandals? I have never seen you with shoes or sandals! Why does He wear sandals and you don’t?

OUR LADY: Child, you are such a child! My spouse, Joseph, he walked beside me. He needed sandals! I did not walk! I rode on a beast of burden and I had no need for sandals. My Son walks the earth! Finish the Rosary, child! You have many, many people here waiting. I will stay until the end of the Rosary and then I must go. Remember, next month is my birthday, child. There will be another midnight!

SALLY: Another midnight? You’re asking quite a bit, Blessed Mother!

OUR LADY: They will come, child! I see how they love me! I see how they love me! I see how they come! I would like to have them sing Silent Night!

SALLY: Silent Night? Christmas in August?

OUR LADY: It’s Christmas every day in heaven, child! We do not have a special day to celebrate! We celebrate every day, my Son’s birth. I will sing it with you. That silent holy night that child was born and I remained a virgin.

SALLY: We can do it! (The people sang Silent Night with Our Lady and continued the Rosary as requested.)