SALLY: She’s here! Welcome Blessed Mother! I’ve seen you twice. Thank you for coming.

OUR LADY: It pleases me to see all my children gathered together ­ to pay homage to my Son and to me – your heavenly mother. My Son is smiling down upon all of you as you will bring Him forth in another Calvary – the holy sacrifice of the Mass through my chosen son. Just as I was with my Son on Earth, I am with my Son in Paradise. I am with my Son beside all the Tabernacles of the World and just as the Son sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. He is never far from the Son. An intimacy of the Holy Spirit because I am the Mother of Jesus and Jesus is God. I am the Mother of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You cannot separate them. Just as my Son rose with the glorious body that enables Him to be in this little Chapel and to be in all the other Tabernacles of the world. I too was taken at the Assumption ­ my body and soul. I too have a glorious body that gives me the privilege to be here with you today and to be beside my Son in all the Tabernacles and Altars of the world. I am the mother ­ the joyful mother of the Eucharist and just as I have become the Tabernacle of my Son – a living, loving Tabernacle. You too my children, when you receive my Son in Holy Communion, are a Tabernacle for my Son. Wherever my Son is, there are the nine choirs of Angels singing in harmony the praises of the Trinity. Also, those in purification join in song wherever the sacrifice of Calvary is being said. Oh, it’s not a new body, child! It’s not a new body! It is the same body that I made human. The same body that was a ransom that was offered to Father God. Not a new body, but the body in a new form and through my chosen son will become the body and blood, just as real as when He walked the Earth. Because I made Him human, through me He became fully human; as of God, it would not have been possible for Him to die – for Him to suffer. It would not of been possible for Him to rise, but because He had a human body, this was all made possible. Oh yes, He has feelings – my Son. I have seen His feelings. I have seen His emotions when one of you walk to the Altar to receive my Son with serious sins on your soul. I have seen my little Son fight and scream that He did not want to enter these people. He fought it, He screamed, He cried. I have seen this, child! Many times! Think about it! Prepare for Him! Prepare your hearts! As much as We want you, We don’t want you to receive my Son and He is rebelling. He is rebelling against the ones who walk to the Altar and receive Him unworthily. If anybody right now is contemplating receiving my Son, ask Father. He will give you absolution. Do not come unwanted guests. You are an unwanted guest when you come to the Altar at the Banquet and my Son is rebelling. As a little baby, He screams and He cries. I am the Mother of the Eucharist. I am the Mother of Redemption. I am the Mother of the Trinity and I will protect my Son. I will do everything to protect my Son, just like each one of you would protect your child. I too will protect my Son and a good mother reprimands her children. Remember, a good mother reprimands her children ­ gently at first; but if it need be, I will protect my Son. So I ask you, walk forward now if you need absolution. You need to be forgiven. Come forward and ask forgiveness and you will be forgiven. Just as my Son forgave murder on the Cross, He will forgive, but you must ask! I love all of you! I love you! You are my little children! How small you are! My little ones! The creation of my Son! We took pains to make each one of you. Each one of you are unique, like you are the only one on Earth. I see each one of you like you are the only one.

SALLY: Where is the Sacred Heart? Why is He not with you?

OUR LADY: Child, I’m very serious about this message! He’s given you the privilege and many turn away. Many do not know! Child, some of your hearts become cold like the cave of Bethlehem. Yes, like the stone of the Altar many of your hearts are cold. Tell Him how much you love Him. A good father and a good mother like to be told by their children. I am your heavenly mother! I am the Mother of the Eucharist!. Could I ask you something, child?

SALLY: Oh sure, Blessed Mother, if I can answer you. What is it that you want!

OUR LADY: I would like to hear “Silent Night” sung. Every day in Heaven is a celebration of the birth of my Son. We just don’t celebrate on Christmas! The Angels sing in celebration, contemplation of His birth.

(Sally announced the Sacred Heart appeared while the people sang “Silent Night” as requested by Our Lady.)

SALLY: She’s smiling! I have to tell you where she is standing and what she looks like. There is a drop in the tree there. You see that? She is standing about 4 feet up above that. She’s dressed in white and blue. She has a white veil. She has a blue mantle. She has a beautiful pin at her throat holding her mantle so it does not fall off. She has long black hair. Her eyes are dark and I see her just like she is in front of me. That’s what I don’t understand, Blessed Mother! I have a bad ear, but I can hear. I can hear every word that you say. (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally.) I will, Blessed Mother. I promise you, I will! Why do you ask me? You know I love you. You know I love you, Blessed Mother. Why do you ask? Your Son knows.

OUR LADY: Because a mother likes to hear her child tell her how much she is loved.

SALLY: Oh, I know! I like to hear it from my kids too. I love it when they hug me and they tell me they love me. I eat it up. Yes! Are you that way too? His mother ­ the Mother of God! At the Cross, He made you our mother!

OUR LADY: Child, if you only knew how much we love you! You would die from the knowing how much We love you. I’m proud of you, child. Continue to love and serve my Son.

SALLY: What about Hoot? You know he is here today! He’s the big wheel. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Yes, I know he is, but small in your eyes and with a big heart. I think his heart is over enlarged. Protect him! Guide him! Bless him! (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Oh, all right ­ you can. She’s going to give you a special blessing, Hoot. Hold your hand out. She is going to put it in your hand. It’s a blessing that was given to her by her Son many, many, many years ago. It was given to her by her Son. It is a blessing that you can take into eternity with you. Yes, you can let it shower down from Heaven. There are not very many things you can take with you, but this you can take into eternity and you can pass it on to others as she passed it on to us.

OUR LADY: You can pass it on to others. A special gift that I have given to no one, but here at the Shrine. This is for my special Apostles that I have chosen just like my Son could not have completed His work on Earth without His Apostles. I have chosen each one of you to be my last day Apostles and I cannot complete this mission without you, my Apostles. Each one of you are here because I have chosen you. I knew you before you were born and I will know you into eternity and with this blessing that you can pass on to your family and to others and they too can pass it on to others. There will be no end to this special blessing and I give it to you, Hoot. Pass it on because it is like sterling silver. You cannot put it in a drawer. It will tarnish, but the more you use it ­ like silver ­ the more beautiful it will become. Use it! Use it! It is a gift from me ­ for you, Hoot!

SALLY: What do you think of him? He’s a pretty good guy isn’t he? Do you love him?

OUR LADY: Oh, child! Child! Why do you ask me?

SALLY: Because he likes to hear it too. He likes to hear it when you say you love him.

OUR LADY: I love you, Hoot! You are my chosen one. My chosen child!

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother! That’s beautiful! Of course you know who else we have here. We have Father Pat. If it weren’t for Father Pat we would not have your Son here. You know that, but I know it was no accident. You sent him here just like you sent Hoot ­ like you sent John. Like you sent each one of us and we like you said “yes” to the Holy Spirit and now we say “yes” to you ­ the Mother of God. We like to thank you for saying “yes” because we would not have your Son. Now we say “yes” to you and we promise you that we will never, never burn out here and we’ll never stop until we see the end of abortion just like slavery ­ a thing of the past ­ in history books. No more abortion. Never again will this ever happen like the death of your Son. It will never happen again. Neither will we allow slavery. Neither will we allow abortion ­ ever ­ to go past us without stopping it. Give us the strength! Give us the power, Blessed Mother! Give us what we ask for! Not worldly things! We don’t ask for that stuff ­ just enough to be able to survive this and to complete your mission and to save life and the souls of the mothers.

OUR LADY: Continue, my child, to go and serve the Lord.

SALLY: I have a couple of Rosaries here, Blessed Mother! These are special! They are for little Melissa and Craig. It’s Rosaries for their First Holy Communion to receive your Son. Hold them in your arms like you held the child Jesus. Hold them! Keep them close to your Son. I ask you Blessed Mother to hear the prayers of the faithful here ­ all who are before you and have problems ­ who have sufferings! I ask you, hear the prayers of the faithful gathered here. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Oh, I will, Blessed Mother, I will! I’ll tell them! She’s not coming next month on the first Saturday. She’s going to come on her birthday, September 8th at midnight. She will not come on the first Saturday in September, but on her birthday, September 8th at midnight, we will gather here under the stars like we did before and many of you who were here remember what happened and for those who were not here (Should I tell them Blessed Mother? You know I can’t keep it still.). Ok! I’ll tell them if you want me to! Ok! It’s her birthday. She came as the infant mother ­ an infant mother as she was the day she was born. She had her Aunt Mossa who placed her in her cradle. Her Aunt Mossa – who we never heard about in the Bible. There are many, many things not written in the Bible that happened and this is one of the incidents. The Virgin Mary was born and in the Moon ­ the big Moon was up above the tent and a small Moon came from a distance ­ very slowly came forward. It turned up and when it turned up, it wasn’t just me that saw it.- it was everybody – priests, nuns, lay people. The Moon was rocking. There was a cradle in that Moon and there was a woman there who put a baby in that cradle ­ her Aunt Mossa! People screaming and police telling us to be quiet. It was midnight ­ lights flickering. It was like lightning on the ground. The trees lit up. It was just a spectacular sensation and this went on for a good half-hour – the birth of the Virgin Mary. Yes people, do you need any more proof? How much more proof does she have to bring? How this place lit up and it was pitch dark at midnight. I don’t know what she’ll bring this time. She never said anything. She never tells me and she never predicts. She has never predicted anything to me, but she said she’ll be here on her birthday. So let’s wait for the surprise. Does that help, Blessed Mother? (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Thanks for coming, Sacred Heart.

OUR LADY: Now my child, I will give a blessing for all of you united with my Son in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit ­ all three one ­ the Holy Trinity ­ my Son. Amen.

SALLY: Amen, Blessed Mother. Thank you for coming! Thank you! Thank you!
She’s leaving, but I also see an aura. I see about an inch or two all around where her
body was ­ like an outline of gold. I don’t know if it’s gold. It’s real bright ­ very bright ­ like the Sun – where she stood. I see that outline. She’s going backwards. They both are going backwards ­ very slow. I’ll tell you a little bit more. She came yesterday morning at 9:00 o’clock. I asked her, Blessed Mother ever since I was a little child I thought Heaven was one of the planets. Maybe not one that we know, but maybe a planet that was never discovered yet!

OUR LADY: Oh, child, you’re almost right. It is a planet, but from the farthest planet on Earth, Heaven is millions and millions and millions of miles from the farthest planet on Earth. But it is not a place like you see a planet. It is not a place but you could call it a planet. It was created by Father God. It was created for the Angels, but He wanted more people to enjoy it so He had a redemption to take care of your sins so you too could enjoy what He prepared; but whenever you need me child, don’t hesitate. I’m only a minute away. I’m only a minute away. Call me! Bid me and I will come! Remember, I am always beside my Son. We’re with each other now.

SALLY: You’re so far away I don’t know how I can hear you, but I do. I do! I do hear you just perfect. (Our Lady spoke privately to SalIy.) I love you too, Blessed Mother. I love you too. Thank you! Thank you. I love you too, Blessed Mother. I’ll see you on your birthday. She never gets old. She’s over 2,000 years old. She looks like a kid. She looks about 25 or 30 years old. Too bad God didn’t give us that privilege.

SACRED HEART: The “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother! (The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady.)