(Our Lady and Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared during the first decade of the Rosary)

SALLY: She’s here! Blessed Mother, you never come this soon! Blessed Mother! She is standing right in front of us. She is standing in front of the flowers. It’s a good comparison, Blessed Mother. I’m glad you’re there. You sure don’t look like that statue. Did you have a lot to talk about today, Blessed Mother? Is that why you came early?

OUR LADY: No, child. I did not come for that reason. I came because I want you to finish the Rosary praying for my intention. My intention today on this first Saturday is for my young people. I have my eyes focused on the young people. My adversary, the devil, has many snares for the young people. Yes, child. He leads them down the road of sin of egoism, materialism and I ask you my children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart to join me in prayers for my young children. They are the less guilty. This is why I come to ask you to finish the Rosary praying for them. They are gullible. They fall for anything, but I ask you the good people – here today – to join me in prayer and penance. Many are going to hell because they have no one to pray for them. These are the words that I brought to the children of Fatima. Today, I bring it to you in a different way. I say many – many – can be saved from the fires of hell if you join me in prayer and sacrifice for them every day. And only through this can they be saved and only through this will my Triumph and the reign of the Two Hearts come about. Remember, my young children are the Church of tomorrow, and so as they are taught today, will be the strength of my Church – the Church of my Son – the Church that I am the Mother of because I am the Mother of Jesus Christ, my Son, and He is the Church. I am the Mother of Holy Hope. I am the Mother of Mercy. Now We ask you child to finish the Rosary with the intention for my young children who are caught in the snares of my adversary, the devil.
Pray – pray – pray. Pray the message of Fatima. Live the message that I brought to Fatima. Reconciliation – receive the sacrament of the Altar – the Holy Eucharist, my Son. Make a pledge today that you will make those first Saturdays and I will guarantee you that I will be with you when you need me. I will be there. My Son will be there and like my spouse, Joseph, when that last day comes, I will be there to hold your hand and to bring you to Father God. I personally will bring you there.

SACRED HEART: Do as she says, child! Don’t disobey your Mother! Do as she says! Like My Father sent Me, I now send My Mother and like Me, I am not enough. I send My Mother and now she is not enough for some. They ask for her blood too, but I will never see My Mother dishonored or hurt. Do as she says! Obey your Mother!

OUR LADY: I am the Mother of Mercy! I am the Mother of Holy Hope! I am the Mother of Love. I am the Mother of God. (Sacred Heart talked privately to Sally)

SALLY: Oh, we will. We have a good singer today. Yes, but sometimes you have to excuse us, but today we are pretty well prepared. We have somebody that will sing that – the “Ave Maria”.

SACRED HEART: For a Mother like My Mother – no other Mother is like her.

SALLY: Before you leave Blessed Mother, don’t forget to bless us. Oh, before we have our music – the “Ave Maria” I have some people here that I need to ask you if you will go to your Son and you will ask Him about their healing and if it is the Will of your Son we unite and ask with you and beg Him to hear. Roger a young man with cancer; Riley, I prayed for Riley before. He is not getting any better. He has leukemia. I know you heard. I know you talked to your Son about it. Maybe you can remind Him. Little Riley – leukemia. I have a man here I never met, but I met his brother and he is pretty nice guy. He does a lot of work around here and he’s pretty precious to us. This is Dan’s brother, Ralph. He has anxiety problems. He had a stroke. He’s not getting along too good. I’m afraid he’s going to lose his faith the way Dan talks to me about him. I think he needs a little encouragement or maybe a little shock to bring him back. You know these are people that are close to me and these are people that I am concerned about. I have another one. A young girl that belongs to our prayer group – her father is dying from a brain tumor. His name is Robert. Did you hear me, Blessed Mother? (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally.) Ok! I want you to ask your Son to have him let go and just to accept. Just to be able to accept God’s Will! To let go of this world – this materialism means a lot to him and he does not want to let go and maybe even help him so he can let go from his family and say just once, “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Let him die peacefully and take his soul to Father God. This I ask. This I plead for these people. I ask you, please hear the prayers, hear the petitions that my friends here today that come to this Shrine so faithfully on every Saturday that you come. Hear their prayers and their petitions that they ask for. Just go to your Son and just say, “Son, I have to talk ten minutes with you.” That’s all it takes, Blessed Mother. (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally.) I know you do. I’m sorry, I did not mean it that way. Not anything negative. I’m just so concerned about these people. I don’t ask anything for myself. I accept everything you give me as a gift. But please hear the petitions and prayers of the people I’m asking for. By the way, I have a medal here that you requested that we strike a medal. I have a special medal for a special person here. It’s for Dan’s brother, Ralph, so he can wear it close to his heart. I ask you to place Your blessings on this. Do you want me to come up there Blessed Mother? No. I know the power of prayer and I know the power of your blessing and I know the power of your Son. I know He is Almighty God. He’s not just Jesus (if there is such a thing as being just Jesus). I know who He is. He’s God. He’s the Father, He’s the Son and He’s the Spirit. All three One. The Holy Trinity is standing before us – Mary’s Son. (Sally held the medal in her hand so Jesus and Mary would bless it.) Don’t burn my hand. Yes!

OUR LADY: Peace, peace, peace. Pray, pray, pray, my children. Pray! Wear the medal. Wear the Brown Scapular and pray the Rosary and don’t forget to pray the Rosary of my Son – the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

SALLY: Oh, we won’t Blessed Mother. We pray it every day here. We pray your Rosary that you brought and we pray the Rosary that your Son gave to Saint Faustina. It’s your Son’s Rosary. Right! That’s how we pray. We’re praying the Rosary for Jesus Christ and we pray the Rosary of the Blessed Mother. They are two separate Rosaries, but said on one. Right! Thank you, Blessed Mother. Thank you for coming. I thank You, Lord Jesus, because she only comes because You let her come. She only comes because You ask her to come with You. I thank You! I thank You, I love You, I worship You, I praise You, I adore You, my Lord and my God. Wash away all our sins with your most precious blood. You can do it! You are God! You can do anything! Nothing is impossible with You. Look at this place. We started from nothing – not on our own. On our own we couldn’t do anything. We can’t blink an eye without You, my Lord. Only through You have You brought us this far. (Sacred Heart spoke privately to Sally.) Thank You, I love You too. I love you too, Blessed Mother. I love You too, Sacred Heart. Thank You, thank You. Now we’ll sing you praise!

You know what she’s doing. She’s sitting on that bench! She’s sitting on that thing. Are you tired, Blessed Mother? Did I keep you too long? Isn’t that beautiful! She spreading out her dress. Oh, she’s beautiful! I wish they could see what I see. Someday they will.

(The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady)

Did you like it? Are you going to stay for the Rosary, Blessed Mother? Ok! I didn’t even see you when you came down. I just looked and you were there. We will! We’ll pray the rest of the Rosary for the young people. You what? What? Now say that over!

OUR LADY: The next apparition I’m asking you to invite the young people to come and celebrate my birthday with me. Send invitations to the Churches and the schools to come to the celebration of my nativity. Invite the young people to come, child. They are waiting for an invitation.

SALLY: Oh, we will if that is what you want. We will. We’ll get it out. We’ll get the message out. Ok! Alright Blessed Mother, we will.

(The Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy were prayed for Our Lady’s intentions.)