(Our Lady appeared during the 3rd decade of the Rosary)

SALLY: She’s here down on Earth. She’s beyond that sidewalk. Beyond the sidewalk ­ right by that flower garden. Oh Blessed Mother, how gorgeous you are today! Each time I see you, you are more beautiful. So beautiful!

OUR LADY: My little children, I speak to you today as a tender gentle mother. This is my garden. I invite you here so that my messenger, Sally Steadman, can bring you the message live from Heaven. This is a live message, child. Tell my children there are those who try to block these messages but to block a message is like trying to silence the voice of Heaven. Yes! The evil one, Satan, tries to block the messages. Those who block my messages will answer to my Son. You must remember, this is my Garden and is a gift that Heaven requests that these messages come live to you. Live from Heaven! I want you my children to meditate on the next few words that I am going to give you. A tree ­ the Garden of Eden ­ two people placed in that Garden. They did their own Will and disobeyed Father God. Now I give you another Garden ­ not the Garden of Eden. I am the new Eve ­ my Son the perfect Adam. This Garden must not be disturbed, it must flourish and bear much fruit. This Garden is special! A Garden ­ a tree ­ a dying man upon that Cross that gave his life. An alter ­ a sacrifice ­ Calvary. A Garden ­ a tree ­ a serpent ­ the Garden of Eden. Two people did their own Will and disobeyed God. I give you this Garden to bear great fruit and I am seeing the fruit that you have bore happening here in this Garden. I ask you my children to come here often ­ pray together! I have asked for public Rosaries here! Now I’m making one more request. Have candles available so you can light the way to my Son and you will make them see through the light of the seven Suns. You my children are the Apostles of these later days! I have chose you ­ I have called each one of you! I ask you to help me to complete this mission that I have started here to save life. I ask you to help me with this ­ to bring others to this Garden and to the Consecration and to Conversion. Prayer is your tool. Pray my children – pray ­ pray from your Hearts! There will be a new Earth and men will love their God with their whole Heart ­ with their whole Minds ­ and with their whole Being. I need each one of you to help me! Help me to complete this mission! The Garden to bare great fruit I have given – I have shared and I invite you to come. The graces of Heaven will flow copiously upon this Earth. This Earth, my people, that I love. I love this Earth where my Son was created. I love each one of you my little children! I am live ­ I am here with you. This message comes live from Heaven and you will never silence the voice of Heaven! Pray the messages, read the messages, live the messages that I bring you! I bless each one of you. I bless you like you are the only one on Earth I see and for those who do not see me you must believe as though you see. I am proud of you my children. You have heard my call. Bless them, Son. Give them the Special Blessing that you have talked about. Remember the Blessing you told me that you would give to them ­ those who came today ­ those who had Faith ­ those who believe as though they see. These are the ones Son! They are here! I told you that they would come Son! 
They will come back one by one. They will come Son I promise you. They are like the wild flowers of the roadside. They have to be cultivated Son. I will cultivate them one by one. They will come Son. I promise you they will come.

SACRED HEART: The Earth is on a fine line. I have my hand raised, but I will abide with you Mother for a little while.

SALLY: I never heard you talk that way, Sacred Heart. That’s pretty tough stuff!

OUR LADY: She will! I know she will. Your lives are on the line, my child. My Son has His hand raised. How long can I hold the wrath of God? I told you child three years ago that my little ones would become martyrs. They would become martyrs to save other lives. Three years ago child I gave you that message. I was referring to the stem cell research. Three years ago you knew nothing about this, but I told you my Little Ones would become martyrs to save others lives. It’s wrong, child! It’s wrong! You cannot take another life ­ to choose one over the other. The hand of my Son is raised.

SALLY: What should we do, Blessed Mother? What do you want us to do besides praying?

OUR LADY: Stand up for what you believe, child. Don’t let them push you ­ brainwashing – like they did about slavery. They told you it would be a necessary evil. Slavery ­ they brainwashed you ­ they told you the same thing – necessary evil. They live without slavery and these Little Ones are the future of the World. They have no right to create life or to take life. The Garden of Eden everything was offered except the fruit of the one tree. You do not take life! That life grows fruit! Do not touch my Little Ones. The hand of God is raised.

SALLY: You never talked that way before, Blessed Mother! It frightens me.

SACRED HEART: I knew you before you were born and I know each one of these. Do as she says my child. Do not disobey your mother! Do as she says. Like My Father sent Me, I now send my mother. Do as she says!

OUR LADY: The Ten Commandments!

SALLY: The Ten Commandments she wants recited! We will Blessed Mother. It will remind us. (Sally prayed for the Petitions in the Basket, for the sick and dying, for the names on the Bricks, Rosary Walk and Stations of the Cross.) There are so many out there to pray for. Lets pray for all those who have their names in that Basket ­ all those who have sacrificed so much here. All the people whose names are on those Bricks (the living and deceased) all the people whose names are on these Rosary Beads on this Rosary Walk ­ all those who have sacrificed and bought a Station of the Cross to make it possible so we could do the Will of God and what Mary is asking of us! Without you my people this place would not be here. Through you hearing her call and you answering her call. That’s why we are here! That’s why we have those two homes over there! To put mothers in ­ an alternative to that slaughter house. Yes, an alternative! They can take stem cells from adults and there is no living proof that those cells from a baby is any better than the cells they take from adults. When they take the stems from adults it does not hurt them, they go on with their life. When they take a stem cell from a unborn child the child is destroyed. Why? Why are they picking on the small and the innocent? Mr. President, I challenge you! Pick on somebody your size, not an unborn baby, not a tiny baby in its smallest form ­ a cell. Pick on somebody your size, Mr. President. That’s what I wrote in my letter to him. You do the same thing people. Don’t take this sitting down. This is real serious business. This is human life we are tampering with. The next thing will be cloning. They are tampering with life and playing God! That’s what they are doing! They are turning God away. They won’t even let Him in the schools, but they play with the Devil ­ with the hands of the Devil. With human life they play God. That’s why we’re here and I know John ­ you are looking at me and you better be quiet, I’ve been on long enough. But I tell you when I get on this subject I could go on twenty four hours a day because it’s real. It’s not something we are imagining. It’s real! This is happening, my people! It’s happening! I can remember 50 years ago if you talked about legal abortion, “why that could never happen in the United States of America, we would never do anything like that.” People we are doing it! We have been doing it since 1973. Sixty eight million have been slaughtered ­ have been killed. I saw them. I saw five of them. I know what they look like, they are not a blob. They are little humans. They have little hands and little feet. They have a little nose and each one has a personality different. They don’t look alike. God does not even make snowflakes that look alike and He does not make humans that look alike. They are all individual unique babies. I saw five of them that were found in a dump in a plastic bag. People I know what they are doing. I was to one of those abortion clinics. I know what it’s like. I see what they do. Please, please pray ­ pray ­ and if it takes anything else if it takes more sturdy and more aggressiveness ­ let’s do that too. Come on, we’re doing it for the Man who created us ­ created this beautiful Garden. She walks here. She walks in this Garden. This is hers. She shares it and invites us with her ­ this beautiful lady ­ this Garden – these trees. Yes, there are serpents here. Many times she told me, “Why such a small crowd?” Because the evil one is working. Yes, he too is trying to block these messages. He too discourages people from coming here. Yes, even people from our Church. He is working on those who love the Lord the most. He is trying to block these live messages from Heaven. These are not videos, this is a live message, people! Live from the Lips of Jesus and Mary and he does not like it. He don’t like it and he don’t want it and he’s trying to stop it. But there are those who believe as though they see and they have Faith. Are you one of them or are you here out of curiosity? Those who block these message will answer to her Son.

JOHN: We will now repeat the Ten Commandments!

(1) I am the Lord thy God. You shall not have strange Gods before Me.
(2) You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
(3) Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath Day
(4) Honor your Father and your Mother
(6) You shall not commit adultery
(7) You shall not steal
(8) You shall not bare false witness against your neighbor
(9) You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife
(10) You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods

(The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady)

SALLY: Did you like that Blessed Mother? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? There will be more. We have more. It’s just so beautiful – just to sit here quiet ­ silence. To be in her presence and the presence of her Son. You know it like Mass ­ like during the Consecration when you are in the real presence of the Lord. My people, this is an Alter. This is a sacrifice right here ­ to be in the presence of the Mother of God and her Son ­ the Creator and Redeemer. You don’t know the privilege ­ this is a privilege that He has granted to us. Who are we to be in the presence of our Lord and His mother? What makes us different? Why are we chosen?

He’s not here! He’s not here I think. You want him? Is Jerry Herr here? She’s calling for you. He’s not here Blessed Mother. I know who he is, yes. Yes! He is the one who built your Grotto.

SACRED HEART: Thank him personally child. A good job, son. You did a good job, son. I couldn’t have done better myself.

SALLY: Well that’s an honor. I wish he were here. I’ll tell him Blessed Mother. She doesn’t very often mention names. Really, you have to go? Time goes so fast when you are here it seems like you just came. Is there anything else you want to talk about?

I love you too Blessed Mother. You know how much I love you and you know how much everybody here loves you. I’ll tell him. Not now, I’ll tell him later. Oh yes, I love Our Lady of Lourdes. I love her. I love you. I love you under that title. You know I love you under all titles, but Our Lady of Lourdes is special. You know that. I’m going you know. I’m planning on going there. I will. I want you to do something for me. I hope I don’t embarrass him. I don’t think he gets embarrassed too easy. It’s John. It’s John. I want him to come with us to Lourdes. I think he owes this to himself and to you. But you have to take care of him. You know he’s having problems. You have to take care of him Blessed Mother. It costs money to go to Lourdes. Someway, somehow we’ll get him there. We’ll get him there. Yes! I’ll beg – I’ll do everything but steal to get him there. See that he gets there. I will. You have to help his legs too you know. OK! I guess I’m like a little kid, I always keep asking for stuff. I keep asking all the time. Everyday you come I ask you for stuff. I’m like a little kid at Christmas. I don’t know what it is. I know. I know, but sometimes I forget to say thank you just like a little kid. 
I forget to say thank you sometimes. Tell Dorian I said hi. I haven’t seen Dorian for awhile. Is everything alright with Dorian? What! Blessed Mother, I’m not that bad. She says I keep him busy all the time. Blessed Mother, what do you mean by that?

OUR LADY: You don’t know what I’ve done child to keep you alive. You don’t listen you don’t hear what your doctor tells you. Child, I’m not reprimanding you harshly child, but I’m reprimanding you.

SALLY: Not in public Blessed Mother. No, it don’t bother me. I love you. You know that. A good mother takes care of her children and she reprimands them. Right! That’s what makes you such a good mother. I understand. I worship you, I praise you, I thank you, I adore you my Lord. My Lord and my God. I could scream. I feel like screaming. You don’t know who this is people. This is our God. This is our Lord. I understand. It is beautiful. Look at that Sky. So beautiful! She is only a minute away she said. If we need her to call her. A minute away ­ you travel very fast, Blessed Mother. Heaven is a long way. That beautiful Sky ­ Eternity! No ceiling ­ Eternity! They are gone.

(John continued with the Rosary and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.)