(The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady appeared at the end of the 5th decade of the Glorious Mysteries.)

She’s here. Blessed Mother! My Lord and my God! My Lord and my God! My Lord and my God! Who am I that my God and His mother should come – should come to me?

My dear children, each one of you who have consecrated your heart to my Immaculate Heart will feel the merit of my heavenly grace. You are the fulfillment of my triumph and I give this grace without hesitation to each one of you. In the end you will witness the Sacred Heart of my Son in the manifestation of His grace and mercy. This is what I want you to set your heart to – to have the light of my Son recognized and I loved more.

My people, in these latter times you will see My mother shine forth like never before. She will shine forth in mercy and might and grace. In grace and mercy to bring back the poor sinners – back to Me! She will sign in grace in order to be there for My valiant soldiers who are in the battle for her and in the time of her glory – her triumph of her Immaculate Heart – it is written that I will place enmity between the woman – between you and the woman – between her seed and your seed and she will crush the head of the evil one with her heel. This enmity is between My mother and Satan – and when the time comes for her triumph, this is what I’m asking you, My children, My people – to proclaim her your Queen. You must not have any fear to cry out to her and when you
are lonely and sad do not hesitate to summon her immediately. It is through this Consecration that you will find her hand and when you find her hand – grasp it! Hold it! Through the Consecration you will see her waiting – holding her hand out to you amidst all the darkness. She comes in the battle to bring a mighty army against a war that is waged
by Satan. He is the one who revolts against Father God and he will bring a mighty persecution in the path of your holiness. Ask My people to stand and We will place upon them a blessing. (The people stood) Before I give you the blessing, I would ask all of you to join in the “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother – a song appropriate.

(The people sang the “Ave Maria” together to Our Lady as the Sacred Heart requested. Sally also requested the people sing “On Holy Ground” to Our Lady and Sacred Heart.)


Don’t thank us, Lord Jesus. Thank you for coming. Thank you for honoring us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you, we praise you, we worship you, we thank you and above all we adore You. My Lord and My God, wash away all our sins here today. You are the great healer – heal physically and spiritually.

I often wonder when I see them leave like this – when I see the two of them leave I often wonder when they get back to Heaven will my family and friends ask about me. Do your family and friends ask about you who are here? Blessed Mother said, “Oh child, they just don’t ask – they watch! They watch!” So they do ask about us. She does bring a message from Earth back to them. She knows each one that’s been here.

(The Rosary was completed by the people.)