We sang Christmas carols by the manger that was in front of the Shrine. Thanks to Lance and Cissy Osborne who portrayed Joseph and Mary. We proceeded to the Pieta where the Blessed Mother appeared to Sally.

Sally: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you for coming.

Blessed Mother: This is special! (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally.)

Sally: Oh, what an honor! Cissy, you are to be the one that was chosen for the Virgin Mary to come down and place a kiss on your cheek. Oh, she’s happy, Blessed Mother! Come over here, Cissy! Now if you feel anything, you tell us. She’s coming forward – very slowly. She’s in front of the Pieta. She is stepping down. She’s touching your face, Cissy. Can you feel anything? She’s touching your face. She’s putting her head down by you. Can you feel anything? She’s placing her lips on your cheek.

Blessed Mother: He’s standing alone like Joseph. He did not get the attention that I did and I will place a kiss on his cheek. I don’t want him to feel neglected.

Sally: Yes, Blessed Mother, I know. But look, he looks so lonely. Will you place a kiss on his cheek too? Come and stand beside your sister. She is putting her face down close to you. I wondered who it would be. You told me it would be a special little girl and you would give her a special blessing. You would place a kiss on her cheek. Thank you for doing the same for her brother. They are special. I know they are, and they come from a special family. Than you, Blessed Mother. She’s going back up. She has her hands stretched out over the crowd.

Blessed Mother: You are special too, my children! I too will bless you because you have done what I have done. You said “yes” to my Son and you are present here at this Shrine. Like I said “yes” to the Holy Spirit, you have said “yes” to me. Now I place my hands over each one of you. I bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the Holy Spirit – all three One, the Holy Trinity, my Son, as we celebrate together – heaven and earth united in the celebration -the birthday of the Little King. (Blessed Mother went up, back up into the sky.)

Sally: Would somebody sing the Ave Maria because she said “yes” and we have Jesus, her Son – all because of her “yes”. The Ave Maria! (The people sang the Ave Maria together to the Blessed Mother.) I guess it’s time! Let them all go up! The children let their balloons go up into the air after Blessed Mother left. (Everyone watched the balloons go higher and higher in the sky until they disappeared. Then everyone went inside for hot chocolate, cookies and a visit with Santa Claus.)