Sally received a message from Our Lady stating, “We must make known to our Bishops and Pole John Paul II that the babies murdered through abortion MUST be recognized as ‘Little Martyrs’ and we should pray to them as ‘Little Saints in Heaven'”. Our Lady stated “They should be recognized as martyrs like the ‘Holy Innocents’ and have their own special day.”

NOTE: ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE – The Magi would naturally have gone to Jerusalem to inquire about the birth of a Jewish King. Herod intended to use them to murder what he considered to be a rival to his throne. Herod murdered all boy babies up to two (2) years of age and they are called “Martyrs” and “Holy Innocents”.

At 3:00 we are asking everyone to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, or a prayer of your choice that Our Lady’s request will be fulfilled.