Before the 2:00 p.m. Apparition the People sang “On Holy Ground”. As soon as the song was over, the sky opened at the Right Hand Side of Our Lady’s Shrine and Our Lady appeared to Sally and gave the following message:

My Children, My Children. Thank you, My Children, for having Faith. I would not let My Children, My Lambs, in the cold. My Children ­ I LOVE ALL OF YOU.

I gather you here in honor of My Son and because of your Faith, I will not see My Lambs cold. I will not see My Sheep cold.

MY MESSAGE TO YOU IS: “As cold as you are today, My Children, you can find warmth. Find warmth in the Bible. I ask you to pick up your Family Bibles and to read and you will get the warmth that you need. Today, I ask you to come to the Chapel and pray the Rosary.”

Thank you for your Faith, My Children. Thank you for the Faith in My Son. Come My Children. Come ­ follow Me. I LOVE ALL OF YOU.


Thank you, Blessed Mother, thank you. Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Come, follow Her. Weíre going to the Chapel and sheíll find room for each one of us Iím sure.

(The people proceeded to the Chapel with Sally and the Rosary was prayed by all).