Our Lady and Sacred Heart gave the message in advance and stated they could see into the future as to who would be attending the apparition.


Dear children, today you make me happy just to see so many gathered here. Have courage my children ­ have courage! In the end I will win ­ I will triumph. I will triumph over the Red Dragon ­ Abortion. There once was a woman in the Bible. She was a prophetess. Her name was Deborah. She was called an Israelite and she called a man named Barak and she told him that there were oppressors for over 20 years that she would conquer. And Deborah told this to Barak. She then told Barak to march on top of Mount Tabor and to take 10,000 men with him. Barak did as he was told, Child. After some time, they gathered on Mount Tabor. She told him the Lord will now deliver Sisera into your power and the Lord marches before you with His army. His army of Angels. Barak and his 10,000 men, Child, were blessed in a special way. They went down from Mount Tabor and they defeated their oppressors. Mount Tabor, Child, you were there and I gave you a special blessing on the day you were on Mount Tabor. (When Sally visited the Holy Land)

It symbolizes my struggle with the Devil. Just like the Red Dragon, Child, you will conquer him. I gave you that special blessing on Mount Tabor like I gave to Barak and Deborah. She too was to give the message to Barak. I crushed his head, that General Sisera, symbolizing my crushing the serpents head – abortion ­ the Red Dragon. On Mount Tabor was poured out many blessing upon those 10,000 men like I have poured upon you the blessing on all who come to the Garden.

Today I give you my “special blessing” and I’m asking a favor of you, Child ­ to invite the young people to come to the Garden on the 1st Saturday. All the young people in the surrounding areas ­ invite them to come. And this special blessing that I gave you on Mount Tabor is like a light that will reflect on others. And it won’t stay there, Child. They too can reflect it to others. It’s a “special blessing” that I give on my Feast Day. This is the blessing that I give to you and to the unbelievers I give it to. I wish that you could convert the world to teach them that abortion is murder. I’m asking you my children here today to be a light that shines. Darkness reigns over the whole world and I want you to light up the darkness ­ to be a light for others in darkness. To become light ­ to become love. Then you will convert your spouse, your children, your friends, and then the world. This is how the leaders in the government will be changed. Not from the top down, but from the bottom up by you my children. This “special blessing” that I am giving you today is a reflection ­ it’s like a mirror. By your lives and your witnesses you will convert others resounding in the conversion of the world. This is true regarding this “special blessing” that I give you. By giving it individually, it will bring grace and blessings to others.

Many have become seduced by the darkness. There is not enough light to see clearly. The worldwide entrance in satanic rock stars many of whom have no values or no morals, yet whom millions follow. Many imitate and follow their idols. What is ugly like abortion, they see as pretty. The blindness is not just regarding rock groups. It’s easy for many to see the type of darkness that also comes in disguise. Today, many times darkness walks around in suits and ties. People don’t always recognize it because the world has grown dimmer. Invite my children ­ my little ones ­ my young children. Bring them here ­ bring them here on the 1st Saturday of April and I will place a “special blessing” on them too. The blessing that I am giving to you today is a “special blessing”. On this my Feast Day, I am granting you a “Mother’s Blessing.” Today I will bless and put this blessing on all and on all mothers.

Dear Children, this afternoon your Mother wants to encourage you to pray all the more during this time. Join together in prayer with the young people. Especially, Dear Children, I want you to renew prayer in your families. Today, I bless you in a special way with my “Motherly Blessing” and I intercede for you to Father God for Him to give you the gift of conversion of your hearts. Today, on my Feast Day, the Angel of the Lord, like he asked me, is asking you to say “yes” to the Holy Spirit. To say “yes” to save life. Here in this Garden on this special day, say “yes” to the Holy Spirit that you will do all in your power through prayer to save a life. If each one of you would save at least one, my little ones would have the Gift of Life. To save a life is priceless. All the money in the world cannot save a life or buy a soul, but you can ­ you can! I’ve given you the blessing to spread the message and it won’t stop there, my child. The blessing I give to you today will pass on to many. Father God has given you the permission to spread this message and to spread the blessing ­ a light that will reflect to others. This is what my blessing will do. It will give you permission to touch others through your blessing.

Yes, each one of you have been given the message of Mount Tabor. A message to conquer that Red Dragon. The blessing and the power to conquer him like was given to Barak through Deborah. The 10,000 men received that strength, that grace and that blessing to go forth down that mountain ­ Mount Tabor with the blessing to conquer the General and yes, my children, the strength of this blessing and the graces that I bring will give you the power like Barak and his 10,000 men to conquer the Red Dragon ­ abortion. It will not be done by one person. It will be done by many walking together like the 10,000 men with Barak on Mount Tabor. You are on Mount Tabor. You receive these blessings today, “strength and love.” Carry them into your families and into your homes. To each one of you, I grant this special blessing! Continue in joy, prayer and reconciliation. I give you blessing at every apparition ­ every place I have come; but today, I give you this special blessing. Praise be Jesus Christ!

My Children, I am so happy to be with you this afternoon. You are so numerous. You are making progress in holiness. Through the messages, I will help you. You will be sensitive to the sweetness of the human life. Go in the peace of God, my children. My little children. I wish in a special way on this my Feast Day of the Annunciation to give mothers my own “Special Motherly Blessing” and you will also receive the blessing of my son, Jesus for the rest of you. I distinguish my blessing and yet little is known about my “special blessing” today, but it will come upon you each day more and more. Remember you are on Mount Tabor and you are being asked to take multitudes into this battle with you. Now I’m asking you to listen to the words of my son, Jesus.


My people, just as you listened to my mother today, I too found wisdom in her words, I found comfort in her arms and I melted many times at her smile. I ask you to stand for the blessing that I too will give you. Just as she spoke, you are on Mount Tabor and you will need ­ each one of you – will need this blessing to go forth with the plans, this mission that she is asking. Don’t disobey your “Mother”! Do what she is asking. I too give you my special blessing. Go forth with the plans! Save My little lambs! Be a light that she reflects from Me and you My people reflect from her. Go forth, reflect the light to others and give the blessing that she has given to you to others! Let her take your hand! Fly with her! Walk with her! She will be your strength! This is a battle! This is a battle against My little lambs! This is a battle of the innocent! But go forth like Barak with these 10,000 men from Mount Tabor. You will get all the strength you need and you will win this battle. She will crush the head of the Red Dragon. Just as you have seen her in her statues, with the head of the serpent crushed she will crush the Red Dragon – abortion. Remember each one of you as she told is on a Mount Tabor with your armies. Mount Tabor symbolizes My army. The power of My angels! This is a battle! But have no fear. Have no fear. Like Barak ­ a message through Deborah in the Bible. You will win her “special blessing” ­ the strength of the Spirit upon the apostles in that upper room and I promise I will stay beside each one of you that she has given her “special blessing” to. And I too give My blessing ­ My “special blessing” to even those who do not believe. You can give them this blessing from the heart to help them. Bless everyone that you meet, Child. I give you a special “grace” and I desire you to give this to others. This blessing has a power to convert and to make others listen. She is special. Remember who she is child. She is My Mother! Invite the young people ­ invite them on the 25th and she will come as she promised. And on the 1st Saturday, ask my young people, because the more this blessing is given the more powerful it will become. Once she gives this “special blessing” to you, it will last your whole lifetime. You will have the power to give this to others and they will have this blessing in the same degree, Child, as she gave to you and they too will be a light to shine in the darkness. I want to bless you all today ­ each one of you. I, like My Mother, am giving you a “special blessing” this her Feast Day. I promise to remain with you on your way ­ all the way. I sent her with this “special blessing”. I gave her this blessing and I give it to you through our precious Mother. Father God has given us this “special blessing” ­ a Mother who cares. I already see the light in each one of you as I look over this crowd. I can already see you shine. I can see what you cannot see. I see that “special blessing” shining. I give you My blessing. I ask you to go and rest in the arms of My Mother. I too found comfort in her arms. I found wisdom in her words like you will find strength in her blessing. I keep her near Me. She’s never far from Me. And when you see her, you will see Me or feel Me. You’ll know I’m near. Two hearts now beat as one ­ Mother and Son. Two hearts of gold because I conquered My Cross. Now I’m asking you to conquer the Cross of My little lambs ­ abortion! Bless you! Bless all of you! Bless you for coming! Bless you for honoring My Mother! Bless you! Bless you!


Do you have to leave? Can you stay a little bit longer? Do you have to leave so soon? I know. I understand.


It might be short, Child, but the message is long. Meditate on the message. Learn the message like a prayer. Live the messages that we bring to you. Bless you! Bless you! I love you.


I love you too, Sacred Heart. I love you too, Blessed Mother. I love both of you. Thank you for coming. Thank you for bringing her. Thank you for letting her come. I know all good things come from you. I know you’re behind all this.


I send her out of love for My little ones. I need you to spread the messages. She needs you. She’s asking and I call you ­ each one of you. I call each one of you by name. Spread the message ­ complete the plan to save My little lambs. I call to you ­ she’s asking.


I love you too. I wish you could stay a little longer. I ask you, Lord Jesus, to hasten the time when all tomorrows will be today.


I have much work for you, Child. I have many messages for you yet. You must spread the message. See the plan completed.

(Sally prayed privately with the Sacred Heart and Our Lady)


Jesus, remember what you told me? When I receive you, I’m closer to you then when I see you when I’m looking at you, so I ask you, Jesus, Jesus ­ come to me. Make a better person of me. My heart is small, but take it all ­ yes, all alone for you. Oh heart of Jesus, one request, come in my heart – please take a rest. Keep a place for me. Oh, how beautiful ­ she’s holding you, the Blessed Sacrament ­ the Holy Eucharist.


I cannot receive you. I cannot receive you. First, I ask you Blessed Mother to please come – prepare my heart first like you prepared that trough at Bethlehem. Soften my heart. He did not feel the cold. You did not feel the wind. You did not feel that cold damp sand within because you saw her there. She was there waiting for you. Now I ask you Blessed Mother ­ do the same so I can receive your Son in Holy Communion. Come, prepare my heart for Him like you prepared that trough at Bethlehem. By your presence there ­ that was enough for Him. You made it soft and warm just by your presence there. Now I ask you to come and do the same for me. My heart is cold – my heart is hard. Make it soft, Blessed Mother. Especially for Him. My Lord and My God. I believe you are really and truly present just as real as I see you before me ­ just as real as you walked the earth. The real presence ­ the body and blood, soul and divinity in this Holy Communion. Come Lord Jesus – come to me. I know I cannot receive you sacramentally unless you Will me to ­ unless you Will me to. But come to me ­ at least come spiritually. Fill my heart. I cannot live without you. I yearn for you – I long for you, my Lord and my God. My Lord and my God. My Lord and my God. I believe you are really and truly present in this most Holy Communion. Come Lord Jesus.

Oh sacrament most holy, oh sacrament divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine.

Two stars ­ two bright stars going backwards ­ going back home where they came from. How fast they move. Two stars ­ going farther and farther away, but within a second they can come back. Tomorrow is another day to be with my Lord and His Mother. They’re gone. They’ve disappeared.

Thank you for coming back, Blessed Mother. Thank you. Thank you for coming back because I never could have remembered everything. Thank you, thank you