Well, after I have my breakfast every morning, I always go out to say “Good Morning” to my Lord. So I drove my wheelchair in my Chapel and said “Good Morning, Mary. Good Morning, Jesus. Keep me from sin this day. Keep me from sin forever. He said, Good Morning, child. His voice was real deep and then the Blessed Mother said, “Open the Tabernacle. My Son wants to speak to you.” So, I did. I got the key out and I opened it and I heard a voice like I never heard before. It was like a thunder and it wasn’t coming from above the Tabernacle. It was coming from the Chalice, like it was going to burst open. It was so (I can’t explain it). It was so different. I have heard my Lord speak, but this was not like that. This was like a thunder – just like the Chalice would break or burst and I got kind of frightened. I said, “Good Morning, Jesus” and I thought He would speak to me in the way He always does, but it wasn’t.

GOD THE FATHER: I have to talk to you. The times in the world, and especially here in the United States of America, is worse than the time of Noah. I too gave them a chance. I am the Father of everyone and a good Father reprimands his children. What you have seen in Florida, what you have seen happen, the floods, the earthquakes, are all warnings to you here in America. United States of America, the land that I love and I have given many chances: but unless United States of America changes its ways, I will reprimand you. FIRE WILL RAIN.

SALLY: (In the background, I could hear Our Lady’s voice.)

OUR LADY: A little more time, Son! Please Son, a little more time! They will come back, Son. I will work on them. A little more time, Son.

GOD THE FATHER: I am all just! I have given them time!

OUR LADY: Just a little more time, Son. Please!

GOD THE FATHER: They are all upset over the dead bodies, but My Little Ones, 68 million have been slaughtered and they look on it as legal. Legal murder! I will not tolerate that any more! These are my Little Ones and they are rebelling. They are rebelling of what you have done to them and what you are doing to their little brothers and sisters. Unless United States changes its ways, it will be worse than what you have seen. FIRE WILL RAIN FROM HEAVEN AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. I am your Lord and your God and I can do anything. I am all just, but I have given you many chances to repent. You are living in sin. You are committing murders and it is legal. Bodies are being piled up that have been killed in the flood, but my Little Ones are thrown in garbage dumps. They are thrown into incinerators and burned up-68 MILLION have been destroyed already. YOU MUST SPREAD THIS MESSAGE!

SALLY: (I remember pleading with Him.) Lord, what can I do? I am only one person! I can’t change the world! What can I do?


(And He kept repeating)

You can do something! Each one of you can do something and together you will be powerful. Stand up for what you believe! THIS MESSAGE MUST GET OUT TO THE WORLD. Homosexuality- men turning into women-I create male and female and they are trying to be different. The times now are worse than the time of Noah.

OUR LADY: Son, I have put a shield around the Shrine. No one will touch it and the Evil One, I promise, will never touch you my child.

GOD THE FATHER: Fear not! I will send My Mother beside you to protect you. No one will ever touch you. The Evil One will never touch My Mother and she will protect you. Fear not, My child. GO FORTH! GO FORTH! TELL THE WORLD MY PLANS. Yes, you hierarchy, who think you know it all, know nothing! I have told you more today then they will ever know!

SALLY: But they don’t believe me! They don’t believe nothing that I say. They look at me like I am crazy.

GOD THE FATHER: Fear not, child! Haven’t I told you I would protect you? They will listen and they will hear and they will learn more than they have ever learned. No college has ever taught them what I am telling you. Even the Magisterium does not have what I have told you. The world is living in sin, worse than the time of Noah. Unless United States of America changes its ways, fire will rain and you will live in fear. UNITED STATES AS IT IS TODAY WILL BE NO MORE!

OUR LADY: A little more time, Son! A little more time! Please Son, just a little more time!

GOD THE FATHER: I will give them a little more time, Mother! Because you ask, I will give them a little more time!

SALLY: “How much is a little more time? How long is that?”

GOD THE FATHER: Until they change, child, but not forever!

OUR LADY: A little more time, Son, is all I ask! I will go and work on them! I will go out into the world again!

SALLY: What about the people, Lord? Lord, look at the people that love You! Don’t look on those who are bad. Look on the people who love You!

GOD THE FATHER: My child, the good will perish with the bad. The good will come to Me and the bad will go where they belong! HEED THE MESSAGE! SAVE UNITED STATES!

SALLY: Are you pleased with what we are doing at the Shrine? Is there something You would like changed?

GOD THE FATHER: Child, everything you have done, I have asked for. CONTINUE! GO FORTH WITH THE PLANS! You please Me!