(Our Lady, Sacred Heart, and Angel Gabriel appeared to Sally in the presence of John Lewinski and Bob & Leona Hunt) 
Our Lady appeared wearing a gold medal like the one Bob & Lee brought to show us from New Jersey. She said she wore it to show her approval of the medal and said,

“All who wear the medal must wear it close to their heart. It is the key to Heaven. St. Peter will recognize it as being one of her children.” 

“After abortion is legally ended you must strike a new medal for life and happiness. You must make another medal for children. A small medal for children enclosed in glass.”

Sally inquired, how many angels are there in Heaven?

Our Lady replied, “For every human born, there is an Angel ­ an Angel for every person. The Angel Gabriel was assigned to me when I was born.”

(Gabriel distributed communion to Sally as John, Bob and Leona watched Sally swallow the host. Sally stated she could see herself stand while her body was sitting in the chair and she has become used to it as she receives communion often from Gabriel.)

Our Lady said, “Each baby has a heavenly life before they are born and when their name is called and the mother gives birth they forget their Heavenly life for the Earthly life.”

A couple days later, Sally asked for more information.

Our Lady said, “The Archangel Gabriel was assigned to me at the time of my conception. For every soul, from the beginning of time, that He creates, He creates an angel. Angels are never used twice. When we die, our angel is with us in heaven.”

Sally asked, how many angels are there in Heaven?

Our Lady said, “More than you can count, child. There are millions and millions of angels.”