During the winter months Our Lady does not want “her lambs” in the cold, but she returns on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation for the Outdoor Apparition Prayer Services and monthly message for the people. During the winter months if a message is given to Sally for the people during her private apparitions we will include on the website.

“My child, give this message to my children today. Although your days of celebration have passed, the celebration of my Son in Holy Mass is always there for you to be with Him. With my Son there is no past. Like a plant that receives no light, it will soon drop its leaves and life will soon appear ending. Tell my children to continue to celebrate with my Son or they, too, will be like the plant, will grow weak and be easy prey for the evil one. Tell them to stay alert and always live in the light of my Son. Time will pass and I will soon be back with you to unite in prayer in the Garden­in the Garden that I love so. Remember I am with you even though you do not see me. I laugh when you laugh. I am sad when you are sad. But always remember that my Son, too, gets lonely. Come visit Him in the tabernacle often. He has given us such a gift to be able to celebrate Holy Mass and to receive Him­body, blood, soul and divinity­fully human and fully God in Holy Communion. Come to the Garden often. I walk there daily with my Son. Come pray the rosary, wear the brown scapular, vist my Son in Holy Mass often. Recieve Him daily, if possible. Remember I am never far from you like I am never far from Him.”

Our Lady gave this message to Sally in a private appartion after the 2:00 rosary. She said she was present in the chapel during the rosary, while the people prayed.