Our Lady appeared to Sally for about 20 minutes at the Lutheran Home at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, during the continuous rosaries for the aborted babies. Our Lady came alone as the little 14 year old girl looking like when she first appeared to Sally in 1992. Even her voice was that of a little girl.

SALLY: Blessed Mother, I didn’t expect you. Where were you? Where were you when I needed you?

OUR LADY: Child, I was right beside you. Child, you have to have more faith. You have to faith, like the people who come to the Apparitions. They do not see me and yet they have enough faith to believe that I am there. Where is your faith, child? We’re proud of you child and pleased with the people praying at the Chapel. I was there. I am happy and thank my children for the day they set aside for the Little Ones. I am pleased with all the volunteers and the work they are doing at the Shrine.

I personally guarantee you will return to the Shrine to complete your mission.

The Catholic Church is going through purification and it will become much stronger. Those that are left will be my pure and holy priests. Do not become discouraged praying for your Petitions because they will be answered. Keep praying the Rosary. The more you pray the Rosary, the faster abortion will end.

People will come to the Shrine and it will grow. Anyone dedicated to the Shrine when they die will see exactly what Kathleen saw at the moment of her death. Kathleen had the privilege to see what you see.

The Shrine will become bigger every year and it will be global, also the participation in the Feast Day on January 21st to remember my Little Ones through abortion.

SALLY: Is Kathleen in Heaven? Blessed Mother, you can answer if you want, but you don’t have to. But will you tell me, is Kathleen in Heaven?

OUR LADY: No child, Kathleen is not in Heaven yet, but very, very soon she will be with us.

SALLY: Why isn’t she in Heaven? You told me and promised me that when people die with the Scapular you would take them to Heaven on the first Saturday after their death. She died on Friday and Saturday she should have been in Heaven.

OUR LADY: But she didn’t have her Scapular on, child. When they worked on her they took her Scapular off.

SALLY: So it wasn’t her fault!

OUR LADY: No child! A lot of things are not your fault, but you have to answer for them. Remember to wear that Scapular. Don’t worry about things you don’t have to worry about, like putting on your lipstick. Those are things that are not important. Put that Scapular on when you get up or when you go to take a shower remember to put it back on and before you put it back on always kiss it. Every time you kiss the Scapular, it’s an indulgence to reduce your penance in Purgatory.

SALLY: I’ll kiss mine a million times. I might end up an Angel! (She had the biggest grin on her face.)

OUR LADY: Believe me, child, you’re no Angel. You are human and you’ll never be an Angel because you are human. Angels are all spirits. You don’t know what I’ve done to keep you alive.

SALLY: Oh, My friends are here! Bob and Leona.

OUR LADY: I know child. I heard them pray the Rosary. I came to thank you, child, for obeying your mother. What you did today will be nationwide someday. That day will be like the 4th of July. It will be observed like the 4th of July and it will be a memorial day for my Little Ones.

SALLY: How long before Kathleen gets to Heaven?

OUR LADY: Child, I do not know. I am not God. I know one thing. It will be very, very soon. But see how important it is to put your Scapular on because no one ever knows the day or the hour when my Son will call you. Wear your Scapular and you will be safe.

SALLY: Blessed Mother, you know where my heart and my soul is. I’ll never be happy any place except the Shrine. I don’t care how good they are to me. I don’t care how good I have it. It will never be the same.

OUR LADY: Child, I thought you had faith! You will be back to the Shrine. That’s
Where your mission is.

(NOTE: In just a second she changed her pose. She became the Virgin Mary with her veil like Our Lady of Toledo and she had a baby in her arms. I said, Is it dead?)

OUR LADY: No, child. I saved this one! I got there before it was too late. This one is saved.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother, turn it over and let me see it. It’s the most precious baby you ever saw. The baby opened her eyes wide and looked around. I asked what was going to happen to her?

OUR LADY: She has already been adopted and they named her.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother, what’s her name?

OUR LADY: Juanita

SALLY: Oh, I’ve seen her.

OUR LADY: Child, you will see her again. You sill get to hold her and they will identify themselves from Reading, Pennsylvania. They will identify little Juanita (and she held her out to show me). They will come to the Shrine and they will make themselves known.

(The Blessed Mother was not like I see her at the Shrine. At the Shrine she has an outline of gold light all around her fingers and body. Her whole body illuminated from within
like a light inside shinning out and I could see the light shine on the baby. The baby’s hair was standing straight up. It had about six hairs standing straight up. It wasn’t a big baby ­ about 6 pounds.)

Tell my children I am pleased with their work for my Little Ones.