Sally was watching Mass on television when the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady appeared to her. Sally requested permission to tape the message for the people and it was granted by both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady.


Blessed Mother, there is something very hard for me to understand. I can’t understand how you were there with your Son at the consecration at Mass and yet you are here before me. It’s hard to understand!


My Child, if you know Father God and you know my Son ­ nothing is impossible with them. Look at the birth of my Son ­ a virgin birth. In a burst of light that first Christmas night, a Child was born ­ and I remained a virgin. Nothing is impossible with my Son, Child. There are things that are not meant for you to understand. I am the mother of the Son of God and even I do not understand all. Some things are not meant for you to understand.

I brought you in here my Child because today I’m going to give you the message for January. Repeat after me ­ repeat everything that I say.


My Children, begin now as never before to listen and to understand. Today God Father desires to fulfill what has begun in Fatima. The world is on the verge of receiving “the power of grace” from Heaven as never before. God wishes to grant each soul the possibilities to gain all that He rains down from above. My Triumph is a mystical union of hearts – a grace that cannot be seen nor heard ­ but only felt and created in the depths of the soul. Be true to this heavenly mission that I have given you. I need your hearts as never before.

Through you now shall come a channel of grace upon all you my children who wait with open hearts. This time of grace shall come to engulf the soul. All impurities can be washed away if only one truly desires it. I give you the key to receive this grace. It is found in one single word from the center of your heart. To say “yes” to me allows your soul to flourish into virtue, and virtue to be instilled. I invite each one of you my children, your hearts to respond in the most desired wish of Father God to become consecrated to my Immaculate Heart for it not only opens your heart to me; but more importantly, to Him. Strive with all your might that not one soul will be untouched by His heavenly plea. It is the earnest desire of Father God that the multitudes upon the Earth join as one within this holy bond of unity. Come together as never before. Join your hearts to heart that throughout the world will resound the union of the millions in one voice to respond universally and ecumenically to my call to be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and maternal embrace.

This Consecration that I have given you is truly a mystical union of hearts. It is a unity that transforms and converts. It is an infusion of grace. It is so intense that it is impossible for the soul to remain the same as before this promise. A tide of virtue will sweep over your soul. It will engulf with an ardent desire to please God by His fulfillment and dedication to my tender wishes. And in this holy bond of unity, we will be preserved for God’s service that He is asking of you in this mission through His mother’s heart. I am the messenger for Father God like you are the messengers for me. Since it is understood that His reign shall spill forth from mine, we are working towards this union of our hearts. How much love He shows us in giving us these moments when He comes with me. My correction in times of misdirection; He is there for me. A smile to share in times of joy – even a tear to mingle with yours in time of sorrow. My way of teaching is His gift of love.


A mother’s heart is to be held close. It will nurture and help along the way. I give you a gentle and affectionate way. Her mission will triumph.


And into the depths of my triumphant Immaculate Heart, our Consecration is our “yes” to be placed in this service to complete this mission. In the Consecration of your heart, we will pledge a unity for all eternity. We are called to become that blinding light for all to look upon and to lighten the path for those in darkness. We are to expose, my Child, all that is NOT of truth. We have to also acknowledge, Child, that a half-hearted effort in this mission that I have brought to you is of little use. This is a call of conviction. It is a belief in the triumph of my Immaculate Heart and in each day we must search for the assurance in our souls.


I will give you a prayer, my Child. Pray this prayer with me to My Mother.


“Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary, may I find response in the grandeur of your triumph. Accept my plea of reconciliation, unity, and peace of heart and mind. Carry this desire to Me, Father God. I pray that My soul becomes so pure that its brilliance shall blind those of evil and grace those of similar hearts. Open My heart, Dear Mother, farther every day. Allow it to close never ­ even for one moment. Unfold its depths and expose all its hidden corners that no imperfection may be permitted to remain. I pray for the victory of this mission on Earth within My own heart first; and then, may I carry this grace to others in the world. Strengthen Me in this hour.” Amen


My Child, you have much to accomplish this month ­ the month of February. It’s a short month, but I have faith in you and I know you will work to complete it. I am proud of you, Child. I am proud of you. Thank you, Mother, for choosing her. You have My blessing, Child. You have My many graces. I have faith in you ­ like you have faith in us ­ My Mother ­ Father God ­ the Trinity. Complete this mission and I promise you will be rewarded ­ like My Mother was rewarded.

OUR LADY SPOKE: I will see you are rewarded. Pray to Lord Jesus.


OUR LADY SPOKE: I love you, Child!


I love you. I love you too, Lord Jesus! You know how much I love you ­ you know everything. You know me better than I know myself. You know my imperfections, all my faults.


And yet We chose you, Child ­ because We love you. We love you, Child! Tell My people, “I LOVE THEM”. COME HOME! COME HOME! COME HOME!

SALLY SPOKE: Today is Wednesday!



See how she weeps? See how she weeps? Wednesdays and Fridays – more are destroyed on those two days. Don’t weep, Blessed Mother! We promise you, we’re going to do as we are told and never stop until we turn those little bleeding hearts to gold and there will be a place for the mothers to come. There will be a holding pen for the babies to stay. I dedicate my life to this ­ to you, my Lord ­ to this mission. I’ll step on kings if I have to – to complete your plan to save some of your little lambs. I’ll step on kings. Stop crying, Blessed Mother! You know I can’t stand to see you cry! Please! When you cry, I hear the Angels sigh and when you smile ­ I hear the Angels sing! They sing the sweetest songs I ever heard. Smile, Blessed Mother! It so becomes you. Smile, Blessed Mother, please! Did I offend you?


She cries ­ she weeps ­ because you see my Child, she brings her little souls back to Me. Their little bodies are broken and maimed and destroyed. She brings their little souls to Me. She carries them to Me and she weeps. They cry in vengeance for what you have done to them. You destroyed their bodies, but not their soul. Their souls cry in vengeance. You destroyed the plans I had for them. Their plans will never be realized – EVER.

You can save them! You can save them on Earth! Give them the gift of birth! You can save them in Heaven and let them fly as they may ­ free in Heaven! Turn their little hearts to gold. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for the end of abortion. The end of slaughtering My lambs. I am the Lamb of God. There is NO NEED to sacrifice lambs. I’ve done away with that! I am the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Go forth with the plans to save some of My lambs! I promise a reward. Someday, My Child, before me there will be a full blown rose to stand before Father God ­ fully open. The naked eye has never seen the petals of a rose open. Like her plan ­ it opens slowly. Sometimes you think it’s not even happening. But like the petals of a rose, it opens slowly. Someday you will stand before Father God ­ a full blown rose!


I don’t think this should be on the tape. Can I erase it? Why do you want it on the tape?


Because I SPEAK the TRUTH, Child. I SPEAK the TRUTH! I AM the TRUTH! What I say IS the TRUTH! You must NOT erase it.


From the lips of my Son ­ the TRUTH! Go, My Child. Go about your errands! Go and work for my Son. You are in the labor force for my Son and He pays well His wages.


Stop fretting! Bless you, Child. Bless all your works! Bless you, Child! Bless you!


You are so good to me. How can I thank you? Sally prayed and sang in Latin to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady.