Our Lady spoke to Sally Steadman and advised her that today would be a little bit different then other Apparition Days. Our Blessed Mother has asked us to please God the Father and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Our Lady appeared today at the Left Hand side of the Shrine as Our Lady of Fatima – dressed in White and Gold. She was accompanied by the Angel Gabriel.


My Children,

I gather you here like a mother gathers her children. I’ve asked you to come to the Garden to bring Unity with My children. I do worry about you, My children. I’ve brought you here to bring a HEAVENLY UNITY like a mother with her child. And like the darkest of night comes before the Dawn, you will see My Light. The Signs from the Sky, like the Rays before the Sun shines – you will see the streaks of Light. My Light will shine from the East to the West. A New Dawning – and even the ploys of the evil WILL NOT darken My Light.

I ask you to consecrate your hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I AM the Immaculate Conception. Consecrate your hearts and I will present them – I promise you – to My Son.

My Children, I LOVE ALL OF YOU and I come to bestow many “Graces and Blessings” upon ALL of you. I call you here because I LOVE YOU. My Children, you are pleasing to My Son. Our two Hearts now beat as One – Mother and Son. Two Hearts of Gold. But look, My Child, I’m holding the bleeding heart of Our Little One.

I ask you to UNITE GLOBALLY. I am with you, My Children. I am with you like I am with the Suffering, like I am with the Persecuted, like I am with My Little Ones who are robbed of the warmth of the womb. UNITE IN PRAYER. Consecrate to My Immaculate Heart and you will please Father God.

I am asking you, My Child, to tell My Children that I will NOT be coming on the 30th of March. I prefer that you come and gather here on the 25th, My Feast Day – The Feast of The Annunciation. Tell My Children on the 27th of February, that it is the Feast of Saint Gabriel.

This GIFT that I bring to you is from God the Father – My appearances here. THIS IS MY PLACE. THIS IS WERE I WANT TO BE – to attend to My Little Ones and to the Sinners, and to the large family of My Son. THIS IS A GIFT, My Child – THIS IS A GIFT.

Thank you for coming My Children. Thank you, thank you.


The Angel Gabriel looked at Our Lady with Love and said, “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary) like he was honoring Her. They both listened to the songs sung to Our Lady. The “Ave Maria” and “Mary Did You Know”. Our Lady left slowly and Her Heart was the last to leave. Then, the Angel Gabriel departed.