The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady appeared during the 5th decade of the Glorious Mysteries.


She’s standing by the Pieta, but she’s coming. She’s walking. The Sacred Heart is holding her hand. She walks so light – like she bounces on a feather. She’s not walking on the ground. She’s about 3 or 4 feet above the ground. She’s in white and blue with a crown upon her head. Oh Blessed Mother, how we love you. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, isn’t she beautiful?


She’s beautiful, child. Just like a bride waiting for a bridegroom.

SALLY SPOKE: I forget to kneel, I am so excited. I forget to kneel, Blessed Mother! Welcome! Be still heart! Be still! They’re talking.


My child, I’ve given you so many ways in the world to spread the Consecration. The Consecration is your way back to holiness, child – tell My people that My Triumph will be felt internally and externally in the Church. This is a war, My people. It is a war that is waged against My Little Ones. What Satan has lost by pride, My mother has gained by humility. The Garden of Paradise was destroyed by disobedience. My mother, the good and faithful servant that she is, has come to save her children. This battle will be fought by the people of light – between the people of light and the evil darkness and this persecution is what you will feel most in these days. But remember, the spirit of humility will conquer over the proud. You, her children, will come to know her – her goodness of her maternal embrace. From this day forward, all generations will call her blessed. For I, the Almighty One, will do great things with her. She is my faithful servant and the Little Ones she saves also become My servants and they with My mother bring many souls to Me. Oh yes, she is beautiful! Beautiful as a bride waiting for her husband. Do as she says, My child! As My father set Me, I now send My mother. Do as she says!

OUR LADY SPOKE: Thank you, Son. Thank you.

SALLY SPOKE: My Lord and my God. Wash away all my sins and the sins of the whole world with your most precious blood.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Arise, My people, and We will give you Our blessing. I bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Bless you! Go in peace! Bless you, children. Bless all of you. Pray the Rosary, wear the brown scapular, pray the Consecration. The Consecration is your way back to holiness. Pray the Holy Queen!

(The people prayed Hail Holy Queen to Our Lady and Sacred Heart of Jesus.)

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Rest in the arms of My mother.

SALLY SPOKE: They are walking back towards the Pieta. They are walking backward – not forward. They’re turned around. They’re beautiful. She gets more beautiful every day. Every time I see her she gets more beautiful. They are holding their hands as they rise. They’re going home – imagine the legions of angels waiting to welcome them. Like we welcome them here, they are welcomed back home. I wonder if they ask questions about us? Our loved ones? There are so many things I don’t understand. They are gone behind that big white cloud. I don’t see them anymore. But where they stood, I still see the outline of the shape of their bodies. Until that disappears, I won’t leave.

(When the outline disappeared, the Rosary was completed.)