SALLY: She’s here! Blessed Mother, you look so relaxed. I wish I could say I was relaxed. If I could do what I want to do, I would just run up there and try to climb to you.

OUR LADY: I am the Mother of Consolation. I am your mother. Tell my children how proud I am and how happy they make me by coming together in prayer here. Many of you have come from a distance to pay me homage. I heard some of you talking today. I heard you say, Why don’t they carry her in procession? My little children, I am here. I am right before you. I want to thank Father Pat for rushing here to pay me homage and this is his penance.

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you!

OUR LADY: I have come with a special message today my little children. It is a message and a warning. Oh humanity, come back to the God of Salvation, my Son. Come back! You are being deprived of so much and I want each one of you my children to be my apostle and to spread this message. Come back if you want to be saved! You must come back to my Son. Yes, the Cup of Justice is full. It’s more than full, it’s flowing over! It is time for my Son to come with His mercy and to cleanse the world. Even my Church is darkened by apostasy in sin. My little children, I know you ask why I bring you here every month. I bring you here to teach you because I want to save others through you. I need a voice, I need hands, I need feet that will travel the road of the world. I need messengers and I will do this through each one of you! You must take them by the hand my little ones, the poor, the persecuted, the drug addicts, those who are involved in the sins of Satan. I’m depending on you to protect them in this time of the chastisement. Yes, my children, the hour is nearer then you think. It’s at your door! The time of chastisement and the bloody hour is closer than you think. It is being prepared for you! But remember, I am your mother. I am the Mother of Consolation and I will be there for you; and then after the time of suffering, there will be a new rebirth and my Son himself will come upon the earth and take over His reign again. My Son with His own hands will form a new creation. There will be a new rebirth and all humanity will recognize him and will pay him homage. This will happen and even the things that I had predicted at Fatima will come about. The things that I am telling my children in Medjugorje, I have told them in secrecy will start happening before this year is over. This is my time. This will be the time of my Triumph of my Immaculate Heart. This will all come about through the Holy Spirit. He will be given to you by the Father and the Son. He will come as fire, but in a manner different than His first coming. He will come as fire and will purify the earth and like a farmer burns his field to get rid of the weeds and in the Spring lush green comes up. This will be a new earth and a new heaven. But you have nothing to fear, my little children! Don’t be frightened! I will protect you. You are mine and like a mother hen keeps her chicks under her wings, this is what I’m doing here to you my little children. I am here to tell you and to explain what you are going to face. This is the time of justice. My Son will show His justice and with His own hands he will create a new creation. A creation of people that will know Him and give Him homage and love. You will know love like you’ve never known before. My Son! My Son! Salvation! I want to bless you! I want to bless all those who are under your protection-your loved ones. Most of all, I want you to spread this message. Of all the messages I have given you, this is one of the most important. Without my Son there is no salvation! I bless you! I have one more thing that I must ask you! If you would mind on the Feast of my Assumption if I would come to you at midnight. That is when the highest honors are paid to me on my feast day -at midnight-on August the 15th. I will come when the stars are the brightest.

SALLY: It’s fine with me, Blessed Mother! I have some people I would like you to bless if you would. First of all I want you to bless the Arch Bishop. I want you to have his surgery be successful and I thank you Little Rose. I know you led me to him and I know you led me to this way of the Virgin Mother, because without Little Rose we would never know the rest of them. We would never know the Arch Bishop or Sister. It was through Little Rose that led us there. Blessed Mother, I didn’t even know her! I had a scapular of hers. My daughter said, Who is this woman? Get rid of all this junk. I said, Well, it doesn’t hurt anything! Leave it there! After she left, I read the back of the scapular. I said, well that’s not very far. Maybe we could go and we went; but I know it was you behind it all, Blessed Mother. You were leading us there for a reason. You said, stop fretting! Haven’t I taken care of all of your needs? What makes you think I won’t take care of this? I couldn’t understand because no one was helping us. I could just see us sitting dormant. Nothing happening-and you were telling me to go forward with the plans of our Order-our Order of Sisters. I didn’t know which way to turn. But you showed me the way and now I’m asking you to bless this good man and bring him back to good health. I have others here that I would ask you if you could just intercede to your Son. Mary Ann, Mary Ann, who has been with us since the beginning of this Shrine. We can’t get along without her and she’s in trouble. She’s in real trouble. Your Son, my Savior, can do anything. Nothing is impossible with Him. I come to you as a little child in prayer, Blessed Mother. I’m asking! I’m begging! Michelle, Michelle, so she has a safe delivery of her baby. A quick one and a safe delivery. For Prudy-her birthday is today! She needs your prayers too. Of course you know I always have our special people that come here. I pray for them every day and you know this guy sitting by me here. You know he’s a pretty good Priest. He’s one of the good ones and I want you to keep him that way. I also have a crucifix here that came from Jerusalem made of olive wood. Remember how the Lord went into agony amongst the olive trees. I ask you to bless this crucifix and I also ask you to bless the one who gave it to me to be blessed by you. Put a special blessing on it and to all those that it belongs to and whoever will use and whoever will look upon it and see the suffering Son of yours. Take care of us, Blessed Mother! We would not be here if it wasn’t for you! You have to remember what you said! I want to remind you! You said, this place is yours and you would take care of all the needs. Not the needs we think we need, but the necessary needs to survive and to keep this place going. I ask this in the name of your Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen
We’ll see you at midnight on the 15th of August. I’m available any time. Any time you want to come to me, I’m available, Blessed Mother. You know, a child needs a mother and I’m a weak, simple child and I need you. I need your guidance. Teach me, Blessed Mother, the things that I must know.

SACRED HEART: The Ave Maria for you, mother! Thank you! Thank you, mother! Thank you! (The Ave Maria was sung as requested.)

SALLY: I wish you could see what I see. Some day you will. I hope for each one of you that when you leave this world you will see what I see today. The first thing you see-the Mother of God with her Son. But don’t feel bad. We’re going to receive Him. The same Jesus as I’m looking at right now is going to be the Jesus we’re going to receive in Holy Communion. Don’t be disappointed because when you receive Him in Holy Communion, you’re closer to Him than I am right now. You’re closer to Him than I am because you have Him in your heart. You’ll have Him in your body. You’ll be closer to Him than when you’ll be in Heaven, because in Heaven you see Him as He is; but during this Mass, you’ll have him in your body and that’s as close as you can be to anybody. You’ll have him at your heart and when you swallow Him, He goes to your heart first and then into your body to your stomach. But first, He goes to your heart like He went to Mary’s heart first when she was conceived. He first went to her heart and then to her womb. So remember that always. Don’t be disappointed and don’t be jealous because you have Him just as real ­ body and blood, soul and divinity as I see Him. He is in red velvet with gold trim and He has a white cord around His waist that reaches to His toes. I can see His toes, but He has sandals on. The Blessed Mother is bare foot and she has nothing on her feet. She is in white and blue with a white veil and she has a mantle around her shoulders. It’s a beauty like you have never seen. He’s looking at her ­ not at me! He’s looking at her! It’s a look that I cannot explain. It’s a look of love. It’s a look of devotion. It’s a look of thanks. Thank you, mother, he says. Thank you. Oh, He’s thanking her! He’s thanking her from the very beginning because she said “yes” to the Holy Spirit and now He’s thanking her because she is taking care of her children here. You and I are her children. Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you, Jesus, for letting her come! Heavenly Father, we worship You, we praise You, we thank You, we bless You, we adore You, my Lord and my God. Wash away all our sins with Your most precious blood. They’re staying a little longer than usual. She enjoys it! You can see it. She enjoys the praise that we are giving her. She’s all woman. You know how women like praise from their husbands. Well, she likes praise from her Son and from her children. She’s enjoying it. She’s smiling! She said, I have smiled on each one of you today!

OUR LADY: Don’t forget midnight!

SALLY: She’ll be here next month on her Feast Day. She’s not coming on the first Saturday. It will be at midnight on the 15th of August.

OUR LADY: It may be a penance!

SALLY: I know! They’re going higher, higher, higher. Right where that circle is in the trees. They’re pretty high above that now. They are almost to the roof of our building. Their heads are gone now. I can’t see their heads. They’re still going up. Sometimes I kind of liked it when we were outside. I miss that. I miss seeing them go so far that I couldn’t see them, but this is good. This is convenient, but I miss that outside. They’re gone.