I have invited you here today My children. I have invited you to unite in prayer. I’ve asked you to come to be reacquainted through the Rosary with My Son.

I am asking you to enjoy this Gift that My Son has given you. It is a sanctuary and the birds – even the birds of the air, find peace and rest here in the Garden. This is the place to come. It is a place of Reconciliation to find peace with your God. It is like an Oasis ­- a place to stop on your journey home back to My Son. To be refreshed, many will make this journey. Many have come on their journey home. It is a stop along the road. A place to be refreshed. You must not let this place take the place of your Parish Church.

This is a preparation ­- a place to find rest and peace and in your darkest day you will find rest. I’ve come my Child to ask you ­- MY PEOPLE ­- to pray united here with My Son.

For those who do not see Me ­- who do not see My Son ­- you must not be disappointed, but this is not meant for everyone. In the Eucharist, you will be closer to Him than if you saw Me right now and you saw My Son.

I’ve come to ask you to protect this “LITTLE CITY OF GOD.” I have made your city a “HOLY CITY.” I chose you. I have chosen this DIOCESE OF TOLEDO to become the “HOLY CITY!” PROTECT this Gift!

Come you ­- come all of you who labor. You will find peace and rest here. A place of preparation -­ a place of serenity, tranquility and peace. Many will come here on their last journey back to My Son. Above all, I ask you to keep this City Holy. It is the “CITY OF GOD” that I have chosen.

PROTECT the name of My Son. I love ALL of you -­ I LOVE YOU.


Do as She says my Child ­- do as She says. Like My Father sent Me, I now send My Mother. Let Her take your hand -­ let Her take your hand, Child. Now give Me your other hand. See how She points the way back to Me.

I LOVE YOU -­ I LOVE YOU MY PEOPLE! I LOVE YOU MY CHILDREN! You are such babies. You are just children. MY BLESSING. Ask MY people to stand for the BLESSING. I will bless each one. BLESS YOU ALL. MY PEACE I GIVE YOU. REST IN THE ARMS OF MY MOTHER.

I open My Heart. I have My Heart reserved, My People, for My sinners. I leave Heaven to come down here to you. My Heart is reserved for the sinners first. BLESS ALL OF YOU!


They are leaving. I still see their Two Hearts. Their faces are gone, but I see the Two Hearts ­- Two Hearts that beat as One ­- Mother and Son. And I see the little bleeding heart of a Little One. Two Hearts of Gold -­ NOT blood ­- but the bleeding Heart of a Little One.

He was in all White today. She was in White and Blue ­- a Crown upon Her head.