Our Lady of Toledo and the Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared to Sally during the 5th decade of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.


She’s here. Thank you for coming, Blessed Mother. Thank you, Sacred Heart. Thank you for bringing Her. Thank you for letting Her come. She’s beautiful. She’s adorned in beauty. She’s all woman ­ She’s all Mother! She’s beautiful!

PEOPLE: (Hail, Holy Queen was prayed to Our Lady and Sacred Heart)

SALLY SPOKE: I will. She’s asking me to repeat everything that She says. I will, Blessed Mother, with the help of you, Holy Spirit.


My Children, I gather you here in this Sanctuary to bring you tidings of Joy. I call you here ­ THE CALL OF THE AGES. I wish that you would promote more devotion to MY IMMACULATE HEART. By doing this, you please Father God. By the means of the Consecration, spread MY TRIUMPH. I ask you to come here to unite Universally, Ecumenically and globally. THIS IS MY HAVEN ­ THIS IS MY SANCTUARY.

SALLY SPOKE: Mary, Queen of Angels, we bring our hearts to you.


For all of you who come here in Faith and stand before Me, I bring all for your asking if it is in accordance with the Will of Father God and the good of MY TRIUMPH. My dear Children, I bring you here because I love you and because I want to bestow upon each one of you My Grace and Blessings! Grace and Blessings that will last an Eternity! And you will be given these Blessings like marvels from Heaven. I am with you. I will come to receive you into MY IMMACULATE HEART. I ask you, My Children, to grant MY ARDENT WISH ­ BRING YOUR HEARTS TO ME! Once again Child, I’m asking you to tell My Children to all stand and now to profess before My Son, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, once more the profession of your Faith.

PEOPLE: (The Apostles Creed was prayed as requested by Our Lady)

SALLY SPOKE: What can we do Blessed Mother to make you more happy? What can we do?


Pray My Child ­ pray, pray My name! The name that was given by Father God. Pray My name ­ “The Hail Mary!”

PEOPLE: (The Hail Mary was prayed to Our Lady and Sacred Heart)


I know you are uncomfortable, Children! I see you ­ I watch you! I know what you are doing. I know how you feel. Remember the marvels from Heaven through the grace that My Son bestows upon you here and I ask you solemnly to share with others what you behold here in this Sanctuary.


Sing a song of praise to Jesus and Mary. The IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY and the SACRED HEART OF JESUS. All praise and honor be to you, my Lord. We love you, we worship you, we praise you, we thank you, and most of all we fall on our knees and adore you. My Lord and my God. Wash away all our sins with your most precious blood on this Friday, the anniversary of your death.

PEOPLE: (Immaculate Mary was sung to Our Lady and Sacred Heart)

SALLY SPOKE: She’s smiling! Good Blessed Mother. That’s what we want. Ok! You want some more? Yes, She does. Ok! She wants some more. Sing another stanza. I have a song and I’m not a very good singer, but I think I would like you to hear the words to Blessed Mother special. She came to rescue us like She said. I’d like to have you hear the rest that She told me. So lets kind of memorize this and we’ll pray and sing it the next time because music and singing is a form of Prayer.

(Sally sang a song from her heart to Blessed Mother.) “Immaculate Mary, Mother of God, blessed are we who call You Blessed and know we will be blest. Immaculate Mary, Mother of God, Blessed are you to show us the way. Mary, our Mother, teach us your Son’s way. Mary, Mother of God, blessed are they who call you Blessed for I know they will be Blest. Immaculate Mary, Mother of God, blessed are you to come and show us the way. Mary, our Mother, teach us to pray.”

We have a little girl here we need to pray for today. She had surgery on both legs and we’re asking and praying for a cure. She brought some roses for the Blessed Mother. Her mother wants to go up with her, which is fine. (Sally told them where Our Lady was. The little girl presented Our Lady with Roses and kneeled on the ground with her mother and Little Cousin.) Oh, She’s coming forward. She’s going to pick them up. They are for you, Blessed Mother. They are from Little Bianca. We ask you Blessed Mother to intercede to Your Son to all those who need prayers and help. We ask You to give her complete healing. Take this to Your Son and when He sees who brought it, He won’t refuse you nothing, Blessed Mother. Remember, Lord Jesus? Remember Cana? The very first miracle because She asked. She’s asking and we’re right beside Her and we’re asking too. We pray for Kathryn, we pray for Marion Chio. She’s been in the hospital over two months ­ she’s critical. But You, You, Sacred Heart, You’re the Great Physician! You’re the Great Healer. Nothing is impossible with you. If it be Your Will ­ we ask for a healing. Pray for Mary Felder. We come to you like Little Children in prayer. Like Little Children we sometimes forget to say, “Thank You.” Thank you, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus for the many things and the gifts that She intercedes for. Thank you for Magnificat, Magnificat. Praise God, praise God for Magnificat ­ a Mother who cares. Who cares enough to come amidst all this confusion and doubt and separation. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You for Magnificat. The Battle Hymn of the Republic!

PEOPLE: (The Battle Hymn of the Republic was sung to Our Lady and Sacred Heart.)


As he died to make us Holy ­ let us live to set the babies free. THE GIFT OF BIRTH. We promise you, Blessed Mother that we will never stop trying to set those Little Ones free. THE GIFT OF BIRTH that each one of us takes for granted. Put an end to slaughtering His Lambs. This is our real purpose here. It’s not to come here ­ celebrate ­ have a gathering. We’re here to pray to set the Little Ones free.

SALLY SPOKE: (Salve Regina was sung to Our Lady and Sacred Heart) They are gone. (The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was completed by the people.)