SALLY: She’s here! Welcome Blessed Mother!

OUR LADY: My children, there are many here today who have difficulties. There are many here today who are asking me. I will tell you the reason that Father God sends you these things. I will try to explain to you, my child, the reason. As I look at each one of you today ­ look at yourselves my people ­ the more uglier that you seem to yourself the more beautiful you are to my Son and me. Look at yourselves, my children. Since you have been coming here, how your lives have changed. Yes, you had difficulties and even I send you difficulties. Yes, I send you difficulties because I can see each one of you and how your lives have changed. I can see each one of you – how you have come closer to my Son and to me through difficulties ­ through prayer here in this Garden. I see how your lives have changed; and we will continue to send you difficulties because we want you closer and closer. But my little children, during your difficulties and when you come closer to us you become my light and when the storm is rough that is when you are the closest to me. This is where I see you thinking out for others – how I see you give the sign that I give you to prove my presence. I see how you spread the messages. Yes, my little children, you will have difficulties and even I will give you difficulties; but the difficulties that you receive from your soul will be the ones that will cause the most pain. Difficulties like disagreements, scorn, hate. These are the times when my adversary tries to strike you when you are the weakest. But my children, I have also seen that when you were created, I helped form you to prepare you for these times that you are living in. Oh, people born one hundred years ago could never have survived like you that I helped form for these special times that you are going through. Remember child, I told you that you would know me by my signs. I don’t always appear to you and I don’t appear to each one of you, but you will know me by my signs. And I approve fully of this building that you are putting up for my lambs and my sheep to be out of the cold and out of the sun. Yes, my children, I brought you a sign on a bright sunny day like today. I brought a round circular rainbow – vivid colors – but only a few saw it; but those who saw it recognized my sign that I told you and that you would know me by my signs.

My children, I have to remind you of what I gave you two years ago. Two years ago I gave you a gift that was never given to anyone on this earth. It was given to me by my Father God and I passed it on to each one of you and I told you it was a gift and to be valuable it had to be used. You must pass it on to others or it will be like sterling silver placed in a drawer. It will be tarnished. It will be dull. But true sterling ­ the more you use it, the brighter it gets. Oh, it will have a few marks on it, but that will not take away from the beauty. It will be brighter then ever. Don’t place this gift in a drawer! Don’t place it deep in your mind where you don’t use it! I want you to use this gift like I use it. Pass it on to others, child. I told you, you do not need to be present. You do not need to make it audible. You can silently pass it on in a supermarket – in a mall. But if you do speak the words, be sure to tell them it is from your Heavenly Mother ­ a gift that her Father gave to her and she passed down to us to give others. Now, I would like all those to stand who were not here two years ago when I gave this gift out. I ask you to stand, my little children, and to hold your hand out so that you will get the same gift that I received from my Father. (People stood up to receive the gift from Our Lady.) My dearest little children, there will come a time when you are going to need this gift and this gift will be one of the only things you can take with you when you leave this earth. You can take this gift into eternity and you can drop it on others here on earth. Use this gift! It’s no good to you and it’s no good to anyone unless you use it. Use it everyday! Use it often! I give you the gift that my Father gave me and I have given to no one else except my apostles here at Our Lady of Toledo Shrine. This is a special gift for you, my people. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

This place is special. This is mine! This is mine! It was given to me by my Father. It’s mine and I lend this gift to you. I let you use it to complete my mission! To be my apostles of these later days, I let you use my Garden. It’s mine! It’s wrapped in my mantel! It is protected from all danger! But use it well. Use it well, my children, because this belongs to me ­ a place that I stopped to attend to my Little Ones and to the great family of my Son, Jesus ­ and at this Well, like the Well of Jacob, there will be many sins made known to my Son. Many sins have been made known to my Son here. Drink the water. It will be refreshing to many. But I ask you my children, can you support your home without money? I’m sorry to say, my child, that money becomes a God. But that is the way Earth is operating and if you do not follow the laws, you won’t be operating. I ask you to tell my children. Do you want this place? Are you all for Mary? Or are you against Mary because today I announce publicly that I declare war on this day. I declare war on this 5th day of July and I’m asking each one of you to be a soldier in this war and I invite Heaven and Earth to join in this battle against my Little Ones. Think about it! Do you want to be a soldier? Were you confirmed by the Holy Spirit? Did you take a promise that you would be a soldier of Jesus Christ at your Confirmation? Think about it, my people. You did not know there would be a day when you would have to say “yes” to Father God to fight in this battle, but the time has come to defend my Little Ones. As of today, I declare war ­ don’t worry about the equipment ­ don’t worry about your needs for war. I will supply it all. You have my Rosary! You have my Scapular! Yes, you have all the needs that you want to fight in this battle, but you have to use them. If I give you the equipment to fight in a war and you don’t use them, you’re not going to win. They are going to overcome you like the devil is overcoming on this earth right now because we are not using the equipment that we have. I want a Rosary said every Tuesday night at 7:00 o’clock in this battle. This will be the battle that we’re going to fight at 7:00 o’clock. War has been declared. Now we have to act ­ the Rosary at 7:00 o’clock on every Tuesday night! Am I asking too much? Am I asking too much, child? I’m not asking you to go on the battlefield and to kill people or you get killed. I’m asking you to pray in the Chapel ­ a Rosary – and if it gets too full you’ve got room now. Bring them out! Bring them out into the building. As of today, the 5th day of July, I declare war against abortion. Go forward with the Rosary, child.

SALLY: Oh Blessed Mother, I have some people that I need to pray for before you go. These are the people that really need your help and I hope now that the people that gave me these names will use their own power. I have no power. I’m not a healer. God endowed me with a lot of things, but He never gave me power to heal. I can pray, but I can’t heal, so I ask these people who gave me these petitions if they would use the power that the Blessed Mother gave them and bless these people and pray for them – pray over them. (Petitions were presented to Blessed Mother.) Blessed Mother, I have a little something here. You know you always talk about your sacramentals and how beautiful they are and how the Church approves of all this. There is a woman here to ask you, Blessed Mother, to bless this medal and this chain. I haven’t looked at it and I don’t know what the medal is all about. But I will open it and let you know what the medal is and who it is for. (Sally opened the envelope and removed the medal and chain.) Oh, it’s our medal! The medal you asked us to strike. Remember Blessed Mother when you said you must strike a medal with two hearts ­ the heart of Jesus and Mary and the little baby heart dripping with blood ­ the little heart of an aborted baby? So I ask you to place your blessing on this medal. It’s beautiful and on the back it says, Let’s give the lambs a chance. Let’s give them choice. You know we always give the mother choice. Oh, we have to give the mother choice. Oh, that’s freedom – United States. Well, what about that tiny baby? That’s a human being. That baby can’t stand up for itself. That baby can’t say, I want to live! I want to get married! I want to have children! That child cannot protect itself. This is the one you told us to strike a medal for. For the unborn ­ the innocent ­ the most purest of all life is an unborn baby. Let’s give the lambs a chance. Let’s give the lambs choice like we give the mother ­ a choice to be born. Bless this, Blessed Mother. Please bless this! You can bless it twice if you want to. You too, Sacred Heart. You can bless it. I know! If I told them, they would say it’s from the sun. (The medal and chain were warm to the touch when Our Lady blessed them.) You know I get to the point, I don’t explain any more. Beautiful! Thank you, Blessed Mother. Thank you!

Our Lady is standing on the brick patio where you come up on the ramp. That is where she walked up. She walked right up the ramp. Beautiful! She is in white and blue. She has a white veil and a blue mantel and it’s blowing in the wind. It has like a butterfly in at the front of the throat to close it. It has two wings and its closing her mantel. She has an off white dress. I can’t see her feet. Oh, she held them up. She has bare feet ­ nothing on her feet. Oh, my gosh, she held her foot up. Sacred Heart is in all off white with an off white and gold tassel. The tassel goes as far down as I can see. They both have their hearts exposed. Oh, it’s so beautiful! But their hearts are not blood ­ their hearts are gold. Their two hearts now beat as one ­ two hearts ­ Mother and Son, but they are holding a little bleeding heart of a Little One. The ones we are supposed to save. We will, Blessed Mother, we will!

OUR LADY: But I will be very disappointed child on Tuesday night if I only see a handful here. I will be sad because in a war you don’t wait to be drafted, you volunteer to come and this is what I am expecting from my people. That they will join this army ­ they will join and fight with me in this war. I will lead you! I will lead you down the path and the Angels and Saints will be joining us in prayer Tuesday night.

SALLY: Remember that people! Are we going to disappoint them? Please don’t! Please don’t disappoint them! Look what she has done here for us. Where else in the world does she come like she comes here? Oh, I’ve been to Medjugorje and I’ve been to other places. I was there when they were having an apparition. They have an apparition one day and you don’t hear for two days. They have to go write it down. Here she gives it to us as I hear it and I give it to each one of you. And each month it is never a repeat. She gives a different message. No other place in the world does she come like she comes here – flesh and blood, body and soul, just like He took her into Heaven, we see her. We see her signs! How many here saw that rainbow? I’d like to know. Did anyone see it? Would you please stand up and witness because she said she came here and brought a sign that she was happy with this building. Come forward and tell us if there is somebody here. What did you see? (People stood up and some came forward to witness what they saw. They saw a rainbow when they were praying by the Pieta. They looked up and saw a gorgeous rainbow and the sun was shining. It was beautiful and it circled the whole Pieta ­ just a round circle ­ a round rainbow.) You know rainbows only appear when the sun shines through the rain. That’s what causes the colors. There was no rain ­ there were no clouds. Blessed Mother said that was her sign that she was pleased. Well, are we still going to say I don’t believe. You might, but I never would. I’d be afraid to say I didn’t believe her. (The people continued the Rosary.)

(Our Lady talked privately to Sally) I will, Blessed Mother, I’ll tell them. I will!
Before we continue with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy she has given me a little bit of a message. She said, child, I know Monday night is your prayer group, but I will be present amongst you and there are times when you may even see me during this time. I will let you know that I am there fighting this battle with you. Continue with your prayers like you did every Monday night. Continue with the same prayers, but be sure and pray the Rosary. This is your weapon that I have given you to fight this war and use it and I ask you once more to invite my children. Please don’t let me down in this war. A president cannot fight a war alone. He needs recruiting ­ he needs soldiers. Come on, we’re going to fight this battle and we’re going to win this battle and I’ll tell you my people, abortion will be like slavery. It’ll be a thing of the past and this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to win this war. United States of America has never lost a war yet and we don’t intend to. We’re mighty! Come on! Let’s recruit everybody. Let’s make it known in newspapers. We’re declaring war against abortion. This is our weapon that will harm no one but the devil. Let’s pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together. Yes, we do need mercy. (The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady.)

If some of you people here do not have a Scapular, please do not leave this Shrine without a Scapular. Remember her promise! It’s so easy. Without mortal sin, if you die, the first Saturday after your death, she personally will take you to her Son. Come on! How much easier can she make it for us. Get those Scapulars out and wear them.

(Our Lady and Sacred Heart stayed for the Rosary, Divine Praises and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.)