(Our Lady and Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared during the 5th decade of Rosary for Life)

SALLY: She’s here. Where are you, Blessed Mother? I hear you, but I don’t see you.
Where are you, Blessed Mother? Speak up! Oh, I didn’t expect you to be over there. She’s right on top of the roof. Oh Blessed Mother, it’s so good to see you. I miss you so.

OUR LADY: My children, I have gathered you here once more in this place that I have blessed – this place that I have given you many graces and blessings.

SALLY: Why are you weeping, Blessed Mother? Why are you crying? Did I do something? What’s wrong?

OUR LADY: Why am I weeping child? I weep because so many are turning from my Son and even my Church has disobeyed – have taught false. I am weeping my child because so many of my children are lost and are going to hell. I weep like a good mother for her children. Even when I predicted at Fatima and I have given here to my daughter is about to be accomplished. My children, I have given you many favors here. I have given you many miraculous signs. Many do not believe! My children, I am weeping! I am weeping for the loss of so many of my little lambs – for the many blasphemies of my Son. His presence in the Holy Eucharist is not even believed by His favorite sons. But here in the Garden, you my people, are my favorites. You have been consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and you have listened to my sorrowful plea for my little lambs. I ask you to receive Christ with all His glory because even though today His presence is here. In this Garden, We walk hand in hand. But so few come – so few hear the invitation. This is my haven. This is my Garden. This was given to me by my Son and I invite you here. Blessed is the moment, blessed is this place that I have chosen to stop here to take care of my little ones and to the large family of my Son.

SACRED HEART: You are right, Mother. This is your place! This place was a gift that you share with others. But remember, My people, I always reserve My heart for the sinners first. This is a place of reconciliation – a place for all to come – all creed and all colors – a gift from Father God – a gift of love. My mother weeps. She weeps out of love for each one of you. She was beneath that Cross. She is beneath and carrying every one of the Crosses that you carry here today, even the heavy Cross of My Church. She weeps! You can stop her weeping through the Consecration that she gave you. I am love and all other gifts that I give to each one of you comes from the one gift of love.

OUR LADY: Bless you, my children. You please me!

SALLY: If we please her, then why is she crying? You know I can’t stand to see her cry. Blessed Mother, what can we do? Tell us.

OUR LADY: Spread the messages, child. Pray the messages like a prayer. Live the messages that I give you. Spread the Consecration. Make it a global prayer. One other favor, child, that you have forgotten.

SALLY: What, Blessed Mother? What did I forget?

OUR LADY: You must get this message that I am going to give you to your Bishop and to the Holy Father. There must be a day set aside like there is a day set aside for the Holy Innocents. There must be a day – the 21st of January for my little martyrs who have given their life. Don’t worry about their baptism, child. Their is a baptism of blood and they have been baptized in the blood of their mother and in their own blood. Get this message – a day – a special day for my little lambs.

SALLY: How do we do that, Blessed Mother? How can we do it? The Bishop doesn’t listen and I can’t even get any Priests to come. How are we going to do this?

OUR LADY: Let me, child. I’ll take care of the Bishop and I’ll take care of the Priests. But you must spread the message that I am giving you. You must take this message and give it to the hierarchy.

SACRED HEART: Remember, I did not send her as proof to the hierarchy, I send her to deliver My little lambs from the Red Dragon – Abortion.

OUR LADY: This is why I came, child. This is my mission, but I need you my children. I need each one of you to help me. I’m crying out from heaven for each one you for response to my call. It will happen, child! Have faith in what We say. It will happen!

SACRED HEART: Take her hand! Walk with her! Fly with her and only when you feel no earth under your feet will you know you are in flight with her, My Mother.

OUR LADY: A prayer to please Father God – “The Apostles Creed” – a profession of your faith.

SALLY: Yes, Blessed Mother. Let us stand and say the Apostles Creed – the profession of our faith. (The people stood and prayed as requested by Our Lady.)

SACRED HEART: A prayer – a song. When you sing, My child, it is a form of prayer. I do not hear the music. I hear the words. A song in honor of My Mother.

SALLY: She’s not crying any more. She’s smiling. Smile, Blessed Mother, it so becomes you. Smile, Blessed Mother. When you smile, I can hear the Angels sing and when you weep and you cry I know why. I know why you cry – for us – your children.

(The people sang the Ave Maria together in honor of Our Lady.)

Don’t leave, Blessed Mother. I have some people I have petitions for. Just wait a little bit. Blessed Mother I have some people that really need your prayers. They are really in need, Blessed Mother. I beg you, I ask you to intercede to your Son for them. Please Blessed Mother – for little Chase; for Diane with pancreatic cancer; for Earl who had a pacemaker put in and he is quite concerned – please let it operate. I also have a Notre Dame nun -you know how close these nuns are to me. They truly are my sisters and I love each one of them. Sister Lavone – cancer – surgery this week; for Jane Lamar – for Jack – cancer; for Mike – he is in the last stages of muscular dystrophy; and I ask you Blessed Mother to hear the plea and the prayers of each one present here today. Hear their prayers. And us, we’re like little children. We keep saying give me – give me. We keep asking, but like little children we forget to say thank you. Today, we’re going to scream out a big “thank you” for all the times that you went to your Son – the Great Physician – to heal. Oh, Blessed Mother. Oh, Blessed Mother, you are so beautiful in white and blue the stars above your head and beneath your foot the serpent – the Red Dragon – Abortion will lay dead. Beneath your heel, you will crush his head. United together people, let’s say “Thank You” (the people thanked Blessed Mother). Thank you for interceding to your Son and thank you, Lord Jesus, for hearing her ask.

Blessed Mother, I have another favor and I know it’s a no no on Apparition Day, but please just this once will you do me a favor? I have some Scapulars here to be blessed. These people have been enrolled in the Scapular, but they have neglected to wear a Scapular and today I have some Scapulars for them. This young man is going to take them to Texas to his family who have fallen away from the Church. Remember, what you promised. All those who wear this Scapular – all those who wear a Carmel Scapular will never die in mortal sin and on the first Saturday after their death you promised this Blessed Mother, that you would take them to heaven on the first Saturday after their death. Now I’m holding you to that. I’m holding you to it, Blessed Mother. You said that. You told me to push the Scapulars. I am and we have Scapulars here people. Don’t’ leave – I beg of you. Do not leave without a Scapular. The first Saturday after your death, she herself will take you to her Son. It’s worth wearing. Thank you, Blessed Mother. Thank you for granting my request. I love you, I adore your Son.

SALLY: She’s not in a hurry to leave today. She’s very relaxed. She probably loves the music. We’re trying, Blessed Mother. We try. I guess that’s all you can ask of us – is to try. They are going backward like two bright stars. Like two bright stars, They are going backward. So far – so very far, but yet only a second away if we need Them. (The people sang “Gentle Woman” to Our Lady.)

The Rosary for Life and Chaplet of Divine Mercy were completed by the people.