(Our Lady appeared during the 4th decade of the Rosary holding our 16 month old “Little King” Jesus in her arms.)

SALLY: She’s here. She is above the speaker. Yes, she is in white and blue. Yes, she is holding the child and she is holding the child in her arms. Oh, He is laying His little head in her chest. You came early, Blessed Mother! Were you anxious like I was anxious to see you? Oh, Blessed Mother, thank you!

OUR LADY: So good to see all of you my child ­ to see all of you gathered here like brothers and sisters – loving each other. My dearest children, you will never know how I pour out grace and love upon each one of you here. I let the graces flow from my immaculate heart upon each one of you. This is your hour, my children. This is your hour to show love. Love those who are the farthest from you ­ the needy the poor ­ those who suffer the most ­ love one another. This is your hour of prayer. Your prayer united with mine, my children, can get you anything from my Son. Pray often ­ pray more ­ pray with the Holy Rosary. This is your hour ­ this is your hour, my children to show divine mercy. Like the heart of my son shows his mercy ­ like I show mercy from my immaculate heart, I ask you to show mercy. My children, condemn no one ­ judge no one. Your only duty is saving others. You are about to witness soon the mercy of my son. With this great mercy will be my triumph ­ the triumph of my immaculate heart, which you will see in your time. I love you my children. I love your homeland. It is so dear to me. I love each one of you and from this garden I will let my blessings fall upon you ­ upon your whole land ­ upon your families and upon each one of you. I also come today to ask you and to tell you that I repeat the promise of Fatima. Make the first five (5) Saturdays of each month – the first Saturday of each month. I promise you ­ I renew my promise today to each one of you that you will never die alone. I will be there with you. Start today if possible. Start your first Saturday ­ five consecutive Saturdays and you will receive the promise of Fatima. Wear the Scapular ­ pray the Rosary! I see you my children ­ how great the cross is that you carry. But remember I am your mother and I will always walk beside you. The gentle tender loving mother never neglects her children. I am pleased with you. You please Father God. When you honor me, you please Father God. I thank all of you for coming. Those who have traveled a long distance and are offering up the inconvenience of a long journey, I thank you – and I now ask you to open your hearts because I cannot give you grace without a vessel to place the graces in. I ask you to open your hearts and I will fill them to overflowing with my grace and blessings. I am Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. I am Captain of the Ship – the Star of the Sea ­ and here at the Shrine I shine bright for the Ships who are lost at Sea and I will guide my children and I will bring them home safely.

SALLY: Our Lady of Toledo, thank you. Stella Maris ­ Star of the Sea. He made you Captain of the Ship, but mother of the church bring your little children home safely.

OUR LADY: I come my child to introduce to you the Littlest King, my Son, Jesus, the Trinity.

SALLY: Does He see us? Blessed Mother, does He see us? He’s looking right at us! Can He see us?

OUR LADY: Oh child, He sees everything! He sees into your hearts ­ each one of you. He sees you before Him. Like an open book He reads you. He knows everything about you. He knows you better than you know yourself. He created you. Yes child, many arrows pierced His little heart. What you do to the least of my brothers ­ to the weak ­ to the poor ­ you do to Him. I ask you to save His lambs ­ to feed His sheep.

SALLY: That’s what we are going to do Blessed Mother, but we can’t do it alone. We need the help of your son. We need you. We need a good mother.

OUR LADY: I am with you child! I am with you! Go forth with the plans that I gave you. But remember always that you must crawl before you can walk and you must walk before you can run, child. But I will teach you like I taught my son to walk. I will teach each one of you.

SALLY: Give Him a hug, Blessed Mother! Give Him a hug for us. Hug Him. Tell Him how much we love Him. Coming from you it means so much more than us telling Him. Hug Him, Blessed Mother!

OUR LADY: The “Ave Maria” – the angels sing the sweetest songs I ever heard.

SALLY: The “Ave Maria” for a woman who deserves it.

(The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady)

I have a question, Blessed Mother ­ if you don’t mind? We are having a statue of Gabriel made. It will be a full life size statue of Gabriel. Where would you like to have us put it? Your request is my command. Whatever you ask!

OUR LADY: I would like it child near the Bridge ­ near the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes – by the Bridge.

SALLY: We have two angles there.

OUR LADY: But you don’t have Gabriel, child. He is the protector of the Shrine. He is the warrior of Heaven. He fought in the battle against the fallen Angles. He is the protector of Our Lady of Toledo Shrine.

SALLY: Gabriel – OK! Is that alright with you (asking John)? He says yes. 
I don’t do anything unless I ask first. OK, Blessed Mother. Is everything else alright? Are you happy? Are you pleased with us? Yes, I do. I ask for compliments. I’m human, Blessed Mother. (Blessed Mother spoke to Sally privately for a few minutes) I agree. I like it too. You will have one there. I guarantee – you will have a Gabriel there.
One of these times we will have a Michael and a Gabriel, but right now we are going to have a Gabriel. We’ll have two statues eventually. Do you know the story? I’d hate to have to read the whole book to you. People get bored you know. We’ll discuss it later. Ok, Blessed Mother? I love you too. I love you. I love you so much, Blessed Mother. I have so many things to thank you for. All the things I have asked for that you have granted. I thank you.

(Sally asked Our Lady to hear all the prayers and petitions of the faithful, people with their names on the Bricks, Rosary Beads, and Stations of the Cross.)

Above all, don’t forget your little lambs. You can do anything. Your spouse ­ the Holy Spirit who conceived you and who conceives each one of these babies that are being destroyed. We ask you Holy Spirit ­ I ask you Michael. Michael, you are the leader of the Angels. You are the Warrior of Heaven who fought in that battle against the fallen Angels. We call upon you Michael! (Latin ­ Sonta Montearley gain Angile dafe anda dafe anda, Michael ) Lead us in this battle in this war against the babies ­ against the innocent. Sana Montearly angile dafe ande. Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in this battle against the malice and snares of the Devil. May God restrain him we humbly 
pray and do you oh Prince of the Heavenly Host by the divine power of almighty God cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who roam about this world seeking the ruin of souls. Chain him, Michael! Chain him until she comes and crushes his head with her heel. Our Lady in white and blue, oh how we love you with the crown upon your head and beneath your foot the serpent will lay dead.

OUR LADY: Call me if you need me, children! I’m only a second away.

SALLY: They are gone.

(The people completed the Rosary, sang “Amazing Grace” and prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The prayer service was completed with the song “Holy God We Praise Thy Name”.)