(Our Lady and Sacred Heart appeared during the Rosary for Life.)

SALLY: She’s here! She is straight in front of us. She is in white and blue. She is dressed as Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. Under the title she said she would be known throughout the world. Not because of anything she has ever done, but because she was chosen like each one of us are chosen. Yes, we are chosen. We’re here because we’re chosen. She’s coming forward. She’s coming closer. She’s coming down ­ she’s like she’s floating. Where is the Sacred Heart, Blessed Mother?

OUR LADY: He will be here later, child, because I have a personal message for you, my children. My beloved children, I welcome this Rosary that you are saying together at this Shrine with such love and fervor, but I have come today with a message ­ a personal message. I have come about my book. I call this my book, child, because every word in that book spoken from the lips of my Son and from me. How should you read this book? My dearest children, read this book with simplicity ­ the simplicity of a little child crawled up in her mother’s arms for a goodnight prayer, because the words of my message are prayers and you must pray them and read them often. I have come to pave a road ­ a beautiful road ­ but a difficult road. Oh, so difficult! And each one of you must travel this road to be able to live the Consecration. You must travel this difficult road and even though this book has had many difficulties, I can see how it will be the instrument to spread the messages throughout the world. In the many times in my messages that I have warned you of the difficulty of life you are living and I talk to you of the chastisement, but you say it has not happened. My dearest children, don’t question – fall on your knees ­ thank Almighty God that it did not happen. It can change at any time my children! Through His justice and the prayers ­ the many prayers that you say and through the suffering of many of my children ­ at any time His plan can change. Don’t ask why? Thank God!

SALLY: Oh, Sacred Heart, you came!

SACRED HEART: The words of My mother that she speaks to you through the messages is to be prayed and to be prayed slowly with the simplicity of a child. Read them often! Live the messages! The road that she has paved for you will bring you back to Me ­ will bring you closer! She is your mother. Listen to each word that she speaks to you. Do as she says! My Father sent Me and now I send the most precious gift that I have ­ My Mother. And like a good mother teaches her children and even at times a good mother has to reprimand her children ­ out of love she reprimands ­ but she will shake you and rock you if she has to ­ to keep you on the right track.

SALLY: There has always been a question on my mind, Blessed Mother. Do you mind if I ask you? I have a bad ear and I have to strain to hear people talk. Why when you speak it’s like I have my hearing aid on? I hear every word. (Our Lady and Sally talked privately)

OUR LADY: Pray the rosary ­ pray it often – pray it devoutly. The Rosary is the life of my Son on earth ­ His birth, His life, His death, His resurrection ­ the mysteries of the Rosary. Pray them often! And each bead is a special day in the life of my Son on earth ­ 30 plus years each day. I am pleased with my children! Tell them how pleased I am and how I welcome the Rosaries that they pray here. Come often! Pray united! Receive my Son in Holy Communion and remember this my children, every Mass attended while you are on earth means more than a hundred after you are gone. One Mass while you are living is more than a hundred after you are dead that people will give to you. Wear the Brown Scapular ­ pray the Consecration. If you will stand, We will give you Our blessing (the people stood). Pray the favorite prayer of Father God ­ The Apostles Creed.

SALLY: Blessed Mother before we start our prayer and you give us your blessing, there a little seven year old boy ­ he has leukemia. Will you please talk to your Son about him? We know that we cannot cure. We know your Son is a Great Physician and only He has the power to cure. Please talk to Him about this little boy ­ little Ryan. Thank you Blessed Mother for being so patient and listening to our problems. Each one of us here today is here because we have something that we want to give you or we want to ask of you. So I ask you to hear, please Blessed Mother, hear the prayers and the pleas of the people here gathered together to honor your Son and you.

(The Apostles Creed was prayed as requested by Our Lady)

OUR LADY: We bless each one of you and your families and We thank you for coming to the Shrine. We thank you for the prayers that you pray together here. We bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit.

SACRED HEART: Go My children. Rest in the arms of your mother.

OUR LADY: And if you listen my children, when you read this book of mine, you will hear the voice of your heavenly mother quietly and simply – the simplicity of a child – and in the quiet you will hear my voice like the quiet voice of the turtle. Go my children, enjoy your picnic!

SALLY: We will Blessed Mother, I’m hungry. She’s rising very slowly. The Sacred Heart is in vivid red – the sign of martyrdom. Very slowly ­ He’s holding her hand. There is a small cloud underneath Their feet. Two small clouds underneath Their feet and They are rising slowly. They are going back home. The Ave Maria! They are gone.
(The people sang the Ave Maria in honor of Our Lady and completed the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.)