(The wind was gusting, the rain pouring, and then a crack of thunder could be heard. Our Lady and Sacred Heart appeared at the end of the 5th decade of the Rosary, the rain subsided and the Sun started to shine.)

SALLY SPOKE: She’s here! Blessed Mother, I hope you don’t get wet! 
You see where the sky is starting to turn blue? There she stands with her Son beside her. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you for bringing her. Thank you for letting her come. Rain or shine – she said I’ll be there and she’s here. My Lord and my God, I worship you, I praise you, I thank you, I adore you my Lord and my God. I will Blessed Mother. I will talk loud.

OUR LADY SPOKE: I bring you here again this month my children to spend a little time together. Many of you have come from a long distance and you are offering me the discomfort of this day and of the long journey. Remember, I am always with you, my children. I am with you. Why do I call you here? Because it’s time that I manifest myself through you. I chose the little people – people like you, my children – the poor – the humble – for those who are called to serve my Son. I manifest you – the leader of my cohort. I chose little people because through you I will be able to conquer the greed and the power of the great. Open your lives up to me so that I can reign in you and I will present to you the great reign of my Son. I manifest you as a prophetess of these later times. Show to the world that you are my children because you are the instruments to go out and administer my love. I am known as the Mother of Mercy and Tenderness. My children, be an instrument and be in this army to fight against the enemy of my Son. I call each one of you and this is why I come because I know I am listened to, I
know I am obeyed, I know I am followed. The messages that I bring will tell you all that will await ahead for you. You my dear children and your dear loved ones and all the souls that will be entrusted to you, I now give you my blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Son, do you have a message for them?

SACRED HEART SPOKE: My people, you are mine. I created you. Each one of you are unique, but I command you to do as she says. Like My Father sent Me, I now send My mother. Like I gave all for you – the only thing I have left is My mother and now I give her to you. All I ask of you is to love her, to cherish her, above all to protect her. Stand with her! She’s asking you to be the sweet balm that comes down to soothe the great sufferings of her children. I too give you My love and My blessings. I love all of you. No matter what you do, I love you. Through you she will manifest herself to those who have went astray. To all those who have fallen, she will lift up and for those who have lost faith she will bring it back. Do as she says! The “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother!

SALLY SPOKE: We will, Blessed Mother. We love you. You know how much we love you or we wouldn’t be here. I know! I know! I know! You love us too. Do you see that pretty white cloud? That’s where she is standing – above that. They are looking at each other. He is looking at her. I see a profile of the two of Them. Oh, how beautiful! Oh, how He loves her. That’s His Mama and she’s a good Jewish Mama and she is proud of her Son. Mater dei Jesu Christi.

(The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady as requested by Sacred Heart.)

She’s smiling! She’s beautiful! Don’t leave yet! He is our God and she is His mother. This is like a little corner of Heaven to be able to see the face of my Jesus and His Blessed Mother. It’s worth working for. I tell you people, its worth working for. She’s smiling. Thank you, Blessed Mother. That’s what we want! We want to please Father God. That’s our only desire – to please you Father God! I will! She wants us to pray Father God’s favorite prayer – “The Apostles Creed.”

(The people prayed together as requested by Our Lady.)

They are far away now. They are like two stars going backwards.

OUR LADY SPOKE: I am only a second away, child. If you need me call me, I’m only a second away.

(The people then prayed “The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.”)