The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady appeared to Sally at the beginning of the 4th decade of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

SALLY SPOKE: Welcome, Blessed Mother! Welcome! Welcome, Sacred Heart! Yes, we’re ready!


My children, many times I have asked you to acknowledge the Consecration. I desire to protect all those who pray this prayer and all of you who pray this prayer will have favor – great favor with Father God.


I send you like I send an army and all of you who are called to be in her service will find that Our mother is the one that is leading you. She is leading you down the path that no man could know the pitfalls and the snares that were laid out before you, but she knew and she saw – that’s why she gave you the Consecration as a guarantee to victory in the end.

The Consecration, My children, will be your guarantee to victory. Victory, My child, in this greatest battle that has ever been fought – to save her little ones. This is a great army that she is harvesting. Don’t be afraid. I send you. I send you to spread the message. You are My apostles of these times. You are My disciples. You will be strengthened by the Cross. You will be fortified. You will be strengthened by the weight of the Cross. I want you to spread the message to teach the Gospel – the truth. I do not send her to bring proof to the hierarchy. I send her to save Our little ones. To bring souls back to Me. I too came for this. I came to bear witness to the truth and all of you who are with Me in the truth will listen to My voice. I AM the son of God. I AM Jesus Christ. I AM Mary’s son.

You have your guarantee to victory, but you will find out it was My mother who lead you on this path. It was she who fortified you. She nourished you like a mother nourishes her child. You please us – all of you. Ask My people to stand for Our blessing.

Ask them, My child, to raise their right hand. In order to be in her army you must promise to do all that you can to save her little lambs. She’s chosen you – she’s asking you to fight in this battle – the greatest battle of all times. If you look around you, you can see the battle has already begun. There is evidence. Look how many are standing up for life today. This is a mighty army that she is harvesting and I bless each one of you. I give you My strength – the power of the Holy Spirit will lead you. Bless all of you, My children. Thank you for honoring My mother. Thank you for listening to her call. Bless you – I place My blessing – open your hearts so I can fill the vessel with grace and virtue and blessings. The “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother!

(The “Ave Maria”, “On Holy Ground” and “On This Day Oh Beautiful Mother” was sung to Our Lady and Sacred Heart. They stayed until all the songs were sung.)


They’re smiling, but we’re not professional. They are leaving, but they’re still with us. Don’t forget, people, even if you don’t see them, they are always with us. I wish you could see what I see. Some day you will and I hope that for each one of you the first thing when you enter Heaven you see is what I’ve seen today – the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That’s my prayer and wish for each one of you – to be able to see what I’ve seen.

(The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was completed.)