She is here as She promised. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with you. Blessed are you amongst all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Thank you ­- Thank you. Right where the Statue will be – Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.


Thank all of you for your faith. Thank all of you. I love you -­ have faith. There are many who come here thinking they would see me -­ they would see my son. But you had faith, just like you have faith when you receive My son in the Eucharist as you kneel before the Tabernacle.


You do not see me. I am in that Tabernacle. I am in that Eucharist and because of your faith I come here -­ but now, I ask you to come to me. Come to me in the Eucharist just as you have faith here today. Everyone has Free Will.


All of you could have left, but because you have faith in Me and My Son, I bring you a message of hope -­ not despair ­- have hope. Just like the end of the storm, I will lead the ship safely home. When the waters are rough, I have the anchor. I anchor the ship and I will bring that ship safely home.


Do as she says my child ­- do as She says. Just like My Father sent Me, I send My Mother. Fully human I can only die once. I have given all -­ now I send My Mother. For some, the Cross is not enough. For some, My Mother will not be enough. Do you want her blood too? I will not see My Mother dishonored in that way. She is My Mother.

Love Her, Cherish Her, Protect Her. Come to me every day if possible – receive Me in the Eucharist. I come to you -­ now I ask you to come to Me. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fully Human, Fully God. Because your naked eyes could never behold the brightness, I come to you in My human form. Many who do not see me will feel my presence.

I love all of you -­ I love all of you. You are mine. Have faith my child, have faith in what we say. I bring many blessings. You are MY children.


She looks so much taller than the Statue we have. Her eyes move and her hands move. He is looking at her. At least One. She is holding a Little Lamb through the prayers of the faithful.


Thank you, Son, for saving this One.


Thank you Mother for rescuing this One.

My child, I have something to ask of you. Without looking around ask if there is a Priest here for Reconciliation. This is the Garden of the Lambs. A place of Reconciliation. I have chose One to be here. He has Free Will. We Bless all of you and we thank you for the faith which you have in us.


Two hearts now beat as One, Mother and Son. Two hearts of Gold, but look my child, a little bleeding heart of a little one, which you, My people, can turn to Gold by your prayers and reconciliation. You can save them on Earth and free them in Heaven. Free of ALL vengeance ­- their Little Souls. When My Son forgives, They forgive. He forgave murder on the Cross, Child. He will forgive murder again if you ask.

ASK, ASK, ASK for reconciliation.

My peace, My love, We give to you. Finish the Rosary.