SALLY: She’s here! I was getting anxious, Blessed Mother! I was getting anxious!

OUR LADY: Welcome, my children! Welcome! You appease my sorrowful heart by the way you pray here. You pray with serenity! My sorrowful heart is appeased by your prayers. My little children, I am so proud of you. I am proud the way you pray. I am proud by the way you keep the Commandments. I am proud by the way you pray every day ­ the Consecration. I am proud what you have done with the Consecration! Many languages ­ and through these many languages you are united together. You are true brothers and sisters here. You help each other carry the burden of this mission that I have given you. You know the evil one lies and waits for you and he knows that my heel is the most fragile part of my body. He lays in wait in ambush, but I too am waiting for him and I have a powerful heel. I ask you to pray for your Pope. Right now he needs prayers. I ask you my little children to listen to him ­ to spread his messages. Remember who he is. He is my chosen son, Pope John Paul. I have many things that I could talk about with you today, but I will continue in the future of telling you a little bit at a time. Don’t be frightened! I won’t ask anything impossible of you. Don’t be frightened my little ones. We will discuss it later, not today. I have many things for you.

SALLY: I know, Blessed Mother! You are not an easy boss to work for. You are very demanding.

OUR LADY: But haven’t I supplied your needs my child? Have I ever let you down? And I never will! I bless each one of you today; each one of you and your loved and dear ones, and for the little souls that are in your care. I will breathe upon them and give them courage and I will hold in my hands every one of your petitions that are in your hearts. This I ask! I ask many things of you, but I also give many things. Unite! Be true brothers and sisters. Forgive each other! Unite! Through the Consecration that I have given you, you are uniting with others throughout the world. Pray in unity! Pray with serenity! Be serene! Have courage! Have courage my little ones!

SACRED HEART: Thank you, mother! Thank you, mother!

OUR LADY: Thank you Son for giving them to me. Remember, they are my children. You gave them to me. Thank you Son for making them mine.

SALLY: They are both holding their hands toward us. They are holding their hands toward us.

OUR LADY: Thank you Son for letting me come to take care of my little ones. Thank you Son for making it possible for letting them have the true faith. Remember the evil one, Son. He lays in ambush. He waits until he can pounce on them.

SACRED HEART: But they are yours, mother! You protect them. I gave them to you. They are your children.

OUR LADY: Just as real as I am your mother, you gave them to me, Son. They are my children. Remember what the Gospel says, “This is the time of the apocalypse.” This is the time of the battle. This is the time to be prepared to fight in my army. With good soldiers, I will give you all the equipment you need to fight along side of me and to win. The power of the Rosary is all you will need to win this war, but you must use it. A soldier who walks around with a sword ­ he doesn’t use it ­he can’t win. This is an army, an active army, and we’re going to win. Someday you will meet the little ones who have been destroyed and they will look at you and say, “A good battle and we won.” Remember I am here! I walk this Garden with my Son. For those who do not see me, they will feel me. They will know I am here! I walk this Garden. This is mine! This was given to me by my Son; and I am sharing it with each one of you. I am sharing this with you, but this is mine! This was given to me by my Son to take care of his little ones and to win this battle. Here, will be the beginning of the end. Here, will be the beginning of the end of abortion. Here, in this Garden. Come follow us! Come follow us and we will lead you! (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.)

SALLY: I’m sure! I’m sure we will! In fact, I know we will. No! No! I understand! I understand! I won’t! I won’t say anything! I won’t say anything that you don’t want me to say.

OUR LADY: It’s mine, child! It’s mine, but I will make it yours. It’s mine child, but I will make it yours. Not today! Not quite yet!

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. A beautiful breeze! Yes, even though they don’t see you, they can feel your breeze. They can see the beautiful sunshine and the beautiful green grass and a beautiful garden. Yes, Blessed Mother, this is truly yours and we are working for you!

SACRED HEART: The Ave Maria for a woman like My mother and your mother! (The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady.)

SALLY: We adore you Oh Christ and we bless you because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you. Thank you for coming. Thank you for letting her come. Mater Dei, Jesu Christi. They are gone.