(Our Lady appeared with the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove in her left hand during the Chaplet of Divine Mercy)

SALLY: Blessed Mother is here. She came early. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally) Yes! Your Son’s Rosary! Yes! Right!

OUR LADY: My dear children, we are gathered together here in this cenacle of prayer for the solemnity of Pentecost.

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you for reminding us.

OUR LADY: I too was gathered in the cenacle of Jerusalem on that day when the Divine Tongues of Fire came upon us.

SALLY: I always wanted to know, Blessed Mother. I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I always wanted to know. Were you there when this all happened? Did you have Tongues of Fire too, like the Apostles? Were you afraid like they were? (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) You were!

OUR LADY: Yes child. We were frightened. Those twelve men were very frightened. We thought the same thing would happen to us ­ what they had done to my Son. Twelve frightened, fearful men. I watched them with my own eyes as they came forth from that cenacle of prayer. Fearful as they went in, they came out fearless and filled with wisdom and anxious to go and to preach the Gospel of Jesus. Tongues of Fire will come upon my church and upon all humanity in the second Pentecost. You must watch and wait my child. It will come at the same time. As the triumph of my Immaculate Heart and you will see the Holy Spirit renew the face of the earth. An earth that has turned cold with egotism, cruelty, war – have hardened the hearts, but you will see my Church renewed, all stain removed. Yes child, will be purified and you will see my Church once again without stain. She will be clothed in beauty. She will be cleansed from the errors that she has been teaching and from the scandals of my sons. A new Pentecost and yes – you my children ­ each one of you will receive the tongues of fire and the sinners will repent and those who are far from my Son will return to the house of the Father. The Church will once again be beautiful and the fire of divine love ­ love ­ the mercy of God. And in the Garden you will see it so much different then it is now. Oh my child, He will make it beautiful and you will see the Holy Spirit. The Trinity will dwell in the Garden. Yes my child, it will happen. It will happen child! Pray and expect it to happen and help me to accomplish it. It will happen soon ­ close at hand is the second Pentecost. He will renew the face of the earth. Prepare your hearts child because your hearts are the dwelling ­ the temple of the Holy Spirit.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother! What is that bird in your hand? Is that the same bird that was in my house? It is! It has silver wings! Oh Blessed Mother, leave a little feather fall. Can’t you pull one out so we have proof of who was here? Oh Blessed Mother!

OUR LADY: My children, you don’t know how privileged you are because I, the Mother of God, never saw what you are seeing. I only saw a shadow that overpowered me and when He conceived me I did not see what you are seeing ­ a white, white dove. And on the wings of a white, white dove He will carry you home.

SALLY: Oh Blessed Mother, how beautiful! How beautiful! (The people sang “Come Holy Spirit”) I think we should all kneel. Those who can kneel, please kneel! This is a privilege my people that she has given to us on this Pentecost. The bird of peace ­ the bird of love ­ the dove ­ the white, white dove she said that will carry us home. Oh Holy Spirit, you are the giver of all life. You are the one who raised Jesus Christ from the tomb. You, Holy Spirit ­ now I’m asking you ­ I’m begging you for these people who need your light and need your help. I have Barbara who has a brain tumor; I need help for this girl Robin who needs guidance; Lola who has cancer; Margie and Bea and daughter who passed away. I pray for Joe. He is active here. We love him and he’s a good cook too and he knows a good cook. He brings good food. His name is Joe. We want a clean bill of health for Joe ­ not a partial. We won’t accept a partial. We want a clean bill of health. I pray for all priests and all bishops all religious and I also pray for the religious of our future Order here. Awaken the hearts of the people. Those who can become a religious with us ­ let them come forth and volunteer to dedicate their life to the Trinity ­ Father, Son, and you Holy Spirit. I know who He is! Blessed Mother, will you confirm it?

OUR LADY: He is my spouse! The spirit of God – the Holy Spirit.

SALLY: Oh my God! Oh my Lord! Thank you for the privilege of seeing something that nobody else has seen. Nobody saw it like we are seeing it. Please let a little feather fall. We could have proof then.

OUR LADY: Blessed are they child who have not seen and they still believe. It’s not meant for everyone child, but you are in the presence of my spouse on holy ground. Make it more holy! Let’s sing it again!

SALLY: Sing it again, Sam! (The people sang “Oh Holy Spirit” again as requested by Our Lady.) Thank you, thank you. It’s you Blessed Mother. I know you’re the one planned this. You’re the one who planned this. You’re the one asking. It’s you Blessed Mother! Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to her Holy Spirit. He doesn’t seem like he’s looking at me even. He doesn’t seem like he’s even interested. Blessed Mother, can I ask you something. Please forgive me if it sounds ignorant because I am weak and I am an ignorant human. Is your spouse really a bird?

OUR LADY: Child! Child, you are such a child. Was my spouse tongues of fire? No!

SALLY: Really!

OUR LADY: He came in the form of tongues of fire. He comes in the form of a bird because your naked eyes could never observe the brightness and the glory of the Holy Spirit. He comes in the form of a bird ­ an innocent dove.
Child, I have seen Him the way He really is ­ a spirit. Your eyes cannot behold a spirit child. They were never made for that – only earthly things. I bring in the form of a dove.

SALLY: She’s holding Him out. And one more question Blessed Mother. Is that the same bird that I had in my house? That rested in my hand?

OUR LADY: Yes child. It’s a white dove with silver wings. You have seen what I never saw on earth what you have seen. I am inviting all of you to spend the cenacle today in prayer ­ the solemnity of Pentecost and the expectation to accomplish the second Pentecost. The same tongues of fire will become upon each one of you ­ upon my church ­ and upon all humanity. The same divine tongues of fire. And this Garden will be so beautiful that the Trinity will choose it as His dwelling place. This Garden! This Garden like the second Pentecost will be finished and accomplished by your work and the prayers of the faithful who come here. I chose each one. Each one I personally chose to be my Apostle. Like my Son has His Apostles, He would never had completed His work on earth without His Apostles and I cannot complete my mission here without my Apostles that I have chosen and I have brought here. So I ask you to spend your day in the Garden of the Lambs.

SALLY: The Sacred Heart is not with her. So the Trinity is not here. Will the Sacred Heart come to complete the Trinity?

OUR LADY: Oh yes child, he will be here and I will be right beside him at that altar. I am never far from my Son. Don’t ever move me from my Son for He is “I Am.” He is “I Am.” He is “I Am.”

SALLY: I love you Holy Spirit. Can He hear or is He like a bird? He is the Holy Spirit and He can hear even though He is a bird?

OUR LADY: He is the Holy Spirit in the form of a bird, child. Listen to what I say.

SALLY: It’s so hard to understand. It’s so hard, Blessed Mother. We’re so small and you’re so big. It’s hard to understand it all.

OUR LADY: Pray child, pray and don’t try to understand. There are things that are not meant for you to understand. Pray child, pray! Pray for the completion of the second Pentecost and it will come on the day ­ the same day as the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. It will come to warm a cold earth. A cold earth child! I will give you our Blessing ­ In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit.

SALLY: All three one ­ Mary’s Son. It’s her spouse and it’s her Son ­ all three one. You can’t separate them ­ don’t try. There are not three decisions. There is one. All three one ­ the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ­ the Trinity.

OUR LADY: Go forth with your Plans child. Go forth with your Plans.

SALLY: Will you stay a little while? We’re going to have Mass!

OUR LADY: I’ll be here child. I’ll be right beside my son, Father Pat.

SALLY: Oh you know him then. He’s a pretty great guy isn’t he? We love him. He’s a miracle! He’s a miracle man!

OUR LADY: I know child. I chose him. I chose him for you.

SALLY: I don’t think he’s here yet, but he’d love to hear that and I’ll tell him.

OUR LADY: Keep him holy ­ keep him holy.

SALLY: The Ave Maria. She didn’t ask, but I know she loves it. She’s smiling already. Smile Blessed Mother, it so becomes you. First I want to tell them where she is at. She is standing right in front of the Pieta. I can’t see the legs or the feet of Jesus. She is standing right towards the right of the Blessed Mother.

(The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady)

SALLY: He’s sleeping. He squatted in her hand. How beautiful! The Mother of God and her spouse ­ the Holy Spirit. On page 9 of our Song Books, if you would see the Prayer to the Holy Spirit. It was dictated to me 2 years ago when the Holy Spirit came in my house. The same Holy Spirit – the same white dove with the silver wings. It was dictated to me. Let’s pray this prayer to you Holy Spirit. (The people prayed the prayer together.)

(After the Rosary Our Lady come up to the outside Altar for Mass. She’s up at the Altar. Divine Praises were prayed by the people.)

SALLY: Blessed Mother is standing on our left and on Father’s right. 
He’ll match her dress with his blue stole. She is kneeling in mid air right above the altar.