The Chaplet of Divine Mercy was prayed and Our Lady and the Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared during the third decade.


I gather you here my children on this my special day. I gather you here to do as I promised – to bring you a special blessing. A blessing like I have never given to anyone else. This blessing will last your lifetime. This is a blessing that you can pass on to others, child. As you receive the blessing from me, you can pass it on to others and there will be no end to this blessing. It is a blessing you can take with you into eternity. I will give a special blessing today; also, to all mothers – all mothers who have said “Yes” to life. Like I said “Yes” to the Holy Spirit, I’m asking you to say “Yes” today to the Holy Spirit. To say “Yes” as I said “Yes” to life.

Just as my Son first manifested to my heart – and from my heart to my womb. I’m asking you to do the same. I wait for you in the center of my heart and I will place you in my womb and you will become my little children. I will be your mother.

As all mothers to stand! All mothers who have said “Yes” to life.

SALLY SPOKE: She has her hands outstretched.


Oh child, I will place my hand on each one – on each one of their heads I will place my hands. Bless each one of you mothers. Bless you for saying, “YES”. Pray for those – pray for those who said “No”. Forgive them my Son, forgive them! They know not what they do. Bless you! Bless each one of you! I bless each one you uniquely. But you must do your part. My children, you must open your hearts and your souls because I cannot do what I have come to do if I do not have a vessel to fill. I will fill your hearts and your souls with this special blessing. Now I ask everyone to stand – and before I give you this blessing, Sister Mary Marvel, will you read the message to my children. The message like I gave it to you.

SALLY SPOKE: She’s up above that flowering tree. She’s in white and blue and her Son is beside her too – the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She’s about 10 feet above that tree. 
(People placed flowers under her feet.) She’s weeping – she has tears. Don’t cry, Blessed Mother! Please don’t cry! We promise you, we’ll do as we are told. We’ll never stop until we turn those little hearts to gold. Please Blessed Mother, don’t cry! 

Smile, Blessed Mother, it so becomes you. Smile Blessed Mother, we love you. She’s smiling. She’s smiling, but she has tears too. Don’t thank us, Blessed Mother. We thank you! I will. I will. I’ll read it.

This is the message she wants me to read to you people. She has given this message to me to be read especially on March 25th and on April 1st. She starts out like this. I’m sitting in my Living Room. The sun was shinning through the windows – it was beautiful. You could feel the warmth of the sun and she spoke.


(Our Lady guided Sally’s words throughout the message.) Each word I said – her lips were moving when I was reading it. She followed every word that I said and she also said she would correct any mistakes I made.

Do you have to leave so soon?


My child, it might seem short to you, but the message is long. Meditate on this message. Learn this message like a prayer. Live this message that we bring to you. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!


I love you too. I love you Sacred Heart. I love you too, Blessed Mother. She wants us to pray “The Memorare”. (The people prayed “The Memorare”, “The Salve Regina” and “Hail Mary” together.)

Thank you, Blessed Mother. I will! The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.