Our Lady appeared during the 4th decade of the Rosary.

SALLY SPOKE: She’s here. Who’s that you have with you Blessed Mother? Who is that? It’s not the Sacred Heart!

OUR LADY SPOKE: My child, this is my caretaker Joseph – foster father of my Son – friend of the Sacred Heart. He too said “yes.” He is the Father of the Church. He can be your foster father too. Now all you people who have prayed to Joseph – pray – ask him. He is before you, my caretaker – Joseph.

My children, I ask you today this special day of the Annunciation to renew once more the Consecration to my Immaculate Heart. You do not know my children how many graces that are given to you here. I come to you in all this fullness to the World because of all the Evil that it is influenced by. I would love to carry all of you in my maternal arms to Father God in Heaven. My dearest children, I come because the World will pass with darkness and its many tribulations, but I come to bring Light. Light that you will contain and spread throughout the Earth and when you spread this Light and I have ushered in all to complete this mission then, you will see my Son Jesus take over His reign and renew His kingdom. You don’t know my children all the Evil that Satan has prepared for you and without the unity of our hearts you will never survive. You will find in these last times that all those who have consecrated themselves to my heart will be the ones that I will carry in the folds of my mantle. You do not realize my children the power that is granted to you through Prayer. A relationship with my Son, but you must give Him time and through Prayer this relationship will grow and as time passes you will see that prayer has granted you all your wishes and fulfillment of your needs. My dearest children, I look upon you and I see how you have grown. Like I’ve been on vacation and when I come back I do not recognize my garden. You have grown in holiness. The Winter will pass and the World will be green again and the birds will sing in the trees. Have faith my children. I wish to carry all of you back to my Son someday. I see how many of you have grown in holiness and when the Sun warms your Earth, like my Son will warm your hearts, Winter will pass and Summer will come at last. All those who have left their family’s land – father, mother, sister and brother for my sake will have everlasting life.

SALLY SPOKE: Oh Sacred Heart, you came! I was wondering if you were going to come. The Holy Family before us – Oh, what a privilege! Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

OUR LADY SPOKE: Now I ask you children to stand for Our blessing and to pray the prayer that pleases Father God – The Apostles Creed – but I also ask you once more to renew your Consecration because you will need this for protection. My little one, I thank you too.

SALLY SPOKE: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you Saint Joseph! Thank you Sacred Heart! Thank you for coming. Thank you for bringing these two. Thank you for letting them come.

OUR LADY SPOKE: Oh, how I love you children! Oh, how I love you! Like any good mother worries about her children, I too worry about you children! The one who is having a health problem, the one whose children are drifting from the Church, the one who is having financial problems. Oh, I see all of your problems and through prayer nothing is impossible with my Son. Pray my children – pray – pray.

(The “Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” and the “Apostles Creed” were prayed by the people and the “Ave Maria” sung to Our Lady.)

SALLY SPOKE: Can I tell them what you are wearing? You are especially beautiful today – you are so gorgeous. Isn’t she gorgeous Sacred Heart? Can I tell them what she is wearing? Oh, she is so beautiful! She is in white and blue with a crown upon her head – beautiful gems. Is that crown heavy? It looks like it’s bending your head. Sacred Heart is wearing a robe of off white with a gold tassel that goes to the tip of his toes and Joseph – you are kind of drab. Of course comparing you to them, I’d be drab too. He has a kind of grayish brown robe with sandals. You are the only one wearing shoes, Joseph! Thank you for coming – thank you. Thank you – all of you. I love you, I praise you, I worship you. I adore you my Lord and my God! I love you Blessed Mother. I love you Joseph. Come back sometime and we’ll get to know you better. Oh, you did! He carried the Son of God many times in his arms as He cried. Oh, did He have colic just like all babies?

SAINT JOSEPH: Oh yes He did, child. Yes! Yes, He is fully human and fully God!

SALLY SPOKE: Was it hard for you, Joseph? Were you criticized? I have a million questions I would like to ask you. Everybody does. Were you criticized for marrying the Blessed Mother? (JOSEPH SPOKE PRIVATELY TO SALLY.) But you believed what the Angel said! And she remained a virgin. Come back sometime Joseph. I would like to talk to you. This is your month – the month of March dedicated to Saint Joseph the Father of Jesus. (JOSEPH TALKED PRIVATELY TO SALLY AGAIN.) I love you too. I love all of you. They are leaving. They are right above that first tall tree. They are quite high today. I wish you could stay a little longer!

OUR LADY SPOKE: Be sure to tell my children how much We love them and how they please Us.

SALLY SPOKE: I’ll tell them. They are gone.