(Our Lady appeared first with the Angel Gabriel during the third decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries. When Sacred Heart appeared, Gabriel moved back behind Blessed Mother and he opened his wings very slowly and closed them around her. Then he leaned over her head and he kissed her forehead. He was all in white with silver around his collar. Blessed Mother’s feet never touched the ground and Gabriel was always higher than her. Sacred Heart was in bright red and gold and He wore sandals and His feet never touched the ground either. When Gabriel asked Mary for her “Yes” to take to the Altar of the Lord, he knelt and waited for her “Yes.” He stayed there until Sacred Heart came.)

SALLY: She’s here. Oh! You have somebody else today! Gabriel, is that you? Welcome! Welcome to our prayer service! (Our Lady talked privately to Sally at different times during the apparition.) You mean the same clothes? How can they last that long? She’s dressed today just as the way she was dressed when the Angel of God came to bring her the message. You mean the same way? Beautiful! We weren’t expecting him either. Blessed Mother, you are so precious. You will? They will reenact this special for us today. Oh, Blessed Mother, only you could think of something like this.

GABRIEL: I am the Angel Gabriel!

OUR LADY: And I am the Mother of God!

GABRIEL: Don’t be frightened! Don’t be frightened, Mary! You have been chosen and I come to ask your permission because you do have free will and I need your permission. 
(Our Lady spoke privately to Sally.)

SALLY: I suppose you did. I would have too. Yes!

OUR LADY: Even as a child, I gave myself fully to the Lord. I really have said my “yes” before my Annunciation. I gave my life fully to God.

GABRIEL: The Angel of the Lord is before you to ask your permission to say “yes” for the favor He is going to ask of you.

OUR LADY: Gabriel, I have one question. How can this be? I don’t understand. I have never been with man.

GABRIEL: Don’t be frightened, Mary! You have found favor with God and this has been going on and planned for a very long time. He will become fully human and fully God and He will get His humanness from you, Mary. He had no human father. He will have the Holy Spirit as His Father and to become fully human, Mary, He has to have a human Mother and I come for your “yes”.

OUR LADY: That’s all I need. I don’t need any more answers. I say “yes”. Yes to my Lord.

SALLY: Blessed Mother, this is almost more than I can take. To see you! To see you, Gabriel!

OUR LADY: I ask you my children to contemplate your Mother on this her day ­ her Annunciation and to hear me say my “Yes” to my Lord. Be it done unto me according to His Word. And when the Father placed the Word in my womb ­ in my virginal womb ­ He received His humanness from me. I became the true Mother of God. But you my children, you too must say your “Yes” to Jesus. Whatever He asks of you, say, “Yes” ­ do not doubt! Do not look around you for confirmation and advice – and you too must say “Yes.” I come to teach you because there are many, even those who I have chosen who do not know how to say “Yes” to Jesus, my Son. And I will not allow you to put your faith in creatures and in the world. I ask you to put your life in my Immaculate Heart and I will guide you. I will teach you how to say, “Yes.” My children, look around you! There are those who hear other words ­ the words of my adversary ­ the Devil. He’s causing confusion and distrust. Wake up, O earth! See the light! Never before as of this time has your Pope had such light from heaven to guide you in the truth, especially in this time of purification. Wake up, O earth! See the light!

Gabriel, I am frightened! Do I look frightened?

GABRIEL: No, Mary! I now will take your “Yes” to the Altar of Father God in Heaven.

SALLY: There is so much happening! So many things that I could talk about!

OUR LADY: And I will child, I will. And a good mother reprimands her children and if they don’t listen, she reprimands gently at first, but she reprimands. I will give you a shake or a rock if I have to. You are my little children and you do need reprimanding ­ gently at first. Stop these hideous murders! You can do it, child! You can do it! United you will be strong, separated you are just little puffs of smoke. Don’t stand back and watch it happen like you watched Calvary. UNITE!

SALLY: Boy, she’s raising her voice. Gabriel, you love her don’t you? You look at her. You look right at her, but she’s looking directly into my eyes. How can you just look right at me, Blessed Mother? You just stick right at me in my eyes. I have never seen you move your eyes away from mine since you came.

OUR LADY: Tell my children as I am looking into your eyes I am also looking into each one their eyes. I see their hearts!

SALLY: Gabriel, do you hear me? I didn’t quite hear you. Yes, I will!

GABRIEL: Ask the pilgrims that are here today that have witnessed this, to put their hands on their heart and say “Yes” to Father God and when I take Mary’s “Yes” to His Altar, I will bring each one of their Yes’, but this is not a simple task. When you say “Yes” to God, you must mean it with all your hearts.

OUR LADY: But have no fear, I will bring you an interior equilibrium. Never before as of this time have you needed balance in your lives. And this equilibrium that I bring to you will be a sign to the Church that there are many good and wise children out there who are willing to say “Yes” when they are asked. This is what I ask of you today my children and this is what I come to bring in you. How to say, “Yes.”

SALLY: Where is the Sacred Heart? (Our Lady talked privately to Sally) Oh, yes! Oh, yes! This was beautiful, Blessed Mother. You always come up with the most beautiful things. Only you- the Mother of God ­ could have planned this day and rehearsed this whole thing over like the very first time. Before you leave, Blessed Mother, I have some people that need your prayers. You can do anything! He won’t say “no” to you. He loves you! He conceived you in a special way. He gave you a virgin birth. He’s your spouse ­ the Holy Spirit! And when you ask, He won’t say “no” ­ no way. Like none of us here today would ever say no when you asked us a favor and we’ll never stop. We make this promise to you today, here in front of your Shrine ­ in front of your appearance with Gabriel. We make a vow to you that we will never stop until the end of these hideous murders are gone and finished – like slavery. Only in history will we read about it. It will be a thing of the past and this is what we are vowing in front of you. That we will never stop. We also pray for peace ­ peace ­ peace, Blessed Mother. For all those who are living in fear ­ bombs ­ war – we pray for our enemies. When we place the Incarnate Word in your virginal womb, you made us here today a part of that salvation because we are your children. I ask you – the petitions that we buried – to remember each one and to look into their eyes as you are looking into ours at this very minute. I have some people here who need your prayers badly. Really bad! Really bad, Blessed Mother! You better hear this! Take them to your Son ­ intercede for us, your children.

For Francis who has cancer; Dan our dear buddy from New Jersey. He’s not doing well! The infection in his leg is getting worse. It’s going through his whole body now. Blessed Mother, we can’t do this without you. We can’t do this without the help of your Son. Please go to Him. He won’t refuse you nothing ­ nothing. Because you said, “Yes” He won’t refuse you. Bob, Dan’s friend, who is leaving for the War; Dan H. (terminal cancer); for little Lance. Oh, I know it don’t sound like much. I know it don’t sound like much – the small things that we ask for, but they are not small to you. They’re big. This little Lance had his tonsils out and he’s hurting. I know, I had my tonsils out when I was forty. I chewed aspirin gum night and day. It’s not a very good pain. I don’t have much patience with pain. I ask you to heal this little boy’s throat.

Well Gabriel, I know you were a part of all this too. When we have a rehearsal or something here, everybody participates. Right?

GABRIEL: Yes, child. The Angels and Saints in Heaven are participating in this day ­ The Annunciation – when the Mother of God says her “Yes” to her Lord. We have given you the privilege to witness this.

SALLY: How can I thank you, Blessed Mother? There is no way. There is no way. 
For John Martin with lymphoma; for Michael ­ an artery disease. Michael ­ we’ve prayed for him for a long time. He seems to get better a little and then he goes right back. 
He gets worse. When is this going to stop?

SACRED HEART: The Angel of the Lord ­ My Angel!

SALLY: Oh, you’re here Sacred Heart. I was wondering if you were coming.

SACRED HEART: My Angel ­ Gabriel by name ­ asked Mary’s permission to say “Yes”. She was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. I was born of the Virgin Mary ­ a special birth. Father God asks favors. He asks favors from each one of you. Say, “Yes” ­ say, “Yes”.

SALLY: Let’s say it together ­ our “Yes” to Father God! (The people said “YES” together) Yes, my Jesus, I do believe, Yes, my Jesus, I do believe in you. He’s staring right at me.

This is the day of the Incarnate Word ­ a plan ­ can you imagine how many years – how many centuries this was all planned before it happened ­ the coming of Jesus Christ ­ the Messiah. This was all planned. (The Hail Mary and Glory Be was prayed together by the pilgrims.)

SACRED HEART: The Ave Maria for a woman like My Mother! (The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady as requested by Jesus)

SALLY: She’s way up there by the Cross already. I wish she could have stayed longer. 
I love you, Blessed Mother, I love you. I love you, Sacred Heart. I like you too, Gabriel. I like you. Are you coming back on the 5th? You are? Thank you! There is no wind down here, but I can see her clothes flow. We don’t have any wind down here at all, Blessed Mother. I can see your clothes flowing ­ they just flow. She has just like a toga on ­ like the Roman soldiers wore. It’s like a toga ­ it’s a one piece with a belt and it’s kind of purple ­ a kind of violet color ­ maybe like a lilac ­ that color. It’s beautiful. Gabriel ­ he has his wings stretched out. I haven’t seen you for awhile, Gabe. You should come around a little more. We could use you. I don’t know if you hear me? I can just see an outline. I can still see an outline though. How far is Heaven? How far? How long does it take you to get back to Heaven? (Our Lady talked privately to Sally) I miss those chats we had! I miss those daily chats we had! I miss them! So many things I would like to ask you and so many things I would like to thank you for. Just hold off a little longer with the rain. We’ve seen the Sun! Hope you get home before I get wet! I would like to ask you if you still hear me ­ I know you do. Blessed Mother, when you get back to Heaven, does my family ask about me? I have more family there than I have here on Earth. Do they ever ask you about me?

OUR LADY: They just don’t ask, child. They come and watch with me. They see what I see. Yes, your family and your friends ask about you. And all the people here ­ when I go back ­ they all ask. They want to know what is going on on Earth.

SALLY: Tell them we love them. I don’t understand. There are so many things I don’t understand. I don’t understand how I can hear you so distinctly and yet I can hardly see a trace of your body, but I can hear you so distinctly ­ even with my bad ear ­ so far away and yet so close.

OUR LADY: I’m only a second away, child. Call me if you need me and I will come.

SALLY: Well, I don’t know if you should have said that. I might be calling you up a lot.

OUR LADY: Ask! I don’t mind, child. Ask!

SALLY: I’ll never forget your eyes. How you looked at me.

OUR LADY: And I looked at all the others, child. Like my Son first came to me through my heart and then from my heart to my womb ­ that’s how I look at you. And I invite you to be my little child. Come back into my womb and I will take care of you. Like my Son first came to my heart and then to my womb and became my little child, I invite each one of you to come. Come into my heart and I will place you in my womb and you will become my little child and I will be your mother. I invite you.

SALLY: I can’t see them any more, but they hear us. (The Rosary was completed and Sally led the pilgrims in a prayer to St. Michael.) We understand who this Archangel is. He was the one who won the War in Heaven. He is the one who threw bad angels into Hell. He won this War and now St. Michael we’re coming to you again to lead us in this battle against the innocent – the Little Ones who are being murdered. We ask you Michael because we have faith in what you did. We’re asking you to lead us to unite Heaven and Earth in this battle to put an end to these murders and to stop her weeping. Stop her weeping, Michael! The tears that I see she sheds. Stop her, Michael! Put that smile back on her face. (The people prayed the St. Michael Prayer together.)

(Sally led the pilgrims in prayers in time of war for the safety of soldiers, for departing troops, for courage in the time of battle, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and a prayer for world peace)