SALLY: Blessed Mother is here! I cheated a little bit. She’s been here 3 or 4 minutes. Welcome Blessed Mother! Welcome! (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally.) I will!

BLESSED MOTHER: My little children consecrated to me, I come to you because I see how you need me. I also saw how you missed me.

SALLY: We sure did, Blessed Mother! (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally again.). 

BLESSED MOTHER: I come to you because you are such little children and little children need a mother. When I was filled with the Holy Spirit on that special day, I said my “Yes” to my Lord. With the availability to accomplish the word of God, I said without hesitation my “Yes.” See how almighty God stooped down and used me, a mere creature, to be a part of His plan ­ this mystery of the incarnation. And because of my “Yes” it’s necessary now for you to say your “Yes” like I said mine so that I can form you, my little children, like I formed my Son. You know He received His humanity through me. I’m asking you today to say your “Yes” so I can form you into the plans more and more that God has for each one of you. I expect you to be children and to stay small ­ stay little ­ and on this day when all Heaven rejoices, I’m asking you to rejoice with us. I am the Mother of God and I am your mother as well, and I have been given the duty to bring all men who have been redeemed back to my Son. The Cup of Iniquity is almost full and it is the time my people for atonement to God. It’s time for penance to God. Remember, I am your mother and a good mother reprimand ­ not harshly, gently ­ and sometimes I reprimand you when you disobey your mother. And on this day as He entered the pure womb of my body, you too my little children have this privilege to be a part of the incarnation because every time you receive my Son, He enters your body like He entered mine. Not through your womb, but on your tongue and from your tongue not to your digestive system, but to your heart, and then to your digestive system. You too are a part of this incarnation because He enters your body like He entered mine. Through me He got his humanity, fully God and fully man. My little children, I come to you today with joy and come to accept the homage that you are paying to my Immaculate Heart; and remember my children, every time that you say “Yes” you say “Yes” when you pray the Consecration to my Immaculate Heart, and you are saying your “Yes” to your Lord. My little children and you are such little children.

SALLY: Oh, I know, Blessed Mother! Compared to you we are like a worm. That’s what makes me feel really bad sometimes because you are so big and I’m so small.

BLESSED MOTHER: But this is not meant for everyone, my child! This mystery ­ it is meant for the pure heart and for the little and you are small child!

SALLY: I know!

SACRED HEART: Mother, you forgot to tell them how much we love them.

Tell them Son! Coming from you, it will mean so much more.

SACRED HEART: I love you my precious ones. I love you no matter what you do. I love you and I will never stop trying to save you. I send my mother like Father God sent me. I now send my mother. From my mother to me and from me to the Father! We love you. Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace I give you like no one else can give you this peace. Peace from me ­Peace from the Father­Peace from the Spirit­all three One ­ the Holy Trinity ­ Mary’s Son.

 My little children, I will end the message today with the words of my Son­His last words on the Cross. Son, look how small they are. Look how little they are Son. Look how they love you. Look how they love you, Father. They come from near and far because they love you and if they would know how much we love them, they would die from the knowing. They know not love like this kind of love and they would die from the knowing. Love them Father! Forgive! (Blessed Mother was pleading to Sacred Heart for the people in the crowd.) They are so little. They know not what they do! Forgive them!

SACRED HEART: Mother, I do! I do forgive them! I forgive! There is no sin so small that it does not hurt my Sacred Heart, but there is no sin so large that I will not forgive if they ask. Ask my children! 

 How many more must shed their blood before you do something? These are my little lambs that you are slaughtering. Even my chosen sons do very little. I am asking you my children to join my army and I promise you that I will give you all the armor that you need to fight this battle. There will not be one murder because you will have the equipment and you will win this War. Join my army and in your hands today my little children you have the armor ­ you have all the armor you need. The power of the Rosary! Continue to come on Tuesday night and join my army fighting this battle in this Garden of the Lambs and it will be the beginning of the end of abortion. It will catch on like wildfire and every diocese in Ohio will have a place like this to take care of their own. Spread the message my little children. Wear the brown scapular. Pray the Rosary. I too, give you my blessing. I bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit.

SACRED HEART: The “Ave Maria” for a woman like my mother! (The Ave Maria was sung as requested by the Sacred Heart.)

SALLY: He is handing her a lamb ­ a little baby lamb. I wish I could have it. It’s white and fleecy ­ fuzzy. (Blessed Mother talked privately to Sally.) I love you too. I love you too, Sacred Heart. I have to tell you how she is dressed. How He is dressed! He is in a red robe ­ vivid velvet red. He has His heart exposed. He has a tassel ­ a belt ­ it’s a white big cord like with a big long tassel on the end and the tassel goes way to His toes. It’s touching His toes. He has sandals on. She does not have anything ­ she’s bare foot. She is dressed in white and blue ­ an off-white dress. She has a blue mantle and right up here she has like a butterfly holding it together. It’s beautiful! Oh, she has a ring on her finger! Blessed Mother! She is all woman. He has her adorned in beauty. I’m sure He does it. She has a ring on her finger. She’s all woman ­ she’s beautiful ­ more beautiful than any picture I’ve ever seen on earth. I’ve never seen a picture as beautiful as she really is. I’ve never seen a picture that even looks like her. She’s beautiful. She has long black hair ­ raven ­ raven color hair ­ black. Her eyes! She’s far away, but I can see her eyes. Her eyes are kind of purple black. They are black, but they have like purple in them ­ maybe violet. She’s smiling. I have never seen the Sacred Heart smile. I’ve never seen His teeth, but I see hers. She smiles!
Oh my goodness, there’s Gabriel! Gabriel! I didn’t know you were coming! Wow! Wow! Oh, Gabriel! I haven’t seen you for a long time. (Gabriel talked privately to Sally.) You’re right! Oh Gabriel, you’re sure handsome. I might be 83 years old, but I’m not blind. You’re really handsome. He has orange hair and turquoise eyes. Blessed Mother, you know I have a heart problem! It’s so good to see him. Did you know she would say “Yes” when you asked her because she had free will you know? She could have said “No”. I could have said “No” too to all this. It’s not easy sometimes. Did you know she would say “Yes”? (Gabriel talked privately to Sally.)
Well, she has Angels around her. Are those Angels? Oh, look how many Angels! I see 20 Angels, but they are behind each other so there could be more. Oh, it’s beautiful. If you could just do something! Could you just do something so the other could see? Just something! You know, it’s hard for them. They do not see. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Yes, I remember when you brought the Dove in your hand. I asked for a feather. The next day my friend and I went walking where you stood and we found a big white feather.

BLESSED MOTHER: It’s not meant for everyone, child. You must have faith and for those who believe, they will not ask for proof; and for those who do not believe, I could not bring enough proof. They still would not believe. (Gabriel talked privately to Sally.)

SALLY: No, no! You did not take away from her by coming! I’m very glad to se you! (Gabriel talked privately to Sally.) Michael?

BLESSED MOTHER: Yes, Michael is in the battle. Michael is going to fight in this battle like he fought in the battle of Heaven against the fallen Angels. He is going to fight in this battle with us.

SALLY: That was the surprise you told me. You said you were going to bring a surprise. I thought it was going to be proof for the people, but that was your surprise? Thank you, Blessed Mother. Thank you. Thank you. Who am I even, that my mother and my Lord should come to me? They are leaving! All three! She loves us! She’s really high and getting smaller and smaller and it’s getting foggy. They’re gone.

(Our Lady asked Sally to repeat this message on the First Saturday of April.)