SALLY: She’s standing above the statue! Oh, Blessed Mother, if I knew you were going to be so low, we could have crowned you! Why would we crown a statue when we could have crowned you? Oh, Blessed Mother, you do have a crown on. You have a crown that was placed there by your Son. Oh, the same crown? Oh, how they must have rejoiced at your coming and when they came they threw a party? They threw a party and the angels crowned you. It wasn’t in May though was it? 

OUR LADY: No, no, no, no, the 15th of August.

SALLY: That’s when the crown was placed on your head! Is it heavy? It looks so heavy.

OUR LADY: Sometimes it’s heavy child. My crown is heavy like the Cross of my Son ­ very heavy. I want you to tell my children that during this month of May consecrated to me that I want them to live more intensely. I also want you to remember to pray for my poor diseased children who are living in sin and impurity. During this month of May, remember them too my child, because in this way is the way that you pay homage to me when you pray for my children. My Son is saddened and I am saddened by so many being so close to being lost during this month of May that is consecrated to me. I want you to give me little flowers. Little flowers of mortification ­ penance. Deprive yourselves of the comforts of the world. Turn away from materialistic things ­ during this month of May is the time. I want you to bring your religious friends here to this Shrine so that I can protect them and I want you to pray the Rosary often ­ devoutly ­ because the Rosary is the golden chain that links you to heaven and to me. It is like a lightning rod that can protect the lightning from striking and when the chastisement comes, the Rosary, like a lightning rod here in this garden, will protect you. This is a good time during this month of May to give yourselves entirely to me; to pray the Consecration often and to live it. Above all my child, I have a message for you.

SALLY: Oh, me alone? 

OUR LADY: No child! I want others to hear this! After I leave, I want you to ask the crowd here present today ­ all those who do not have a Scapular to come forward and I want you my child to place that Scapular around the neck of the ones who do not have a Scapular. Do not let anyone today leave this Shrine without my Cloth of Carmel. I make a promise again in front of all of you, that not one of you who wear my cloth will ever be looked upon as naked. The fires of hell will never touch one of you who die with this Scapular on. It’s up to you, my child. You are my messenger. Son, so you have a message for my children?

SACRED HEART: Not really mother. You have covered everything. You do such a good job.

 Because I’m their mother, Son. When I wasn’t here during the winter, they were like lost sheep. They didn’t even belong to a flock. They were like lost sheep, Son. Now I’m back with them. I’ve gathered them together and I want you to do the same with your religious friends ­ to bring one here. Pray in a cenacle of prayer together with me and I promise I will protect them.

SALLY: I love you too, Blessed Mother. You know I love you! I love you! I have some people here whose names I need you to pray for. I know I’m not suppose to be doing this because you said to put them in the basket, but these people are special. They’re special! Please hear me! I pray for Ghasson. He is a teenager and it’s rough. You know it’s rough for a teenager. For Selima ­ the mother who is very sick. Please Blessed Mother, you are the mother of the sick and the poor and the old and the lonely and the depressed. I pray for Edward. He too is very sick. I know suffering is a gift. Sickness is a gift and we should appreciate the gifts that we get. I know that, but you also told me this morning that everyone who wore a Scapular and kissed that Scapular that 25 years from their Purgatory would be taken from them. So I’m asking everybody here today to kiss that Scapular. Kiss it, kiss it! Twenty five years taken away from your suffering. Tell me another insurance company that would give you that kind of protection? I pray also for a Bill who has cancer. I pray for you to give them the strength to accept the will of the Father. To accept the suffering as a gift, because when we suffer we know a little bit the way He suffered ­ the way you suffered. It puts us with you and with Him and without suffering we would never know what you went through or what He went through. So I ask you to give these people the strength. Not to cure them, but to give them the strength to be able to live with it and to accept the will of your Son. I ask you Blessed Mother, the petitions that are in front of you ­ to take each one like it’s the only petition in that basket. Take each one. Each one of these people here today my Lord, they have sacrificed to come, but they came. They came to pay homage on this her day ­ the month of May. I ask you to bless each one of them and their families ­ and don’t leave me out! I too have problems. (The people prayed the Salve Regina together.) Also, remember Blessed Mother, remember your promises and we’ll keep ours, but you remember yours too. (The people prayed the Memorare together.) She’s smiling! Smile Blessed Mother, it so becomes you. Smile Blessed Mother, this is your day. He’s looking at her. Now they’re both putting their hands up towards us. They both have their hands up like they are trying to cover us.

SACRED HEART: Bless you! Bless you! Bless you My children! Thank you for honoring My mother! Bless you! Bless you in My name. Bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit. 

 Thank You, Son! Thank You, Son! See how they love You, Son? Son, look how they love You!

SACRED HEART: Look how they love you mother!

 Even though you cannot see me, I see you. I see and I watch over you, but remember one thing. When you receive my Son in Holy Communion, you’re closer to Him then you are today. You’re closer to Him then you will ever be in heaven when you receive Him in Holy Communion.

SACRED HEART: Ave Maria, Gratia Plena (The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady.)

SALLY: I will! There are a lot of clouds around her. They’re rolling. They are just rolling ­ big clouds. They are going round and round. I can’t even see the trees! It’s all clouds way to the ground. They are so close like that. They are like whipped cream. I never saw clouds like that ­ just like whipped cream ­ blues and greens reflecting on the clouds. Like you could go up there and get a scoop. Oh my God, I never saw clouds like that! Even the trees are gone! It’s all clouds! Blessed Mother! They are going backwards right through the clouds. Oh my goodness! Somebody should take a picture. I wonder if they could get those clouds? I don’t see them any more. They are in the clouds and they are gone. I still see the clouds. They are just rolling round and round. The trees are back! Everything is normal!