(Our Lady appeared during the second decade of the Glorious Mysteries)

SALLY: She’s s here! Welcome, Blessed Mother! Welcome! She is standing right over the silver ball. It’s right under her feet. It looks like the world under your feet, Blessed Mother ­ so beautiful.

OUR LADY: Thank you for coming. Today, my children, you are beginning the first of the month that is dedicated ­ consecrated to your heavenly mother and I invite each one of you to spend this moment in a cenacle of prayer with me and united together we can bring the light of my Immaculate Heart for the whole world and I will give the gift of a new Pentecost. The time has come when I will be coming out of the desert and perform my greatest prodigy. The evil one is trying hard to bring doubt into your life. Yes, my children, he is using his old trick ­ doubt. But I promise a new Pentecost to you my children ­ my chosen Apostles of these later days. Like my Son needed assistance, He needed His Apostles to complete His mission here on earth. I too need my chosen Apostles so I can complete my mission. My adversary is trying to bring doubt ­ is trying to bring division even in this work of love that I do here at the Shrine.

SALLY: I know that, Blessed Mother. I know he is here sometimes. I also know he tries to bring division here. But, remember, we’re strong too. We’re for Christ! With your help, we can do it.

OUR LADY: I ask you my little children to come to me like babies ­ pure! I ask you to love more ­ to love more intensely. Pray my children ­ pray and we together will have that cenacle of prayer and there will be another Pentecost. I also am asking you to take those whom I have entrusted to you here at the Shrine ­ love them. Do not judge them. Do not criticize them, but use my gifts like dew that will fall upon the desert of dryness ­ those who have become dry in their faith. I ask you to use my gifts as dew. Give me your flowers during this month of May and I will accept them as part of you. You my children ­ my chosen Apostles ­ will be a part of the Triumph of our Two Hearts ­ the Sacred Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart.

SALLY: I can see her clothes blow in the breeze. I can see her veil blowing like I can feel mine moving. Yes, she is real people. She is not a mirage. She is not a ghost. She is real flesh and blood. Her hands move. Her lips move when she speaks. She speaks with authority, but with love. With love, with tenderness, gentleness ­ she is truly the Mother of God. Let us never forget to never remove that crown from her head. You will answer to her Son if you take that crown from her. Oh, she is getting too much attention I hear. You can’t give Mary, the Mother of God, too much attention. You know who she is? He created her and He wants us to respect and to love her like He does. Don’t move that crown. Don’t ever take her crown off! She is the Queen of Heaven and when the Son is the King, she is the Queen. Oh yes, Blessed Mother, you are the Queen of Heaven. Bring flowers of the fairest, bring flowers of the rarest for the Queen of all Queens ­ the Queen of Heaven. She comes down to us. Who are we? Who are you and I to be chosen to be a part of her mission? Think about it! Just think about it! We’re not here because of coincidence. We’re here because she brought us here. We’re here because she wants us here. We’re here because we are her Apostles to help her mission ­ to put an end to the slaughtering of the lambs. That’s why we’re here. We’re a part of this mission ­ we’re going to be a part of her Triumph. She promises us ­ either on earth or in heaven, we are going to be a part of it.

(Our Lady talked privately to Sally)

Oh, you’re right, Blessed Mother. She says they are still celebrating in heaven the Feast of her spouse, Joseph, the Patron Saint of Laborers. (Our Lady talked privately to Sally.) Oh yes, I know it, Blessed Mother. When we prayed the Rosary last night to you, we prayed to Saint Joseph. He doesn’t get much honor. Sometimes he’s like the Holy Spirit. I feel guilty. Oh, I pray a lot to you. I pray a lot to my Savior, Jesus. Sometimes I neglect the Holy Spirit and we neglect Joseph the same way, but I promise you, before tomorrow we are going to have a statue right beside you of your spouse, Joseph. The Patron Saint of workers, laborers and all you people here who hesitate sometimes and you don’t feel like getting up and going to work. Joseph went through the same thing as that. He was human. He too hesitated in the morning ­ I’d like to stay home and play with my little Son. No, he had work to do. He’s got furniture for Joe Brown he’s building. What an honor to be the spouse of the Mother of God. For all of you who are lax in your faith ­ pick it up. Put a little gasoline on the fire. You might need a little charging. If I don’t charge my wheelchair, I can’t go any place. Well, that’s the way we are. We need recharging. Come on! Let’s get charged up. Yes! To be a good Catholic is not easy. It’s very hard and you have to devote your life to the One who made us a Catholic. We did not become a Catholic on our own. We are not a Catholic by choice now, we’re cradle Catholics. We’re Catholics who have loved the Lord from our cradles and with the help of our good parents that God gave us we are where we’re at today.

I have a little story to tell you. I don’t very often tell stories, but this one Blessed Mother you can hear it too. There was a beautiful Catholic city ­ a little town like Oregon here. Most people are Catholic here is Oregon. There are a lot of them. He wanted to buy a house so he found this beautiful little quiet town and he said, “That is where I want to retire.” And he did, but all his neighbors were Catholic and he was the only Protestant in the whole town. So it became the first Friday in Lent and they were eating their cold tuna fish dinner ­ all the Catholics. But John Smith said, “I’m going to cook me a juicy steak” and he did. They were sitting at the table eating that cold tuna fish. They said, “What do we smell?” Steak! That guy must be Protestant. They said, “Boy, I can’t take this. That steak smells delicious.” The next Friday the same thing. So one of neighbors went to another neighbor and went to talk to this guy. They went over and talked to him and he had a can of water in his hand to cool the fire and he had a fork to turn his steak. The guys talked to him and said, “I suppose you understand we are all Catholic here and boy do you tempt us with that steak on Friday?” The guy said, “Yes, I have nothing against the Catholics and I wouldn’t mind joining.” So one of them said, Well let me take you to Father, our Priest. So he went and talked to him and said, I decided to become a Catholic. I’m a Baptist right now, but I’ve never been baptized. They said, that’s OK, the Priest will take care of it. So he went for his instructions and became a Catholic. So the next year here comes the First Friday of Lent again. The Priest baptized him ­ he poured the water on him and he said, John you were a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic and he poured the water. So they went home and the next Friday they were sitting at the same table eating the same tuna fish and they smelled the steak again. Well, we better go talk to him, he must have forgot it’s Friday. So he and wife went over and said, John, you’re cooking steak and it’s Friday and John said. Well its like this ­ he poured a little water on the steak and he said, First you were born and raised a cow and poured the water on and said, “Now you are a fish.”

(The people laughed) I thought how true that is and how some people feel. Maybe if we would go out and evangelize a little more we would get more people to join the Catholic Church. So that’s my story.

Our Lady is going to stay until the Rosary is ended. I have a few people here who have asked me to intercede to you, my friends. I think I can call you my friends. I know most of you pretty well and I ask you to remember in your prayers these people who have given me their names. I have a person here whose son John is a doctor who has been wrongly accused and is going into trial this week. Let’s pray for him. Remember, Jesus Christ was wrongly accused and many, many people are. Let’s pray for them. Another man named Terry has heart problems and I ask you Blessed Mother at this time to hear all the prayers of the people gathered here whatever their problem and whatever they need prayers for. Go to your Son. Go to your Son, Blessed Mother. He will refuse you nothing because you said “Yes” to the Holy Spirit. He, your Son, will refuse you nothing. Remember the prayers of the faithful here and we love you Blessed Mother. We love you. We love you. We love you.


SALLY: The Sacred Heart is here!

OUR LADY: Child, He’s always with you.

SALLY: (Sally told another story to the people.)

You know, I have another story to tell. This is a short one. There was a little boy and he walked up to this stranger. The man said, Son I noticed you made the sign of the Cross ­ you were praying (he was only 8 years old). The little boy said, Oh yes, I pray when I walk, I pray when I work, I pray when I go to bed at night. The man said, I’ll give you a dime if you tell me where God is. The little boy looked at him and said, Sir, I’ll give you a dollar if you tell me where God ain’t. So just remember that! Even though we don’t see Him here today we only see the Blessed Mother. It isn’t that we offended Him is it Blessed Mother?

OUR LADY: Oh no, child. He is very pleased with what you are doing here. But remember, you can’t tell me where God isn’t, He is all over.

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you! I don’t ask any more questions. Long ago I stopped asking questions. When you talk, I listen. I take your word.

(The Ave Maria was sung as requested by the Sacred Heart)

She is going up. Looks like fire crackers ­ all lights. Where she is going up, I have to share this with you. It’s like a fire cracker goes off. You know how the fire crackers lights come down? Well, that’s what is happening. I think it’s her welcome back home. I bet they missed her. It’s beautiful. I never saw a fire cracker like that. It’s a display she is putting on for us here on earth. Well, this is her month. Let’s give it to her. This is her month. It was consecrated ­ it was dedicated to the mother of all mothers. Yes, we have two mothers. We have our earthly mother who brought us in her womb. We have the Mother of God They gave to us at the foot of the Cross.

SACRED HEART: Take her. I’ll share her with you, but all I’m asking of you ­ you better not disrespect her. You better treat her like a mother. You’ll answer to Me if you ever hurt My mother. I will never allow her to be hurt like I was hurt. The evil one will never touch the hem of her dress. I will see to that. Oh he will try, but he will never touch the hem of her dress.

SALLY: That’s good. At least we have that settled. We will always have her with us ­ strong ­ pulling for us. The evil one won’t hurt us because we go down that road with her ­ holding her hand. I can hear you Sacred Heart, but I don’t see you. I hear you just as plain as if you were right here. Thank you! Thank you for the beautiful message! My Lord and my God. I love you ­ I praise you ­ I worship you. Above all, I adore you. My Lord and my God. Wash away all my sins and the sins of the whole world with your most precious blood and the drops of blood that you shed as you carried that heavy Cross all for love of us. I trust in you.