“Blessed Is This Place! Blessed Is This Moment!

I’ve stopped here because I have a mission. My mission is to attend to my Little Lambs, to the Sinners, and to the large family of my Son. I have stopped here to receive my children.

Have faith in what we say. I’ve come to ask you to lay the cornerstone – the Shelter for my Little Lambs. Now is the time to make the next step. I will guide you. I am also asking of you to repair the Statue of Our Lady of Grace – to weatherize the statue and place her in the Open Field where she will remain in the Courtyard.

You must honor all faces of me. I come under many faces. As Our Lady of Grace, I will bring many blessings. I will rock many Little Ones in the Shelter.

Go forth to the next step, child. Lay the cornerstone of the Shelter and I’ll promise you, the seed will be planted and the buildings will rise.

Tell my people, I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Don’t be frightened, don’t be frightened my Little Bird, don’t be frightened. I will guide your steps, I LOVE ALL OF YOU.

Continue to use the water in the Well! It will be healing and refreshing to many. All who leave the Garden will leave refreshed in soul and body. A place of reconciliation. Like the Well of Jacob, many sins will be made known to my son. Like the Garden of Gethesmane, much sorrow and pain will be brought to Him. To attend to my Little Lambs is MY mission.”


“Do as She says my child – do as She says. Like My Father sent Me, I send My Mother. I have given all. I have given every drop of Blood for you and for some it’s not enough. They continue to slaughter My Lambs.

All I ask of you is to love Her, to cherish Her, to protect Her. She is My Mother! Take Her hand! Take Her hand! See how She reaches out to you! Let Her take your hand like She took My hand when I was a child. You are Her children, take Her hand! Give Me your other hand! See how She leads you back to Me! She will point the way.

Our Lady of Grace! Under that title, you MUST honor Her. REPAIR, REPAIR the statue! Her hands! REPAIR the hands!

Thank you for coming. Thank all of you. Thank you for believing.”


Thank you for bringing her. Thank you for bringing her and letting her come. My Lord and My God. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you, thank you. I love you too, I love you too. I love both of you. Thank you.

Two hearts of gold now beat at One, Mother and Son. Two hearts of gold holding the bleeding heart of a Little One.

A new Reign, a new Earth, a new Beginning. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

They are gone.