SALLY: She is here! She’s right where that white cloud is – standing right in front of it. She is in white and blue. Where’s the Sacred Heart, Blessed Mother? Is He coming?

OUR LADY: He will be here, child!

SALLY: Oh, it’s so good to see you, Blessed Mother. You know I haven’t seen you for awhile. I miss you so!

OUR LADY: My dearest children, during this month of May dedicated and consecrated to me, I ask you to bring me your little flowers ­ flowers not as you see flowers, but your penance and mortification. I ask you to live more fervently and pray the rosary more frequently. My dearest children, I have given you this rosary to win and to fight in this bloody battle against abortion. My children, this is the golden chain that will connect you to me and to my Immaculate Heart. Give me the garlands of the rosary. It is like a lightning rod that will keep you and your loved ones from the fire of the chastisement. It is the sure way to be linked to me during these days that you are living ­ these days of suffering and pain. I ask you to pray and offer your penance for the poor diseased of my children who are walking the road of sin. I am asking to give me your flowers of mortification. This is what I am asking for my child. Pray for my children who are close to being lost. I ask you to live the rosary and pray the consecration.

SALLY: Oh, you are here, Sacred Heart! Thank You for coming!

OUR LADY: Do You have a message, Son?

SACRED HEART: I do, Mother. (Sacred Heart talked privately to Sally)

SALLY: I’m ready.

SACRED HEART: Do you remember how often My mother has spoken to you of the purification? The time has come for the purification of My church. When you plant a field of wheat, a fragile plant exists ­ and when you see the weeds that are coming up around the delicate roots you don’t go in and pull those weeds because you would destroy the wheat ­ you destroy the fragile plants. You wait and let them grow up together until the right time comes when the heads of the wheat are bending low. That’s what I have done with My church. I picked the right time for the purification, and this church of Mine will be purified. And I will take the chaff from the wheat and I will pull gently the weeds, and what will remain will be the very best because of the purification that I will give My church. I will separate the chaff from the wheat and I will separate the goats from the sheep and what will be left will be a purified church – stronger and more beautiful because the very best will be left. My true servants will remain true. My people do not be afraid. Do not be frightened by what is happening. I have spoken to you many times about the purification ­ and this is the purification. It will come out washed clean and I will bundle the weeds and put them in fire to be sure no seed will come up again. I will destroy the weed and the seed to make sure it will never happen again. All that is left will be the very best and you too, My children, will have your day of purification. And you too will hear Father God say, “Well done, My faithful servant. Come and see what I have prepared for you”. You too I will judge and I will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep on My right side and the goats on the left and I will say depart from Me you cursed into the fire of hell that I have prepared for you. And to those on the right I will say, “Come ­ see what I have prepared for you – for good and faithful servants will get their reward”. You too will be purified like I am purifying My church ­ at the right time when you were the strongest.

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother. Those are powerful words coming from your Son.

OUR LADY: Wake up, my people! Wake up!

SALLY: Glory be to the Father, Glory be to the Son, Glory be to You Holy Spirit, all three one. As it was in the beginning and now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.

OUR LADY: You have nothing to fear.

(The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady and Sacred Heart)

SALLY: She has on the big crown ­ the heavy crown. The sun is spinning! (The people watched the sun spin with blue & green colors around it.) She is still here. I think she hates to leave us. She loves us so. Not any more than we love you, Blessed Mother.

She is in white and blue. She has gold around her mantle and a gold belt. The Sacred Heart is in white and gold. They have Their hearts exposed. I can see them beat. I can see the movement of Their hearts as they beat in rhythm with each other. I wish my heart would beat like yours, Blessed Mother, synchronizing with the heart of your Son. It’s not red ­ it’s gold. You know I can’t stand to look at blood. I can’t stand to see you hurt, so you let me see Your hearts in gold. They are leaving. They are flying away now.

OUR LADY: But remember, child: If you need me, call me. I’m only a second away and I will come.

SALLY: I’ll call you quite a bit, Blessed Mother. I have a lot of things to ask about. Even though I don’t see you, I’ll still ask you. I’m praying now for Al – do you know Al? He is very ill – and for his daughter Sally (not me). It’s Al’s daughter. They are both very ill. There is one more thing if you don’t mind Blessed Mother: What about that tabernacle? You asked for a house for your Son and we acquired one and now I hear some people saying, “Take it off the altar.” I don’t want to do anything to dishonor your Son. And for me it’s like going to the Holy Land to see where your son lived. He lived in that tabernacle. He lived for 25 ­ 30 years in that tabernacle and it’s like going to the Holy Land to see where He rested. He rested in that tabernacle. What should we do Blessed Mother? Whatever you say, we’ll do it.

OUR LADY: It’s yours, child. You acquired it. It’s yours. Like you say to my Son: “Do with me what You will’ and I say to you, do what you feel comfortable with. Whatever you are comfortable with ­ do as He says”.

SALLY: Who do you mean ­ who is He? Who are you talking about? Who is the He you are talking about?

OUR LADY: My Son. How do you think you acquired that? It was through my Son!

SALLY: Do you want me to take it off the altar?

OUR LADY: Don’t disregard it, child. My Son will be there soon. My Son is coming. Prepare a home for Him.

SALLY: Whatever you say, Blessed Mother! (Blessed Mother and Sally talked privately) I know! I know who is the highest – your Son.

OUR LADY: My child, no matter what you do you will be criticized. Do what you feel most comfortable and forget it. Bless the man who brought my Son’s house and bless his family. A priceless gift to my garden will be the presence of my Son.

SALLY: He’s gone, but she’s stayed behind to answer. Thank you, Blessed Mother. Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for coming. Above all, thank your Son for letting you come because I know all good things come through Him. She’s gone.