(Our Lady appeared with a golden glow surrounding her. She was wearing a white veil, white dress and blue mantle. During the Apparition people could see a pink and gold aura around the Sun without hurting their eyes. Our Lady was standing on the left side of the Shrine Statue and Sacred Heart was on her left side about 3 feet off the ground. They appeared for the entire prayer service and May crowning.)

SALLY SPOKE: She’s here! Oh, Blessed Mother, how long have you been there? I didn’t see you, I had my eyes closed. Did you like it? It’s your favorite – I know Blessed Mother – Lillies of the Valley – your favorite. I know that. That’s why I brought you some. Thank you, Blessed Mother.

OUR LADY SPOKE: Repeat everything I say, Child.

SALLY SPOKE: I will, Blessed Mother!

OUR LADY SPOKE: My dearest children, you do not know how I wait for your hearts in a most precious way. Your hearts are the joy of my time. My only desire is to see you with my Son. I come to you here in this most special place. Today I ask you. I have a request and I will bring it to you in person – a request from Father God in Heaven to honor my Immaculate Heart and to pray the Consecration. God the Son chose my womb – the womb of a humble handmaid to be enclosed in this special splendor. He did not need me to fulfill his fruitfulness, but because He chose me, Jesus, the mystery of grace unknown to the most learned happened. Now I ask you here today to open your hearts so that the Son of God can spiritually be conceived in your heart. Say, ” Yes” He sent me amongst you here today to bring you a message – to unfold the message. My children, I come so that you can know my gentleness. I am gentle, child. I am gentle and I will take you by the hand gently and place you in the bosom of my Son because there is no touch like that of a mother for her child. Almighty God has created in me “grace” within my heart and today He is letting these “graces” fall upon you – each one of you. I bring you this message. Through my womb the Holy Spirit has used me and through my womb and my heart the blood was squeezed to create His conception. I ask you today to come to my Son through me. Like He came to you at Bethlehem, I will bring Him back to you and I will bring you back to Him.

SALLY SPOKE: I have so many to pray for, Blessed Mother. I know. I know you know them all. (Sally prayed for everyone’s petitions who asked her to pray for them, for the Shrine Volunteers, and all present who are dedicated to Our Lady and Sacred Heart.)
Hear the prayers of the faithful gathered here. Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you! I love you too!

OUR LADY SPOKE: Tell them! Tell them how they please my Son! Tell them my child how much We love them.

SALLY SPOKE: We love you too, Blessed Mother. We love you and we adore your Son. Blessed Mother, you know so much about me. You know me better than I know myself. I know I would forget about those toys up there – and those clothes that are to be blessed for some of the babies that we saved. Bless the person who brought those and all the others who have sacrificed here and been so considerate of our needs.

And you, Sacred Heart – I didn’t forget to ask you either because I know everything she knows – you know. Mother and Son have a special, special closeness. This is her day! Oh Mary, we crown you with blossoms today. Queen of the Angles, Queen of the May. It is the month of our mother, the blessed and beautiful days. When our lips and our spirit are growing with love and with praise. All hail to dear Mary the guardian of our way, the fairest of Queens, the fairest of seasons – sweet May. Let’s all stand and give her a big hand (everyone clapped and praised Our Lady.) We love you, Mary. We love you, Mary. Thank you! Thank you for this privilege.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: A song that is appropriate for a woman like My mother – the “Ave Maria.” (The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady as Sacred Heart requested.)

SALLY SPOKE: Now we will continue, but before we do let’s say Father God’s favorite prayer – “The Apostles Creed.” (The crowd prayed together.) Stay for the Rosary, Blessed Mother! Please stay! (Our Lady and Sacred Heart stayed and the Rosary was completed.)

TESTIMONY: Mrs. Evelyn Kwiakowski, Father Kwiakowski’s mother, gave testimony of her cancer survival to the people and explained how the water from the Healing Well cured her.)

SALLY SPOKE: Our Lady is shaking her head “yes” to Mrs Kwiakowski’s testimony!

MRS KWIAKOWSKI: Oh really! I wish I could see her like you do. I would love to see her that way.

SALLY SPOKE: She is still shaking her head “yes.”

(The people sang “Yahweh I Know You Are Near” and Our Lady sang along.)

SALLY SPOKE: They are still here. Blessed Mother, here comes your Son of Mercy.
He has his hand up just like in the picture of Divine Mercy being shown to the people.
(The people prayed “The Chaplet of Divine Mercy” together.)

OUR LADY SPOKE: Tell my children to remember the First Saturday, pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular and wear the Medal I designed.

Songs of Praise were sung by Rita Ahem Ehmonm and Michael Fiorotto.