The people gathered for the May crowning of Our Lady, rose petals were strewn along the procession pathway, and songs were sung before starting the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady appeared during the 5th decade of the Glorious Mysteries on the property where the Stations of the Cross and Pieta are going to be placed.


Blessed Mother, I was getting anxious. I don’t know what I would have told the people if you did not come. She’s standing on the very property that we walked on (during the crowning procession). She has a rose petal in her hand. She also has a rosary and her scapular – the brown scapular. My Lord and my God. My Lord and my God. He’s just as real as when he walked the earth. My Lord and my God.


My child, know that I come to bring all that is necessary to fulfill the desire of Father God. I come here out of love for the world. Like my Son came to you from my womb, once again comes to you to bring to you his children, his Sacred Heart. Through my heart you will find His, in a most profound way. You see my children how important it is for your hearts to be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Through my heart you will find his. In this way, and only in this way, will you be drawn through the portals of heaven. Will you speak to them my Son?


Yes, Mother! Through this cohort of the consecration, many will be drawn from the world to two hearts. They will be matched against the enemies of Father God. They will be the souls that I will choose as Saints by their examples in the future. It will be the souls that will be tested in fire – like gold. They will draw many enemies along the way. Many will come back to Me. They are the souls that I will fill with zeal and make them full of grace. I come here to this Garden. I invite you to come often like the birds of the field come for rest at the end of the day to find peace here in the trees. I ask you My people, when your burden is the heaviest and your heart is hurting, come – I will give you peace. Drink from the water those who are thirsty that I have given rest.

The second grace I come today to give to mankind. I thank you for paying honor to My mother. I thank you for having faith in us. Stop on your journey home – pray with Me – walk with Me – and through My mother you will be under the protection of her mantel. You will be led by her spirit – you will be illuminated by her light and you will be strengthened by her hand. Come often – I will give you peace and rest.

SALLY SPOKE: Yes! Yes, Lord Jesus!

SACRED HEART SPOKE: The “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother. 
(The “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady as Sacred Heart requested.)

SALLY SPOKE: They’re leaving. Oh, Blessed Mother, thank you again and again. Thank you for coming. Thank you for bringing her, Sacred Heart. Thank you for letting her come. I know all good things come from you. She does nothing without your approval.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: I’m only a second away, child. Whenever you need Me – call Me – I’m only a second away.


PROFOUND = something very deep

PORTAL = City, gate, door, entrance: a grand or imposing one; the whole architectural composition surrounding and including the doorways and porches of a church.

COHORT = One of 10 divisions of an ancient Roman legion: b: a group of warriors or soldiers c: Band, group: companion accomplice: follower, supporter.