This month we celebrated the laying of the Cornerstone as Our Lady requested in Her message of May 30, 1998.

LEN FELDER: Announced the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady had arrived.

SALLY SPOKE: Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary



I welcome you, My children. I will come close to you today, My Child. I present to you, My Son. I bring you a message, My Child. Tell My people they must slow down. Slow down, My people. Lessen the noise. Lessen the noise, My people. You will not hear the gentle soft voice of My Son when He speaks. Lessen the noise, My Child. You will not hear the gentle voice of My Son.

Like a mother, as she draws near to her time, she slows down. She takes time to prepare. I ask you, My people, during this Advent Season be like a mother ­ slow down. Prepare for My Son. Prepare for My Son.

I’ve asked you many times to prepare the Garden for My Son. Now I ask you to prepare your hearts for My Son. It is a time of giving gifts. Open your hearts, My people. My children, the gifts My Son will give you will be forever. Open your hearts and he will fill them with gifts. Like little children, open your hearts and your hands for the gifts. I love all of you. I LOVE EACH ONE UNIQUELY ­ LIKE YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE ON EARTH ASKING. I HEAR YOU, MY PEOPLE!

Stop fretting, stop fretting now. Stop fretting. I WALK AMONGST YOU. I AM WITH YOU. Feel my warmth, My children. I am closer to you today. Much closer then the first time I spoke to you. Come with the believers. Many are called, but few accept the invitation. Use these gifts, My children. Use these gifts that I have given you. Use them. Like sterling silver, they will become more priceless. They will be more brilliant. USE THE GIFTS I GIVE YOU. THE GIFT OF LOVE – LOVE ONE ANOTHER ­ THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. USE THESE GIFTS!


A song of Praise. Thank you for honoring My Mother. A song of Praise.

(A song of praise, “Ave Maria” was sung to Our Lady as the Sacred Heart of Jesus requested.)


Ask them, my people. They are still before us. Bring them your petitions, your prayers, your sorrow, your pain. They will understand. Ask, my people.

(The people presented their petitions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Toledo.)


For the poor, the old, the lonely, the depressed, the sick, the suffering, for the unborn, for the unwanted, for the abused, for peace. Peace in our hearts, peace in our minds, peace in our families, and peace on Earth. Above all, My Lord and My God, peace with Heaven and Earth. A peace that only you can bring.


Why have you waited so long? Why have you waited so long before you came? Why did you wait so long to bring Me your sorrow and your pain? Why have you waited so long to bring Me this shame? Did you not know that We watch over you. We see what you do. WE LOVE YOU. WE LOVE ALL OF YOU! But, We love our Little Ones too.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for bringing Her. Thank you for letting Her come. Thank you for choosing us, this place, this Diocese, this little city. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

They’re leaving, they’re leaving. Thank you. I only see their hearts now. Two hearts now beat as one, Mother and Son. Two hearts of Gold beating as one, Mother and Son, and in the Heart I see a little drop of blood.