(Our Lady and Sacred Heart appeared during the 5th Glorious Mystery of the Rosary)

SALLY SPOKE: She’s here. She’s between the canopy and that little evergreen. Do you see that tall evergreen in the middle on the right side of the canopy? She is above there. She is coming forward very slowly. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is beside her. He is in all white – all white – the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He has a gold tassel around His waist that hangs to the hem of His garment. He has a stole on His arm – over His right arm. The Good Shepherd who takes good care of His flock.

OUR LADY SPOKE: My children, I have never before seen you so enthused as you my children are today. Yes, the wind is cold like that first Christmas night. You are the flowers that bloom in my garden and I’m asking you to grow – to grow in holiness and love and when I come back in the Spring, I expect my sheep to be full grown and my lambs and the Holy Spirit will come to reap the harvest. But I must warn you, my children, a good mother reprimands her children – a good mother reprimands her children gently at first. I must give you this warning! Unless the United States of America changes its ways, the United States of America as it is today will be no more. You will live in fear and fire will reign. Women will become barren – men will be impotent and sterile and they will turn to each other in sin for satisfaction. Children will be scarce and you will be praying for the very things you are destroying now. Change your ways. Pray, pray, pray. I gather you here to give you these messages, but you must live these messages. You must pray them like a prayer.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: My sheep and my lambs are cold. I am the Good Shepherd and I watch over my flock and a Good Shepherd needs Herdsmen! I am asking you to be the Apostles of these later times. Like I chose My apostles, I’m choosing each one of you. Go forth! Go forth and spread the message! Do not grow lax in your faith. Stand up for what you believe! Even though you will not see us until on the Feast Day of My mother – March the 25th – I expect you to grow and when we come back, I expect the lambs to be full grown and I expect the sheep to be grazing. Now I give you My blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – all three One – the Holy Trinity. I am Mary’s son.

OUR LADY SPOKE: I too, my children. I give you my blessing; but remember if you need me, I’m only a second away. Call out to me and I will come. Bless you! Bless each one of you! Bless your families. Oh, I know about Daniel.

SALLY SPOKE: But how did you know about him? Bless little Daniel! How did you know about him? I was going to ask you. I was going to ask you about him, but you already know. She is a mighty woman with a powerful son. She is the mother of God.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: A song that is appropriate for My mother, but first I ask you to stand and to please Father God with His favorite prayer – the Apostles Creed.

(The people stood and prayed the Apostles Creed as requested by Sacred Heart)

SALLY SPOKE: Thank you for coming, Blessed Mother! Thank you Sacred Heart for letting her come. Thank you for bringing her! We know all good things come from you, Jesus, you the great physician, the great surgeon, the great healer. I ask you to heal little Daniel on this your last day that you are coming. Heal little Daniel please. You are God – you can do anything. Nothing is impossible with you. I ask you to take this illness out of his body. Heal him, Lord! My Lord and my God hear the prayers of the faithful gathered here. Hear the petitions that they are asking for. You told us to ask! You said, “Ask and you shall receive” You said, “Seek Me and if you seek Me with all your heart you said we will find you” You said, “Knock and You will open the door” Well, we’re asking! We’re seeking! We’re knocking for all these things we are asking! But like little children sometimes we forget to say thank you. We want to thank you Lord Jesus for all the gifts – the graces – the blessings that you have poured upon this Shrine. I ask you to continue to hold us in your hands. Hold us in your arms like you hold the lambs when they are cold. We’re frightened! Yes, we are frightened here! We never handled anything like this before and we’re frightened, but do for us what you did for your Apostles! Give us the light of the Holy Spirit. They too were frightened just like us, but you sent the Holy Spirit. Now I ask you to do the same for us. Take all fear from us. Let us go forward with your plans. I love you, I worship you, I praise you and I thank you. Most of all I adore you my Lord and my God. My Lord and my God wash away all my sins and the sins of the whole world with your most precious blood.

SACRED HEART SPOKE: Hear the bells?

SALLY SPOKE: There is no Church around here. They are leaving. It’s kind of sad because we know she is not coming back next month and we’re sad. It’s sad, but we know she’s with us. Remember what she said. If you need me, call out to me. I’m only a second away. She is in Heaven. That seems so far; but I’m only a second away she said. Quite a trip. The Ave Maria!

(The people sang the Ave Maria together.)

SALLY SPOKE: Look! Look at the Sun spin! You can look right at it and it won’t hurt your eyes. Thank you, Blessed Mother! Look at it pulsate – Wow, it’s like its on fire. Look at it spin! Thank you, Blessed Mother! It looks like the Host is spinning.

(People were amazed when they saw the Sun pulsate and spin. When the people settled down the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy were completed.)