SALLY: Welcome, Blessed Mother! Welcome! But it’s kind of sad because I know what you said.

OUR LADY: My little children, in this country that I love so much, I’ve come to you because I trust my mission to you. It is the small, it is the suffering, it is the humble that come here. My dearest little children, as I come to you today, not in farewell, not in a goodbye, but to bring you the message that many good things are about to happen here. I see how you have grown in numbers and in generosity and I trust you to complete my mission. It will be much suffering ahead and even many of you who are in my Immaculate Heart, in the refuge of my heart, you will be emulated. You will have to suffer; but through your generosity, the great trial will be shortened. Do not be afraid my little ones, I will never leave you. This is my Garden! My Son and I walk here every day. And even though I will not be coming to you through my messenger, Sally, I will bring you signs and you will know I’m here. And when you feel you are at wits end and you cannot take anymore you will feel you are lost, that’s when you will see me, your heavenly mother, clothed with the Sun in all her power. You are my precious little children! I do not come today with my cohort of angels. I come today with the Guardian Angels of each one here present. I bring your Guardian Angel and I would ask a favor of you to stand up now and greet your Guardian Angel and to pray the Angel Prayer together. And if you have never named your Angel, I ask all of you to put a name on your Angel and to call him by that name from now on. Pray together the Angel Prayer!

(The people prayed together as requested by Our Lady. Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits us here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.)

OUR LADY: Remember, it is your Angel who brings your prayers to my Son. They place them on the Altar in front of my Son. Call on your Angel day or night! They do not have a limit on the times that you can use them! Just call upon them! Feel free to call them because they are waiting for you to ask! Your Guardian Angel can stop an automobile! Can move a mountain for your protection! I do not say farewell! I am not saying goodbye; because if you need me, I will come. I will come at your beckon call and there will be darkness ahead, but there also will be a light. There will be a light and the hate of the world will be covered with the fire of love and there will be a day when my Son will take over His reign and there will be no more blasphemy, no more murder, no more abortion; but until that day comes, I need you in my Army and I ask you to continue in my Army on Tuesday nights. That is the night you practice with the weapon that I have given you. The power of the Rosary will be the weapon that will win this battle against the War of the Innocent, my little ones. Continue here as you have at the Shrine because I will be with you. I will be amongst you. I will walk here with you in this Garden. Celebrate the same holidays ­ my birthday. Oh, how I enjoy the Rosaries that you recite here, the many Rosaries that you have prayed, and I have heard each one. I have prayed with you! Now I’m asking you to have faith. My messenger, Sally, must have faith to know that I walk beside you and I am here amongst you even though you do not see me. You do not see the wind, but you know it exists. You see the hurricanes, the damage, and you feel the balmy wind on a summer day, but you do not see it! You do not see the face of my Son in the Eucharist, but you have faith and you believe and this is what I am asking you! To have faith and believe and know that I am with you even though you do not see me. Oh, I have seen you grow. I have seen your wings are strong and you can fly. You can fly without me because I have seen your faith and you know what I’m asking for and you will complete the plans that I have given you; but if there comes a time when you need me, you know I am only a second away and I’ll be here. Call out my name and I will come. I am Mary, the mother of the Son of God.

SALLY: Sacred Heart, have you planned all this? Is this your request that she not come any more? Have we done something to hurt her? You know how much we love her! We would do anything in our power to do what she asks of us.

SACRED HEART: On, no, child! You have honored my mother, but the time has come when you must lay all things aside. All worldly things and earthly things must be put away! It’s time to walk on your own! Pray the Rosary! Pray My Rosary ­ the Chaplet! Pray her Rosary! Wear the Brown Scapular! 
She’s done a beautiful job!

OUR LADY: Oh, yes, Son!

SACRED HEART: You chose the right one, mother! She has done a beautiful job!

OUR LADY: Thank you, Sister Marvel!

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you! Thank you for choosing me!

OUR LADY: Continue as if I were amongst you and you must believe as if you see me and my Son! This is what I ask of you. This is my request! To continue to believe as if you see me because you know I am with you.

SACRED HEART: The Ave Maria for a woman like my mother!

SALLY: Oh, Blessed Mother! I have something to ask you. You know I’m always asking for something. This is what I’m asking for. I have some beautiful Medals here! They’re beautiful! If you would place a special blessing on them, Sacred Heart, and you, Blessed Mother! (The Ave Maria was sung to Our Lady as requested by the Sacred Heart.) She’s right between those trees. She’s Our Lady of Toledo! Paul, you know him? He’s one of our volunteers here. I ask you to put a special blessing on him, Sacred Heart. Remember him in your prayers, Blessed Mother, to your Son! He’s special! But then I ask for all the volunteers here who have been so generous with their time and their donations. That little lady who puts a dollar! It’s like a million dollars! I ask you to bless each and every one. I ask you to bless the people whose names are in the Basket. There is a lot of suffering in that Basket. For those names on the Bricks on the sidewalks, those who have been so generous with the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary Walk, the Candles that we keep burning. I ask you, place a special blessing on each one. Especially do I pray for Fr. Pat who takes so much of his time with us. He is such a busy man, but he finds time for this home ­ this Shrine that he has accepted as his home like each one of us here today. Bless us! You want it sung again? The Ave Maria again?

SACRED HEART: Make a deluxe out of it!

SALLY: Ok! (The people sang the Ave Maria again as requested.) I love you, Blessed Mother! I love you! Oh, I wanted to ask you something quick. Can you possibly come for the Children’s Christmas Party? You know how those little ones look forward to you coming! If you don’t come, it will not be the same!

OUR LADY: I’ll be there, Child! I’ll be there. This is one of the times you have already asked me to come! Yes! When you ask, I will come!

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you! I don’t know! No one has said, but it’s in December. Maybe around the 15th or something! I don’t know! Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you! The sky is so beautiful around you. Around you, it is so beautiful with the Angels. Our Lady of Toledo in white and blue with a Crown upon your head and beneath your feet the serpent lies dead. You will crush his head and you will chain the Red Dragon, abortion. She is rising up very slowly. The Sacred Heart is holding her hand. She is in white and blue-Our Lady of Toledo. It’s a long way up there!

OUR LADY: I’m only a second away, child! A second away! Call me if you need me!

SALLY: They’re gone.