This month we are celebrating the 6th year anniversary of Our Lady of Toledo’s Apparitions to Visionary Sally Steadman.


Thank you My people. Thank you for honoring My Mother. Thank you for being obedient to My mother.


She’s smiling. She has tears, but She’s smiling. Oh Blessed Mother, smile. It so becomes you. Smile, Blessed Mother!


I do not have a message for you today, My Child. You ARE My message. You are giving me a message today! How much you LOVE My Son. Thank you. Tell My People they are bringing Me a message today. A message of LOVE. To have My Children here, this is the message of LOVE for My Son.


The message for your Mother – Love Her, Honor Her, Cherish Her. She is MY Mother. But I do have a message for you . You are My family here, My Chosen Ones. You have given Me pleasure by the message of LOVE. Go forth with the Plans to save some of My Little Lambs. I will speak to you of the messages you have already heard, lest you forget. Don’t forget the Poor Souls. You MUST pray for them, My Child. They cannot help themselves. But like you need help, you can help them now.


Son, take some unto you today.


Continue to pray for them. You MUST pray to the Old Ones. They, too, had obstacles. You must have the Faith of Abraham. Like David killed Goliath with a stone, you too have the defense to slaughter the Red Dragon – Abortion, with the Power of the Rosary. A new Eve – and I am the perfect Adam – will come face to face with the Old Eve of immorality and her son, Cain – the Red Dragon. I have given Her the pleasure to slay the Red Dragon, to destroy the evil Eve of immorality. Together We will chain Beelzebub. A NEW REIGN – A NEW BEGINNING – A NEW EARTH – THE REIGN OF MY MOTHER, THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY AND THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS.

It will only hurt a little while – it will only hurt a little while. I bring you this message! HOPE, NOT DESPAIR – HAVE HOPE, NOT DESPAIR.

Thank you My Children for bringing to Me your message of LOVE and CARING. Take Her hand. Let Her take your hand like She took My hand when I was a child. I too stumbled. I too had to learn to walk. She kissed My hurts away. Take Her hand – take Her hand! She will point the way. Come home, come home My Children, come home. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. I LOVE ALL OF YOU.

Go forth with your Plans. We will walk amongst you. Proceed with your Plans. A song would be appropriate for Mary, My Mother.


The multitude of people gathered sang, “On This Day Oh Beautiful Mother” to Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. The people sang songs of praise to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary during a procession and dedication of the Shrine, Cornerstone and the Pieta from Italy, which were blessed the day before.