Thank you for coming, Blessed Mother! Thank you for bringing Her, Lord Jesus! Thank you for letting Her come.


I come to ask you to gather here so I can bring you PEACE and LOVE. I promise you My Children, I will NEVER leave your side. I will return to you on this My Saturday, the First Saturday of each month to TEACH you and to GUIDE you how to be a part of this DIVINE PLAN. I gather you here to bring you these special blessings. I will plant the seed of holiness in each one of you and from this will grow many Graces and Virtues. I ask you to be faithful to the Consecration and to pray it UNITED on My Feast Day in March. By this Consecration, I will be given the Avenue to make this Mission here possible. Now I ask you to listen to the words of My Son.


My People, the purpose of the Consecration is to create a UNION. My Mother and Your Mother will give you all the Grace you need to accomplish this. But I ask each one of you to prepare the Vessel to put these Graces in. This Vessel is your SOUL and if you do not prepare this Vessel, She cannot fulfill what She is sent to do. You MUST prepare the Vessel! All these Special Graces that She brings are from FATHER GOD and the purpose for this is to GLORIFY HIM. Remember My Children that all these Graces are PURE GIFTS and they are sent for the purpose to HONOR FATHER GOD. All these Graces that come from HEAVEN are for that purpose. Prepare your Vessels for this HOLY GRACE! Continue to PRAY the ROSARY! RENEW the CONSECRATION each day. DRINK WATER FROM THE WELL! It will be refreshing and healing to many. WEAR THE SCAPULAR. This is the SHIELD that is placed around you to keep you safe from Evil. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. YOU ARE MINE! I CREATED YOU ­ YOU ARE MINE! The Ave Maria for a woman like My Mother. The most appropriate song for a woman like My Mother. Stand My People ­ receive the GIFTS.

(The Ave Maria was sung by the people to Our Lady as requested by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.)


I bless you My Children. I thank you for coming and honoring My Mother.


Thank you Blessed Mother. I will tell them. SHE LOVES ALL OF YOU. She loves each one of you like Her Son. No matter what you do ­ don’t leave. She LOVES you. He forgave Murder on the Cross and He will forgive Murder again if you ask. THROUGH RECONCILIATION ­ COME HOME! COME HOME! COME HOME!

They’re leaving. Thank you Blessed Mother. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you for the GIFT OF LIFE. Thank you for each other. Remember Sister Mary Margaret.

It’s like two stars going backwards. They are coming to a point. Two bright stars. The Son of God and His Blessed Mother. We should all scream, “Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord.” They are gone.