SALLY: Blessed Mother is here! It’s good to see you so close to us.

OUR LADY: I am never far from my Son, child! He keeps me near Him.

SALLY: Usually you are not that close to us.

OUR LADY: I am, Queen of the Holy Rosary. I am Mary, Mother of God! I come with this message my child. I did not come to talk about myself. I told the Apostles when they wrote scripture to do not use my name any more than they have to. This is the birth, the life, and the death, the resurrection, and the ascension of my Son. Do not use my name any more than you have to – to explain the mysteries. This is not a book of my life, it is my Son’s. I came today my children to speak to you of the evil in the world. My little children, be careful – watch where you tread. He has three traps set for you. I will give you each trap and to warn you.

The first trap that he has set for you; yes, the first trap is of discouragement. Oh, he tries to discourage you. There is no use trying any more. You can’t change anything. He is using the same tactic to bring this message and that he has already taken over the whole world and there is no use and there is nothing that you can do to capture the human race. It’s his glory. Discouragement! Remember my little children, my Son gave me the Church to protect it. This is mine and I protect what I own. He’s telling you the same words that the fallen Angels used. “I will not serve you, God.” He has already told you that he has placed his reign over the whole earth and there is nothing more that you can do. He is the King of Liars!

The second trap that he has is the trap that he has set for my Church. He has shaken it from the very foundation. Many are leaving because of the Pastors that have listened to the evil of the Devil; but even though he has snatched from me and from my Son many souls, there is still hope because of the blood of my Son – every drop of blood that He shed for your salvation! And even though he has snatched these souls, there is still hope for them. Oh, there is hope for a wounded painful Church and the day will come through the mercy of my Son. He will return. He (Satan) is the King of Liars! He is trying to make you believe what he is saying. Do not serve! Serve me! I am the God! But my Son has made me Mother of the Church and I will renew this Church and it will come back stronger than it has ever been.

The third trap that he has set for you – Deceit, murder, impurity, wars and the rumors of war and he does not know that I, as the Mother of God, work day and night and I am using John Paul, your Pope. Everywhere he goes, he spreads my message ­ my presence. He has already predicted my victory! Stay on the path that he leads you! Only God alone is the Victor and He will win!

I must tell you something about this evil Satan. When he sees me, he cringes and he runs back to the fire of Hell; and child, his presence in Hell – his vengeance – disturbs those who are screaming out in pain. By his very presence, when he comes back to them, he disturbs them. He is so angry that he is not winning more that he causes a disturbance in Hell. He is powerful child, but my Son has promised me that he will never touch me. He will never touch me, child! Oh, when he sees me, he cringes! And I have given you the weapon to fight in this terrible battle with Satan. Between good and evil there is a battle, but I am the leader of one cohort and if you follow me in docility; I, my little children, will see that you get the protection of the Angels of the Lord and of the Saints in Paradise and also the suffering in Purification. Yes, my children, you have nothing to fear. Do not be alarmed, but be watchful! I am asking you, those who were not here last month, to enlist in my Army. This is a great battle! It will take many, many, many soldiers to win this battle. I ask you now, as I asked the others last month, to take your right hand and put it over your heart and to enlist in this battle ­ this Army. To win a war, you must have a great Army. You must have a powerful Army and you must have weapons and I have placed in your hands the weapon that will win this battle ­ the power of the Rosary. I ask you now to hold your Rosaries up. I promise you, Blessed Mother, that I will use this weapon side by side with you – Heaven and Earth united, we will fight in this battle. Thank you my little children, thank you, thank you. And I guarantee you that not one life will be lost if you use the proper weapon. Not one life ­ not any blood will be shed and we will win this war. And I will slay that red dragon ­ abortion ­ and I will crush the head of the ancient serpent. I will crush his head! He will be no more and the huge red dragon who roams the whole earth ­ I will slay him in the corner of China! I will slay the red dragon in a corner of China! I will not say goodbye to you my little children because you know I am always with you. I walk beside you like my Son. He never leaves you! I will protect you, but you must reach out to me! You must take my hand! You must walk with me! I bless all of you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of my Spouse ­ the Holy Spirit! Grow my children. Grow in holiness and when the Spring comes and Winter has passed and the grass will be green again, I will come back. I will be with you, but I’m never far away. I’m only a second away and if you need me, call my name and I will come. I will see you at Christmas ­ the party for my little ones. I will be present for my little ones.

SALLY: Thank you, Blessed Mother! Thank you, thank you! Sacred Heart, you didn’t say anything!

SACRED HEART: Oh, but I listened, child! I listened to My Mother like each one of you listened to your mother. I have gotten many messages from My mother. I have learned a lot at her knee. She taught me to pray! And I too obey My mother!

SALLY: He’s looking at her. He’s looking at her with a look that I cannot explain. It’s a look of love, it’s a look of possession almost. Like she’s mine.

SACRED HEART: Oh, she is mine, child, but I share her with each one of you! How would you like to share your mother with that many people? But I love you my little children and I share my most possessive gift, but I will not see her hurt. I will not see her hurt! Love her, protect her, honor her ­ she is My mother!

SALLY: He is holding her hand.

SACRED HEART: The “Ave Maria” for a woman like My mother!

(Our Lady talked privately to Sally and inquired about a trip to Rome)

SALLY: About Rome? Can she go? We’re planning on it, but we need your help. April? It’s a good month! It’s Spring! Make plans?

OUR LADY: Make plans!

SALLY: I can still see her eyes, they are so bright! You’re going higher and higher and your eyes are like beams of light. She’s gone!

(The Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy were completed.)